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RE: Fw: Uranos e.V. Rudolf Steiner

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  • Robert Mason
    OK; here s Tom Mellett s English translation of Kreidl&Cassegrain s message that I forwarded yesterday. Thanks, Tom. RM *** Dear friends, Most of you have
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2010
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      OK; here's Tom Mellett's English translation of
      Kreidl&Cassegrain's message that I forwarded
      yesterday. Thanks, Tom.
      Dear friends,

      Most of you have known about --- in one form or another --- the long and tedious procedure of registering Uranos e. V.
      [e.V. = eingetragener Verein = Registered Association].
      But now it's finally happened! As of today, the association has been officially registered and our four Internet portals are open. Now the fruits of many years of groundwork re-emerge in public in a new form.

      Now it is important to publicize our projects to gain as many supporters as possible, since our budget (consisting of contributions from a relatively small group of members) is still nowhere near enough to cover the server operation and the necessary acquisitions for our further work. This mailing is therefore also coupled with an appeal for support of the association and its projects.

      1. You can help publicize the Internet projects of the association, for example, by writing in your Facebook pages or on your Internet forums, placing links on websites or simply informing your anthroposophical contacts by e-mail. At the end of this mail, I have placed the links to our websites, each with a brief description you can use.

      2. Financial support through donations and/or a supporting membership in the association can improve our financial base. The costs for this current year are covered only in part, and we’d like to buy one or two book scanners, to speed up and improve our digitizing of new documents.

      A supporting membership has the advantage of giving you access to the association’s in-house forum (still a work in progress). You may contribute whatever amount you like, but we’ve set a benchmark of 60 € per year. If you would like to know more, you can write me and for starters receive our by-laws.

      Of course we will appreciate donations of any amount, so here is our bank account data:

      Uranos e. V.
      Konto-Nummer: 16696208
      Postbank Hamburg
      BLZ: 20010020

      Now the 4 websites of the Uranos Association
      The website of the archive founded by Thierry Cassegrain, which is based on the bequests/legacies of the pioneers of anthroposophy. It contains innumerable source documents of Rudolf Steiner’s work. (lecture transcripts, first editions, etc.)

      Currently, the most comprehensive collection of source documents (audience lecture notes, lecture transcripts, first editions) for the lectures of Rudolf Steiner, with 9,541 documents related to 3,912 lectures, sorted by date or category and searchable by date, place, title, or content keyword.

      A comprehensive bibliographical database of Rudolf Steiner’s work, with many versatile functions, including a full text search in the complete edition (GA). The documents of the Uranos Archives and "Rudolf Steiner in plain-text" are to be found. Also available are a number of lecture transcripts and some major works of Rudolf Steiner ready to download.

      The Internet Portal of the “Uranos Association Community for the Promotion of the Archives and Publications of Spiritual Science.” Here you can find information about how you can support the work, or else collaborate on its projects.


      With best wishes,

      Gunter Kreidl,
      Thierry Cassegrain
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