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reader's alert: RS's historical symptomatology

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  • robertsmason_99@yahoo.com
    Synchronistically with the posting of more texts from Bondarev s book of historical symptomatology, the eLib has just put up one of Steiner s major lecture
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2009
      Synchronistically with the posting of
      more texts from Bondarev's book of
      historical symptomatology, the eLib has
      just put up one of Steiner's major lecture
      cycles on this subject.  I have only just
      begun to read it again (I think I read it
      years ago in paper-space).  Judging from
      the synopses, it is packed with cognitive 
      fireworks everywhere, very relevant to
      world events even 91 years after Steiner
      spoke.  If you are paying any attention
      to current socio-political events and
      have some awareness of Anthro concepts,
      how does *this* grab you:

      ". . . . the incipient Consciousness
      Soul has been anaesthetized to a large

      Who can deny it?  Kinda 'splains a lot,
      doesn't it?

      And here's another snippet, a treat for
      Frankie The Flatbush Gaucho.  (Tom, you
      might forward this to him, since it seems
      that you are both hanging out in The Snake
      Nest now.)  Frank has been sneering again
      at "conspiracy theorists", for the benefit
      of the WCers, of all people.  Well, here is
      the core tenet of the big conspiracy
      theory, from the mouth of Racehorse Rudy

      "We have therefore two streams in
      contemporary history: on the one hand,
      since the impulse towards the Consciousness
      Soul already exists, there is the chaotic
      search for fraternity, liberty and quality.
      On the other hand we see the efforts on the
      part of widely differing Orders to suppress
      this awakening in the Consciousness Soul
      for their own ends. These two currents
      interact throughout the whole history of
      modern times."

      *Symptom 2 Reality*: Lecture II:
      "Symptomatology of Recent Centuries"
      19th October, 1918; Dornach; GA 185

      At the eLib:

      (It includes two autobiographical
      lectures on Steiner's relation to
      Goetheanism and *PoF*.)

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