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RE: [steiner] Esoteric Lessons

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  • Durward Starman
    *******Well, Kim, I don t think the esoteric lessons are ignored exactly, it s just that they are only one of a number of paths that Steiner gave out -- -- --
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 22, 2009
      *******Well, Kim, I don't think the esoteric lessons are ignored exactly, it's just that they are only one of a number of paths that Steiner gave out -- -- -- he first wrote his series of basic books, then started giving lectures, writing articles, and then for the people who came to him wanting personal instruction he started the esoteric school in Germany about 1910. (I assume that's the "esoteric lessons" you are speaking of, which were gathered together many years later in a book called "Guidance in Esoteric Training". They contain some very interesting exercises, along with mantras for each day of the week, to be used to attune to the planetary ruler of the day.) Then he began working with artists in the arts, visual, dramatic, etc., and creating plays; then all the various arts involved in the building of the headquarters building, the Goetheanum. Along the way, he gave out another couple of series of meditations in book form, A Path to Self-Knowledge and The Threshold of the Spiritual World, and the Calender of the Soul with its mantras and zodiac images; and again, in just the last few years of his life, Steiner gave out the series of meditative mantras that make up the lessons of the First Class of the School of Spiritual Science. These are all worthy paths, and different types of personalities will find one or another especially worthwhile (I haven't even mentioned eurythmy, Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, and many other things that can be a path to higher knowledge for individuals). So many roads....
        I don't know how many people here might want to take up the mantras for each day of the week, but if you like, I can post them here as well.



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      Subject: [steiner] Esoteric Lessons

      The "Esoteric Lessons" are a goldmine of insight in short form, but mostly ignored. Wasn't it an idea to combine them with the Calender of the Soul, or in it's own right?

      I believe it would create a larger interest in the Lessons.

      Kind Regards,
      Kim Graae Munch

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