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RE: [steiner] Steiner's Agricultural Course and biodynamics

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  • Durward Starman
    ******* If there s anything in this bill (written after the recent peanut-contamination episode that sickened and killed people here in the US) which would
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2009
      ******* If there's anything in this bill (written after the recent peanut-contamination episode that sickened and killed people here in the US) which would require organic farms to use chemical pesticides, I sure didn't see it.
      The text of the bill is here:



      To: steiner@yahoogroups.com
      From: holderlin66@...
      Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 15:12:48 +0000
      Subject: [steiner] Steiner's Agricultural Course and biodynamics

      Dear Friends of Organic,
      I received this letter from our friend, Dr. Incao today. If the law he
      refers to is passed, it seems to herald the end of the organic movement
      in this country. Urgent action is required to prevent this. Please send
      this letter on to everyone in your personal/profession al network that
      cares about organic farming and urge them to take action towards their
      local Congress representative.

      By acting swiftly now, we hope that this assault on the organic movement
      can still be stopped.

      Warm regards,
      Dear Friends:
      I am sending you this information about a bill that puts organic farming
      in jeopardy. Please read about it and put in your word of protest.

      Philip Incao

      US House and Senate are about (in a week and a half) to vote on bill
      that will OUTLAW ORGANIC FARMING (bill HR 875). There is an enormous
      rush to get this into law within the next 2 weeks before people realize
      what is happening.

      Main backer and lobbyist is (guess who) Monsanto – chemical and genetic
      engineering giant corporation. This bill will require organic farms to
      use specific fertilizers and poisonous insect sprays dictated by the
      newly formed agency to "make sure there is no danger to the public food
      supply". This will include backyard gardens that grow food only for a
      family and not for sales.

      If this passes then NO more heirloom clean seeds but only Monsanto
      genetically altered seeds that are now showing up with unexpected
      diseases in humans.

      There is a video on the subject.

      http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=thE54K3PaTY

      And another one:

      http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=eeWVkTU1s1E

      The name on this outrageous food plan is Food Safety Modernization Act
      of 2009 (bill HR 875).

      burn up the wires. Get anyone else you can to do the same thing. The
      House and Senate WILL pass this if they are not massively threatened
      with loss of their position.... They only fear your voice and your vote.

      The best thing to do is go to www.house.gov/ writerep
      <http://www.house. gov/writerep> <http://www.house. gov/writerep> all you
      have to do is put in your zip and it will give you your congressperson
      and how to get in touch with them. When you call their office someone
      will answer the phone, just tell them (politely) that you are calling to
      express your views on HR 875. Tell them your views, they'll take your
      name and address and pass your comments along to the congressperson. The
      linkhttp://www.senate. gov/general/ contact_informat ion/senators_ cfm.cfm
      is a list of the U.S. senators and their contact info.
      Philip F. Incao, MD
      Steiner Holistic Medicine
      P.O. Box 894
      276 North Spruce St.
      Crestone, CO 81131-0894
      Phone/Fax: 719-256-5647
      philip@drincao. com mailto:philip@ drincao.com

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