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readers' alert: *Aspects of Evolution*

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  • Robert Mason
    . . . . the crisis we are in and the untruthfulness that abounds are related. -- RS FYI: Just up at the eLib is the cycle *Aspects of Human Evolution*, given
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2009
      ". . . . the crisis we are in and the
      untruthfulness that abounds are related." -- RS


      Just up at the eLib is the cycle *Aspects of
      Human Evolution*, given by Steiner in Berlin in
      the middle of 1917 -- that is, in the midst of
      the war catastrophe that was the mother of the
      socio-political catastrophes with which we live
      even now.

      And he said much that is very relevant today
      concerning the powers behind the scenes of
      power-politics -- that is, the occult-political
      conspiracies that I have discussed before on
      Anthro e-lists in connection with Bondarev and

      In particular, RS talks about the tragedy of the
      British Prime Minister at that time, and how
      that personal tragedy fitted into the vast
      tragedy then engulfing the world. (And we can
      draw implications about the political tragedies
      engulfing us now.)

      That Prime Minister was Lloyd George. RS gives
      a brief overview of his exemplary life and
      brilliant career; how:

      ". . . .in everything he said he represented the
      English folk [the folk-spirit]."

      . . . how Lloyd George opposed the war-agitation
      before 1914: ". . . . what is represented by
      Lloyd George is what on the surface the British
      people want. And what they want is no war."

      But, tragically, seemingly inexplicably, Lloyd
      George became became the chief executor of that
      very war. How did that happen? "Lloyd George's
      inner convictions, despite their strength, were
      obliterated in the face of spiritual influences
      and powers of a dubious nature."

      That is to say, the occult-political
      conspirators had such illegitimate, hypnotic
      influence that the seeming "leaders" became
      puppets in the hands of the occult manipulators:

      ". . . . the war was not prevented, and thus
      permitted to occur by Britain, the real truth is
      that it was brought about by occult powers who
      manipulate those who govern as if they were

      . . . at greater length:

      "One could point to the exact moment when these
      occult powers intervened, the moment they caught
      in their net those who were rulers or rather
      appeared to be. The occult powers who caused the
      war from Britain were behind well-known
      statesmen, and their impulses are most certainly
      not those of 27-year-olds. Rather they stem from
      ancient traditions and from a thorough knowledge
      of the forces inherent in the peoples of Europe.
      They have knowledge of where and when various
      peoples, or individuals, various leaders may be
      weak or strong. Their knowledge is exact and
      far-reaching, and has for centuries not only
      flowed through hidden channels but has been kept
      so secret that those in possession of it could
      drag others unawares into their net. Individuals
      like Asquith and also Grey were in reality mere
      puppets who themselves believed, right up to
      early August 1914, that at least for Britain
      there would be no war. They were sure they would
      do everything to prevent war, when suddenly they
      found themselves manipulated by occult powers,
      powers which originated from personalities quite
      other than those named. Over against these
      powers Lloyd George, having remained 27 years
      old, also became a mere puppet."

      (RS was saying all this in the context of his
      discussion of how the natural spiritual growth
      of human beings on earth has come to cease
      around age 27. -- Asquith and Grey were
      "conservatives", but Lloyd George was a
      "liberal", thus his turn to the "war party" was
      an even more startling reversal of his earlier

      Steiner continues and widens the story:

      "Those with occult insight into Britain's
      political future and the future of the peoples
      of Europe were saying that the dominance of the
      Russian empire will be destroyed to enable the
      Russian people to exist. The Russian revolution
      in March 1917 was planned already at the end of
      the 1880s, and so were the channels through
      which events were guided and manipulated. [Of
      course, this occult "guidance" of Russia was
      only beginning; Steiner was speaking before the
      Bolshevik Revolution.] This was something known
      only to that small circle whose secret
      activities sprang from impulses that were of
      considerably older origin than those of Lloyd
      George. The events that took place on the
      Balkans [. . . apparently a reference to the
      assassination of Archduke Ferdinand -- the spark
      which lit the tinderbox of WWI] were all planned
      by human beings of whom it could be said that
      they were the 'dark figures behind the scenes.'
      That these things happen, is destiny. When from
      Britain something intervened in the world
      situation which could not have arisen from the
      essentially British character represented by
      Lloyd George, the powers behind the scenes saw
      to it that he became Minister of Munitions! As
      long as he had been himself, Lloyd George's
      deepest convictions had been that the way to
      certain ruin was to budget for war, arm for war
      and war itself. Now that he is a puppet he
      becomes Minister of Munitions! All he retained
      of his own was his efficiency. He became a very
      able Minister of Munitions. The man who from
      deepest inner conviction had spoken against arms
      brought about that Britain became as well armed
      as all the other nations."

      And RS states the general principle:

      ". . . . all that lives in the physical world is
      governed by the spiritual realm; therefore it
      can be guided by a spirit which acts in
      accordance with the egoism of a certain group of

      And: is there any indication that the general
      situation has changed today? That the occult-
      political manipulators have gone away? That our
      "leaders" are not puppets in the hands of The
      Powers That Be behind the scenes? . . . That the
      world is not being led into another catastrophe,
      the culmination of that of 1914?

      Let those with eyes to see . . . see.

      -- But this cycle is not concerned exclusively
      with such grim matters. For example: on a
      lighter, more encouraging note, RS make explicit
      the "clairvoyant" nature of "pure thinking" such
      as is taught in *PoF*:

      "The ether body must be loosened from the
      physical body. This is because the first
      clairvoyant experience is that of pure thinking.
      You will know that I have always upheld the
      view, which indeed every true scientist of the
      spirit must uphold, that he who grasps a pure-
      thought is already clairvoyant. However, man's
      ordinary thinking is not a pure thinking, it is
      filled either with mental pictures or with
      fantasy. Only in the ether body can a pure
      thought be grasped, consequently whoever does so
      is clairvoyant."

      Another example sheds light on the opposition
      such as we might see in the WC Snake Nest:

      "People are not consciously aware that such
      [spiritual-scientific] truths can be
      disagreeable, but subconsciously they are, and
      they fear them. The fear is subconscious and
      because people do not allow it to rise into
      consciousness it turns into hate, into antipathy
      against the deeper truths. What today calls
      forth so much antipathy towards spiritual
      science is subconscious hatred, and especially
      subconscious fear of the deeper truths . . . ."

      -- These are just a taste; there's much more

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