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Re: Human motives and the Pandemic III

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  • Robert Mason
    ... interest today, about the unspeakably cruelty with which farm animals are treated by the food industry. It s horryfying and disgusting . . . It s no wonder
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2009
      Tarjei wrote:

      >>I watched one particular TV documentary rerun with sharpened
      interest today, about the unspeakably cruelty with which farm
      animals are treated by the food industry. It's horryfying and
      disgusting . . . It's no wonder that nature strikes back at
      humanity through these helpless animals . . . . So we get mad
      cow disease, bird flu, and swine flu . . . . This is our
      nemesis, karma.<<

      Robert writes:

      Once in a while, Uncle, you hit the nail squarely on the
      head. I've talked before about some Steiner-saids
      concerning our karma with animals, especially in the
      cycle *Mainifestations of Karma*. But here is another
      startling Steiner-said, more recently up at the eLib;
      this karma will carry over to the New Jupiter:

      "Occult study shows us that every pain which is inflicted on a pain-feeling being other than man, every death, is a seed for the future. Animals, as they are willed by the progressive divine evolution, are not destined to have incarnations like man. But, if a change comes into this wisdom-filled world-plan, if man intervenes and does not leave the evolution of the animals to be as it would have been without man, what happens then? Now, you see, occult research teaches us that every pain, every death, inflicted by man on the animals, will return and arise again, not through reincarnation, but because pain and death have been inflicted on the animals. This pain and suffering call up animality again. These animals on which pain has been inflicted will arise again, though not in the same form; but that which feels pain in them, that comes again. It comes again in such a way that the sufferings of the animals are compensated, so that to every pain its
      complementary feeling is added. These pains, these sufferings, this death, these are the seed which man has sown; they return in such a way that to every pain its contrary feeling is added in the future. To use a concrete example: When Earth is replaced by Jupiter, the animals will not appear in their present form, but their pains and sufferings will awaken the forces for the feeling of pain. They will live in men, and will embody themselves as parasitic animals in men. Out of the sensations and feelings of these men, out of their pains, the compensation will be created. This is the occult truth, which can be stated objectively and unadorned even if it is not pleasant to the man of today. Man will one day suffer this, and the animals will have, in a certain well-being, in a pleasant feeling, the compensation for their pains. This already happens slowly and gradually in the course of present-day earth-life, no matter how strange this seems. Why are men
      plagued by beings which are really neither animals nor plants, but stand between the two, by bacilli and similar creatures, which feel a well-being when man suffers? They have brought this upon themselves in earlier incarnations through inflicting pain and death on animals. For the being, though not appearing in the same form, feels this across time and feels the compensation for its pains in the suffering which man must undergo. Thus all the pain and suffering in the world are positively not without consequences. It is a seed from which proceeds what is caused by pain, suffering, and death. There can be no suffering, no pain, no death, without causing something which springs up later on. "


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