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  • carol
    Thank you for your response Andrew. As you can see, it took me a while to come around and be able to comfortably assimilate the content of your
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 4, 2009

      Thank you for your response Andrew.

      As you can see,  it took me a while to 'come around' and  be able to comfortably assimilate the content of your contribution,  and then post my own response.

      I believe the delay  has to do my being distracted by the  various  profound world movements/struggles taking place at this point in time - and ones which I believe are seting underlying determining 'configurations'  to which  our collective  humanity will be subject  for many generations to come. 

      My idea is that a distinct enough division in fundamental 'philosophy'  is being sunken to an ever deeper level in living souls today,  and that this will come to reflect itself not so much in the way in which people exchange ideas,  but more in the way in which people 'expect' society to organize itself.

      Major 'clash' is what I have in mind and I think this has to do, not so much with one 'group' 'choosing to support materialistic 'advantage' over other more sensient living souls, but more about a deeply  rooted choice  to 'wait out' on the quality of TRUTH which is now pressing itself into the souls of  living beings,   from spiritual heights. 

      If I were to present one evident example of how a potential for  a deeply rooted 'clash' is 'set in stone' ,  so to speak,   I would only have to consider the fact that pretty much throughout the last decade,  environmental manipulation of the highest 'scientific' degree has become commonplace.

      And basically,   I would only have to look up to the sky !

      Aerosol Crimes - AKA Chemtrails


      As we advance past the 10 yr mark of a Soratic Surge, the issue  of human beings  wishing to adapt to either TRUTH or  LIE is almost rediculously animated ...  (re. human force of Will)

      Andrew,  thanks for pointing out the  marking event of 2014. 




      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Linnell" <uminventor@...> wrote:
      > Carol,
      > Fascinating post - thank you!
      > I am new to this group but not to Anthroposophy.
      > In my Templar studies, I came upon something I'd like to share
      > concerning 666.
      > If we ask how long from a 666 cycle (Soratic Surge) does it take
      > before the event is felt and noticed on earth, it would appear to be
      > 14 years. We find (warning: this is my research, not Steiner's) in
      > 680(666 + 14): astral body attack. 6th Ecumenical Council of
      > Constantinople to dogmatize the human and divine wills of Jesus -
      > Jesus has 2 wills and 2 natures (divine and human). Declares
      > monothelitism (1 will and nature) a heresy. Separation of Sunnis and
      > Shias. Building Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount begins 687. I did
      > not find the exact date but during this reign of the archangel
      > Zachariel, Oriphiel leads other arch-angels in a "revolt" over
      > Intelligence. Zachariel, the Time Spirit in this age, has pulled
      > back from full engagement by 869 although he had several decades to
      > go.
      > 1346 (666*2 + 14): etheric body attack. Black Plague (1346 – 1351).
      > Note the Knights Templars downfall began in 1307 and completed in
      > 1312. 1332 is 20 years ahead. 1332 + 20 = 1352 when the Plague ends.
      > 2012 (666*3 + 14): physical body attack. completion of "25,920 yr."
      > cosmic year) in Mayan and Hopi calendars is 12/21/2012. By 2012 we
      > likely will have the first bio-genetically engineered human and the
      > start of parent-designed babies.
      > Fear not the Future,
      > Andrew

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