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RE: [steiner] Re: Calendar of the Soul, Week 16 after Easter

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  • Durward Starman
    ******* I meant by you other people. You know, two-way communication, not someone asking me a question and then not usually not posting again for another year,
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 28, 2009
      ******* I meant by you other people. You know, two-way communication, not someone asking me a question and then not usually not posting again for another year, but actual conversation and study together at least weekly with various members of the list. Like, about how each is applying anthroposophy in his life, what others think about how to make use of it, and so on.
         I'm pretty busy, so I'm sorry I hadn't gotten around to answering your question yet, Stephen. I was travelling all during the months of July and August, to the Rudolf Steiner Institute near Boston and then to the Mystery Play in Spring Valley. In the original Calendar of the Soul, a reprint of which is in print and available from Steinerbooks, you could see for yourself that there are the normal picture-notations at New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter, as used to be in all calendars when we all were farmers. As to how to use them, well, if you start being aware of the phase of the moon all the time, you can experience for yourself things at full moon, new moon, etc. Blood flows faster, hair grows faster, people act differently. As to what Steiner said directly, I have it at the start of each weelk's post, that one meditates on the sun's position by sign in the daytime to attune to the solar forces, while the moon's position is each evening, so you use it to sense the lunar forces.
        An e-mail saying the above sentences is not meant to be the end of a conversation. If you want to know more about what "solar" and "lunar" forces mean, that could be a continuation of a conversation or joint study. We all have to work out answers for ourselves, through our own experience. It takes time and application.

         Different groups have used the Soul-calendar verse different ways. The eurythmists, as I understand, have the forms for all 52 mantras marked "1st week August", "2nd week August", etc. So they approximate. At the Goetheanum, they calculate the period till next Easter and then divide it in 52 equal parts, so some years have weeks of more than 7 days and some shorter. As for myself, I don't feel like that would be a "week" which was an ancient measure of 7 days, each ruled by a planet (the "woch" in old English). So I simply start at Easter Sunday. Some years the 52nd mantra may come a few weeks before the new Easter, and so I keep using #52 until it arrives, while in other years the 51st and 52nd mantra may be cut off by Easter's arrival, in which case the jump to the new year is a bit rushed. But that's the natural consequence of using a year that is both solar and lunar, based on the first Sunday following the first full moon following the vernal equinox--- a living, changeable reality. It keeps you alive to stay alert to change, as in the real world. Dr. Steiner commented on the way some depored Easter being a moveable feast rather than every Dec. 25th or Jan. 1st, because of the frightful mess it made in account-books: all that shopping and purchasing at irregular times annually!
        But I find a correspondance between the mantras and what's going on in the Northern Hemisphere seasonally. For instance, whenever Easter comes early, spring comes early. (I suspect they should be reversed in the Southern, as also should be Easter.)



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      Subject: [steiner] Re: Calendar of the Soul, Week 16 after Easter

      Hi Starman, you say the list is little used, but I can't get my questions answered.
      Any thoughts?
      - Stephen

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      --- In steiner@yahoogroups .com, celestial_vision@ ... wrote:
      > Hi Starman,
      > Were the original moon phases illustrated in some way, or described in text as you are showing? Can you explain a little more about how to use them?
      > Exactly how is the adjustment made during the period where there almost never is exactly 52 weeks from Easter to Easter. Thanks for posting this ...
      > Kind regards,
      > Stephen
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      > Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave out the 'Soul-Calendar' in 1912, consisting of 52 meditative mantras to enable us to experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within us as well as in Nature during the year, starting with the first mantra every year on Easter Sunday. We experience this unconsciously all through the year, but these meditative verses enable us to become conscious of it.
      > These mantras for each week are well known to many students of Steiner, but the original 'Calendar ' also had 12 Images of the Zodiac, to be meditated with each month (to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos), plus a listing of the Moon's phases & position in the signs each night (for sensing the 'lunar' forces), and a list of dates of births and deaths of spiritual figures and dates of events to contemplate on specific days. Here's the Soul-Calendar restored to this complete form. I am adding some details on the planets as well.

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