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more re Nelson Willby

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  • Robert Mason
    some forwarded info that I got since Sunday: ******* Fwd: [english 100%] Fw: In Memoriam Nelson Willby Sunday, August 22, 2010 3:47 PM From: Lochmann-Verlag
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2010
      some forwarded info that I got since Sunday:


      Fwd: [english 100%] Fw: In Memoriam Nelson Willby
      Sunday, August 22, 2010 3:47 PM
      From: "Lochmann-Verlag" <willy.lochmann@...>To:
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      Date: 2010/8/22
      Subject: RE: [english 100%] Fw: In Memoriam Nelson Willby

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      --- On Sat, 21/8/10, Robert Jan Kelder <rjkelder@...> wrote:

      From: Robert Jan Kelder <rjkelder@...>
      Subject: In Memoriam Nelson Willby
      Date: Saturday, 21 August, 2010, 16:22

      Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      The day before yesterday Graham Rickett called me from England to tell me the sad news that Nelson, who was approaching eighty but looked much younger, had fallen ill and quite suddenly passed away, exactly when and how he did not say. The funeral will be held next Tuesday.

      I knew Nelson in the days when, decades ago, he was manager of the Rudolf Steiner bookshop near the British Museum. When the local Anthroposophical Society wanted to close it down, he campaigned to keep it open in that hub of the book trade and when that failed, opened his own smaller shop on New Oxford street, the present WellSpring Bookshop, where I met him several times on my periodic visits to London.

      Nelson was also one of the dozen or more members of the so-called international group that was one of the four groups that out of dire necessity felt called upon  to take up legal arms against the attempts by the executive board of the Society in Dornach around the turn of the millennium to resuscitate the so-called Christmas Foundation Society in a fashion that was totally opposed to the living spirit of that Society. Two other groups had - legally speaking - raised more fundamental objections, claiming that this Christmas Foundation Society enjoyed no separate legal existence. Their cases were therefore dealt with first, and they won after a prolonged and costly legal battle. This meant that our international group unfortunately never came to present its solid arguments to make the general membership aware of the autocratic machinations that were employed during what in essence was a coup d’état engineered from the top. For in the end, the goal to
      radically trim or as even dispense with members' rights and thereby destroy the carefully structured balance between the centre and the periphery laid out by Rudolf Steiner in the social organic constitution of the “most modern society that could exist”, this goal was achieved, the middle was uprooted… Always appearing cheerful and upbeat in spite of great problems in making ends meet in the running of the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, of which Nelson was the founding president, and his grave misgivings about the way the Society was developing, his warrior spirit, as Graham called it, will surely be sorely missed by his good friends, his American wife and his young son.

      Farewell, Christian soldier!

      Robert Jan Kelder


      From: XXXXXXXXX
      Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 11:33:36 AM
      Subject: Re: Autumn 2010 programme

      Below an announcement I received last week:

      Dear all,

      Nelsons funeral will take place on Teusday  24 August

      It will start at the Christian Community Church in Glenilla Road at
      14.30, moving on to Golders Green crematorium at 15.30, following which
      there will be a reception at Glenilla Road.

      There will be a memorial service at the Christian Comunity at Glenilla
      Road on Saturday 28th August at 11.00.

      for further details please contact Michael Beaumont at Temple Lodge
      (0208 748 8388)

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