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Re: Steiner's Moon node returns

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  • carol
    Thank you Robert for sharing your ideas. I did read this piece near the time you posted it but was overly engaged in other areas of interest to be able to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 11, 2009

      Thank you Robert for sharing your ideas. I did read this piece near the time you posted it but was overly engaged in other areas of interest to be able to immediately take what you presented,  join myself in soul with it, and then comment.

      It's been a few weeks of intense enough inner (to) outer experience for me, but  I am, for a  lucky (graced?) moment,  able to take a 'rest' within this Anthroposophic 'spirit center' and actually create a little - that is, form a few connections with what other Anthroposophists have currently presented on various lists,  through what effort they've exerted of  inner soul activity.

      Robert, you brought this  to our attention:

      RS: «.. that the late 1870s were a particular time when human souls became subject to ahrimanic powers with regard to certain powers of perception. Before this, these powers were active in the spiritual realms and therefore left human beings more in peace; when they were driven out of the spiritual realms they came upon human beings.»

      *The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness* Lecture 9

      RS: «...We have to reflect again and again what it really means to say that a battle raged for decades in the spiritual realms. The battle started in the early 1840s and ended when certain spiritual entities, which had been acting like rebels in the spiritual world during those decades, were vanquished in the autumn of 1879 and cast down as dark spirits into the realm of human evolution.They are now among us and the effect of this is that they send their impulses into our view of the world, not only into the way we think about the world, but also into our inner feelings, our will impulses and even our temperaments. Human beings will be unable to get even a partial understanding of the significant events of the present time and the immediate future, unless they are prepared to recognize the relationship which exists between the physical world and the spiritual world and take as much account of important events like this as they do of natural phenomena.»

      Lecture 12

      ... I couldn't help drawing a connection between this event and the advent of so called 'modern' medecine in general, but more specifically, the growth of micro biology, the 'great' rise of the pharmaceutical corporate 'individual', the suppression of 'non conformity' to this' as well as the special interest which  the military industrial complexes of various nations of the world take to this field of 'science'.

      On another list, Tom Mellett recently referred to one of Steiner's treatments of the theme of 'atheism' - and what I absorbed by this particular discussion is that both, a completely sound (physical) organism as well as psychic efficiency are necessary for humans to be able to discover God and to be able to form a link between one's inner spiritual experience and the Spirit world.

      Thus, it would  seem apparent that TRUE physical health and subsequently, living conditions which are set up to guarantee this, are absolutely necessary for humankind to be able to MOVE forward, unhindered, in the upward spiritual direction.

      Here is the discussion:

      Lecture 4, given November 28, 1919, is called "The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse. Self-knowledge and its Permeation of the Three Strata of Consciousness"


      « If we . . . then look upon the appearance of atheism, upon the complete denial of the Divine, we shall find the reason for this atheism. Only those human beings, my dear friends — naturally, we need
      the methods of spiritual science in order to recognize this — only those human beings are atheists in whose organism something is organically disturbed. To be sure, this may lie in very delicate
      structural conditions, but it is a fact that atheism is in reality a disease.

      This is the first thing we have to hold fast: atheism is a disease. For, if our organism is completely healthy, the harmonious functioning of its various members will bring it about that we ourselves sense our origin from the Divine — ex Deo nascimur.


      Not to find God the Father is a disease; not to find the Christ is a misfortune. For the human being is so connected with the Christ as to be inwardly dependent upon this connection. He is, however, also
      dependent upon that which has taken place as a historical event. He must find a connection with the Christ here upon earth, in external life. If he does not find it, it is a misfortune. Not to find the
      Father God, to be an atheist, is an illness. Not to find the Son God, the Christ, is a misfortune.

      And what does it mean if we do not find the Spirit? To be unable to take hold of one's own spirituality in order to find the connection of one's own spirituality with the spirituality of the world signifies
      mental debility; not to acknowledge the Spirit is a deficiency of mind, a psychic imbecility.

      Please remember these three deficiencies of the human soul constitution. Then we shall be able to continue tomorrow in the right way. Remember what I have told you today about the three kinds of
      consciousness; remember that

      [1] it is a disease if we are an atheist, if we do not find the God out of whom we are born and whom we must find if we possess a completely sound organism; [ex deo nascimur]

      [2] that it is a misfortune if we do not find the Christ; [in Christo morimur.]

      [3] that it is a psychic deficiency if we do not find the Spirit.» [per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus.]



      It's seems obvious to me,  that  anyone who really opens up their eyes and mind to what  path of orientation the medical establishments,  centers of higher learning, military and governement bodies of manyof our modern societies have now come to assume, can see that ' TRUE physical  health ' of the human race is most definitely NOT a predominant preoccupation. 

      And in consequence,  Spiritual freedom is also NOT a predominant preoccupation.

      As well,  I think many connections can be joined to this little, unique approach to the subject of the Fall of the Spirits of Darkness.

      Rudolf Steiner's :THE WORK OF THE ANGELS IN MAN'S ASTRAL BODY offers more on the direct connections between bodily health,  spiritual freedom, humankind's rightful spiritual path.


      Steiner  also points towards  how modern 'micro biology' at least,  will come to directly thwart humankind's chances at spiritual advancement -  and then,  how feasible will it be for  mankind to experience both God as well as a living connection between individual inner spirit  and outer Spirit,  when the general state of people's physical organisms as well as their  psyches are directly targeted by one, if not the uppermost powerful industry existing in the world today, the  pharmaceutical industry?

      (...with very likely,  military and government complicity)

      RS: "The bestowal on man of complete freedom in the religious life — this underlies the impulses, at least, of the work of the Angels.

      And there is a third objective: To make it possible for men to reach the Spirit through thinking, to cross the abyss and through thinking to experience the reality of the Spirit.

      Spiritual Science for the spirit, freedom of religious life for the soul, brotherhood for the bodily life — this resounds like cosmic music through the work wrought by the Angels in the astral bodies of men."




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