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RS as Elias Artista?

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  • Robert Mason
    ... in 1894, at the age of 33. . . .
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2009
      To Federico, who wrote:

      >>. . . . Consider that Elias Artista wrote PoF
      in 1894, at the age of 33. . . .<<

      Robert writes:

      This puzzled me at first; so Steiner was Elias
      Artista? But who is Elias Artista; I had never
      seen the name before, as far as I recall. But I
      googled quickly, and came up with this:

      >>In Chapter 8 of his treatise De Minerabilis,
      Paracelsus predicted the advent of Elias Artista
      (Elias the Artist), Master of Alchemy. Elsewhere
      in the literature of Hermetic science, Elias
      Artista is referred to as

      >>"a symbol of the ripeness of the age! He is
      the great day to come when all secrets shall be
      brought to light, and things now rooting in the
      dark earth shall be brought to light, and things
      now rooting in the dark earth shall come forth
      to full growth and flower and bear a treasure,
      which is for the healing of nations... a
      symbolic representation, the collective breath
      of generous vindications. Spirit of Liberty, of
      science and love which must regenerate the

      >>Paracelsus, Glauber, Thomas Norton, Alexander
      Seton and other alchemists wrote of Elias as if
      he were an individual. Paracelsus wrote:

      >>"What is small and humble, God has revealed,
      but the more important is still in the dark and
      shall likely remain so until the arrival of
      Elias Artista... One shall come after me whose
      splendor is not yet in this life, and who shall
      reveal much."

      >>According to Glauber, "This Elias Artista
      shall restore the true spagyric medicine of the
      old Egyptian Philosophy which was lost over a
      thousand years. He shall bring it with him and
      show it to the world."

      >>Thomas Norton ~ The 15th century master
      alchemist Thomas Norton transmitted a poetic
      prophecy about Elias Artista in his Ordinal of

      >>"Arise by Surname when the change of Coin was
      had . . ." [I won't quote more of the poetry

      (from Adept Alchemy (Robert A. Nelson): Alchemy
      in Prophecy, Quabbalah, & Magic
      This is Google's cache of

      -- And so . . . it starts to come together:
      Elias Artista is the great alchemist to come,
      who shall "reveal much". And Steiner surely
      revealed much of that which concerned the old
      alchemists. And more, the old alchemy derived
      from Aristotle in a roundabout way. In the
      cycle *Mystery Centres*, lectures 11 and 14,
      Steiner explained how the ancient Greek Mystery
      "science" was given by Aristotle to Alexander,
      and how it submerged, as it were:

      ". . . . the most important writings of
      Aristotle have not come down to us . . . ."

      . . . and manifested again in Europe as

      "This was the preparation for what later on
      poured over from Africa into Spain, and spread
      into certain regions in Central Europe as the
      ancient alchemy, the true alchemy . . . ."

      "A knowledge of the world was the result of the
      forces which predominated in the Mysteries. That
      gave man the impulse to carry over to Asia what
      was then this natural science. Then in a
      weakened diluted form it later came across over
      Spain, through Europe. One can still trace it in
      what Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, Gichtel, and
      various others wrote and taught, culminating in
      such spirits as Basilius Valentinus and others."

      ". . . . the Mysteries of Samothrace, the
      Mysteries of the Kabiri, to be weakened down
      into the philosophy of Aristotle, and which then
      played such an enormous part in the Middle Ages,
      while below the surface what we know as
      Aristotelianism worked so strongly right on
      into the 15th century, but in a tragic manner .
      . . ."

      The "tragedy" (without going into the details
      that Steiner discusses in these lectures) had to
      do with the weakening powers of the alchemists
      due to the well-known (to Anthros) ongoing
      changes in human consciousness:

      ". . . . this ancient alchemy could not be
      acquired as we obtain our intellectual knowledge
      today. Today we observe or think about things,
      but alchemy could not be attained in that way."

      But now, the time is ripe to "reveal much" in a
      way consistent with modern consciousness:

      "The time has now come when this other has
      fulfilled its task of waiting, when it must
      again be found as the sum total of natural
      knowledge. Alexander had first to bury these
      secrets of nature in Asia, for only their
      corpses were brought over to Europe. But not
      these corpses have now to be galvanized to life;
      the primeval living secrets must themselves be
      found again today."

      So . . . if we accept the standard Anthro lore
      that RS is the reincarnated Aristotle, it's no
      stretch to see how the returned grandfather of
      alchemy might well be regarded as the prophesied
      renewer of alchemy, the "Master of Alchemy":
      "Elias Artista".

      But I wonder: have you made that inference
      based on no more information than I have just
      outlined, or do you have some other information
      that goes beyond the "no stretch" to "nailing
      it"? As I read Norton's poetry, with Waite's
      interpretation, it seems that they are saying
      that Elias Artista would be English, and RS was
      not English.

      Do you have some other information that clearly
      identifies Steiner as Elias Artista?

      Robert M
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