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Seeing the Invisible

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  • rwr
    Seeing the Invisible [ Satori experience: if mind and body are dropped, then who is there to experience anything? Exegesis: can words describe what that it
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2010

      Seeing the Invisible


      [ Satori experience: if mind and body are dropped, then who is there to experience anything?  Exegesis: can words describe what that it is? ]


      Yes, but not here. It cannot be done in an email. Oh, most will vet your emails by the way :- )  Blind scared fools !


      Or to be more specific, Seeing the Invisible Timeless Realm.


      If something is invisible then by definition it can never been seen. But that which can be, and is seen, by definition cannot be invisible. Right?  Wrong! It is relative. Relative as to what is observing.   We have two modes, two antenna, for seeing. One of them is called the five external senses. The other mode or antenna is called – well, it does not have a name. So, let us just invent a name here ad hoc and now, just for now, for that purpose of differentiation. Let us call it the Farviewer Antenna.


      Before moving on let us mention the bit about Understanding what one is seeing. We call this Reason or Intelligence. Now, what is the good of seeing anything if one does not understand it? No good at all. What is the good of having the equipment for understanding if nothing is ever seen and thus not up for being understood? No good at all. So, we not only have to be able to see and experience things but we  also have to be able to understand what we are seeing, experiencing, knowing directly. Compression (understanding) is no good if there exist nothing to be understood. And the experience of seeing and knowing things is no good if it is not understood. Add to this the question of what good would be the existence of anything if nothing was there to know it. Also take the reciprocal of this by asking as to what good would be the extant existence of something which could see and understand if there existed nothing to be seen and understood. But in reality it does not turn out that way. There is something to be seen and known and there is something to see it, know it and understand it. Oh, what is that then?  It is ME !  That means you too, not just me. It means anything which can observe.  Anyway, this is where Farviewer comes in.


      Now, the thing which is a little bit difficult for the non Farviewer antenna to grasp is the fact that the Farviewer not only does not use the five external senses to see with but neither does it use reason and logic to Understand. Thus, it is an understanding of a different order altogether. IF the non Farviewer (the daily rational discursive mind with its five external senses) cannot get its head around this FACT, then it is stuck there, and there is nothing it can do. So, all such talk of this (and the thing itself) simply flies over its nest. Let is call this daily rational discursive mind and its five senses by the short came of Closeviewer, for simplicity. So then we have the Farviewer and the Closeviewer. To make it even shorter we could even call them I AM, and I am.


      Now, one day, before most people alive on earth now were even born (because the world is full of kiddie's now) I decided to talk of the Farviewer and the Closeviewer. And what lesson did I learn from doing that? I learned DON'T BOTHER. As to why, then that is a long story, and not for here.


      As for seeing, knowing, and thence comprehending and understanding the seeing of the Invisible Timeless Realm, (and which is not invisible at all) then only those of a scientific type questioning mind will ever do it. And this is why it is waste of time and effort talking about it. They will see it when they are ready to see it and understand it, and not before.  When they are ready it will come. Those not of a scientific type questioning mind will never see it, for they have not hit the ground running yet.


      So, why the scientific questioning type mind then? Because they observe much, give much thought to it, and thence realise that there is just so much which they don't understand. So they are open vessels. But those who live by canned food and have a firm faith in what they are feed, they are not open vessels.  It is only when giving up on trying to understand something, after trying to understand it for years – that they find it. They become EMPTY, and hunger for comprehension. On the face of it then it sounds like an irony born of a paradox. But it is an irony met with a smile.


      Now, one more thing to keep on mind. When observing a tree it is OUT THERE. When observing a physical universe it is OUT THERE. The Timeless invisible Realm is not OUT there. Neither are you OUT THERE. The Farviewer flips observation around and one goes INWARD. Right down to foundation bowels of the Observer – YOU. And only then do you find the Timeless erstwhile Invisible Realm. But it is not invisible any more for you are IN IT. And therein you are the knower of the known, the lover of the loved, the seer of the seen. The I AM at the Gates of Dawn.


      You will never find that which resides beyond time in time. You need to use the Farviewer. And you are born with it. You just don't use it. You do not use your self. You exist with everything you need; yet you do not see it and do not use it. That is why it is a waste of time talking about it. You will not be filled until you are empty. And that IS the way it IS. Strange?  Well, there is no Fiction stranger than Fact. But there is no point talking about it, for they will never hear you. They are too full of their little daily temporal mortal self. But yes, it can be told. But to no avail.


      Dick Richardson



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