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Some Characteristics of To-day

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  • carol
    RS: ....One should understand that the anthroposophic view of the world is not intended as something sensational for psychic idlers — end many of our
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 19, 2008

      RS: '....One should understand that the anthroposophic view of the world is not intended as something sensational for "psychic idlers" — end many of our present day mystics are just that. One should see in it not a kind of dessert supplementing life's external, physical enjoyments, but something connected with the deepest impulses of our cultural life. The latter cannot become healthy unless fructified by the anthroposophic view of the world. We should engrave this fact deeply upon our souls when we have learnt to know this anthroposophic view..."

      The fact of  "imaginative moral impulses" is emphasized in this particular lecture and I find that this is most important in view of the deeply penetrating, multifaceted  forces of chaos we have no choice but to contend with in our current daily lives.

      An internet friend of mine,  who practices a deepened form of meditative Anthroposophy,  collectively,  sent me the following meditations,  because they correspond to a certain  quality of the current season: November-the time of year when we come closest to the world of the dead.

      May I take the freedom to suggest attaching  a few 'spiritual concepts' to living experience so as to better appreciate the video link which I've included at the bottom?

      (re. the anthroposophic view of the world, the deepest impulses of our cultural life, Moral Imagination,   Spirit zone reconnaisance)

      (meditations by RS)

      Meine Liebe sei Dir im  Geistgebiet.

      Lasse finden Deine  Seele

      Von meiner suchenden  Seele.

      Lasse lindern Deine  Kälte

      Von meinem Denken Deines  Wesens.

      So seien wir  verbunden,

      Ich mit Dir

      Und Du mit  mir.

      R. Steiner

      May my love be with you in the Spirit zone. 

      Let your soul be found 

      By my seeking soul.  

      Let your cold be offset 

      By my thinking of your essence. 

      So we are bound together,  

      Me with you 

      And you with me.

      As a soul I am not on Earth, except in water, air and fire;

      In my fire, I am in the planets and in the sun. 

      In my sun-being I am in the heaven of the fixed stars. 

      As a soul I am not on Earth, except in light, Word and life 

       In my life I am within the planetary and sun-being:in the spirit of wisdom. 

      In my being of wisdom I am in the spirit of love. 

      Ich bin als Seele nicht auf der  Erde, sondern nur in Wasser, Luft und Feuer;

      In meinem Feuer bin ich in den  Planeten und der Sonne.

      In meinem Sonnensein bin ich der  Fixsternhimmel.

      Ich bin als Seele nicht auf der  Erde, sondern in Licht, Wort und Leben.

      In meinem Leben bin ich im  Innern des planetarischen- und Sonnenseins: im Geiste der  Weisheit.

      In meinem Weisheitsein bin ich  in dem Geist der Liebe.

      R. Steiner

      Pavarotti - Ave Maria - Schubert




      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > To All:
      > I was browsing through a recent posting at the
      > eLib --
      > <http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/SomChr_index.html>,
      > and it was interesting, but not much that was
      > unexpected -- then I came across (yet another)
      > of Steiner's statements that startled me, in
      > that it is so penetrating, sweeping, and
      > categorical:
      > >>The man of to-day cannot form sensible
      > decisions at all if he does not wake up with
      > them in the morning.<<
      > RS was speaking in Germany in the aftermath of
      > the First World War (indeed, while the Allied
      > starvation blockade of Germany was still in
      > force), and he was explaining a little about
      > the way such bad decisions were made that led
      > to the outbreak of the war, and relating these
      > catastrophic decisions to the changes that have
      > come about in Man's soul-life in the past few
      > centuries. And then he goes on to explain
      > that sweeping statement:
      > >>This is true, however strange it may sound,
      > and men will recognise it more and more from
      > external acts. It is not necessary that we
      > should be conscious of these decisions; in our
      > sub-consciousness we live through in the night
      > what we can experience on the following day.
      > Man has not yet got so far as to be able to
      > survey it prophetically, but that is not the
      > point. If you harbour a thought at 3:30 or 6
      > o'clock [PM; I think he means], it may be a
      > thought that you have already had in the night
      > and now arises in you again. If, however, a
      > thought arises that you have not already formed
      > in the night but which is produced from out of
      > the events of the day, it cannot be a
      > reasonable thought in the case of the man of
      > to-day. The man of to-day has to draw his most
      > important impulses from the spiritual world.
      > These do not come from the physical world at
      > all. To-day we cannot but be "unreasonable" if
      > we do not bring our decisions with us, if we do
      > not appeal to this life in the spiritual world.
      > When our "astral body" is free at night, i.e.,
      > outside the physical and "etheric" bodies and
      > together with the spiritual world, that which
      > is most essential takes place; it is prepared
      > for the Reason of the day (and more so than in
      > the case of our ancestors). The moment of
      > waking should be sacred for the modern man. He
      > should feel: I come from the spiritual world
      > and enter the physical; all that is good, all
      > that makes me capable of being a reasonable
      > man, I have experienced between falling asleep
      > and waking up, through intercourse with the
      > spiritual world, through intercourse with the
      > dead I have known in life and who have died
      > before me â€" in short, through intercourse with
      > those who are no longer in a physical body. I
      > experience it when I am with them in the purely
      > spiritual world. From this experience I ought
      > to draw the fundamental mood of sacred regard
      > for the moment of waking; this fundamental
      > feeling will then make it possible for me
      > throughout the day to say in one case "Here I
      > am helped by a spiritual impulse" and in
      > another case "Here I receive no help; this must
      > not be decided before to-morrow."<<
      > -- Of course, we already have the saying *sleep
      > on it*, but how many of us have really made it
      > a rule for our lives? And how much of our
      > messed-up lives could be explained by our
      > failure to practice that principle? Steiner's
      > sweeping statement suggests that it could well
      > explain a lot.
      > . . . anyway: The whole lecture is well worth
      > reading, and strikes other chords within,
      > especially given the current political/financial
      > situation. For instance, speaking of the news
      > of his day, Steiner remarked:
      > >>The delegates to Versailles whom we [the
      > Germans] have sent are as unfitted as possible
      > to understand the present moment of world
      > history.<<
      > This is uncomfortably, chillingly resonant with
      > this observer in the USA. It seems that in all
      > the time that has passed since RS was speaking,
      > despite all the blood that has flowed and all
      > the suffering, nothing is essentially different
      > in politics here and now as compared to
      > Steiner's time and place (except maybe that
      > weaponry is far more dangerous and deadly). RS
      > said elsewhere that the worst rise to the top,
      > and who could say now that *this* unhappy fact
      > has changed?
      > -- But before we get too depressed . . . I'll
      > just mention an almost random hopeful sign I
      > ran across: The Ethereal Christ is still
      > making His appearances; here is one popular
      > book that relates one woman's unexpected
      > experiences with Him:
      > <http://www.jesusisnojoke.com/heidihollis/id4.html>
      > Just musing . . .
      > Robert Mason

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