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RE: [steiner] Re: Manly P. Hall: Hierophant of Hollywood

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  • Durward Starman
    ******* Welcome to the list, Tom. Why don t you introduce yourself to our members? Manly Hall was a good writer and commentator on great occultists works. He
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      ******* Welcome to the list, Tom. Why don't you introduce yourself to our members?
          Manly Hall was a good writer and commentator on great occultists' works. He never claimed to be anything more than a 'philosopher' himself, meaning he didn't succeed at developing his own direct cliarvoyant knowledge, and so is not in the same class as Steiner, but frequently he wrote worthwhile commentaries on occult truths for beginners.

         But one thing, what evidence do you have that he didn't die of natural causes, at age 89? I heard no such rumor at the time.

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      Subject: [steiner] Re: Manly P. Hall: Hierophant of Hollywood

      --- In steiner@yahoogroups .com, Durward Starman <DrStarman@. ..> wrote:
      > *******Manly Hall was a prolific writer who published dozens of
      works, as well as sponsoring the reprinting of many rare and
      out-of-print treatises through his organization, the Philosophical
      Research Society. As I said, this was posted on another group, so I
      don't know what work it's from. I'll try to find out. The PRS is
      online, by the way, here: http://www.prs. org/
      >=========== ========= ========= =======

      Dear Starman:

      I'm friends with Obadiah Harris, the President of PRS and the man who
      was chosen to lead PRS after Manly died, under still suspicious
      circumstances, possibly murder, in 1990. In the spring of 2004,
      Obadiah asked me if I would give a class at PRS on Steiner and
      anthroposophy and so I put together a weekly course that met for ten

      I taught in the "upper room" at the center and the big ornate stuffed
      chair that held Manly even when he reached 300 pounds was still there
      front and center like a throne intact. The room was dominated by a
      large portrait of Madame Blavatsky which faced the class to their
      right front, and so I felt obligated to acknowledge the presence of
      Helena Petrovna and work her somehow into my presentation each week.

      Manly's widow, Marie Bauer Hall, whom I was grateful to meet the year
      before she died at age 99, firmly believed that Manly himself was the
      reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky. Be that as it may for her wild and
      crazy reputation with things occult and esoteric, nonetheless, it did
      at least reflect Manly's deep devotion to HPB and the debt to her that
      he felt in his own esoteric development.

      Of course PRS is not what it used to be since Manly died, but it's
      really changed even since I gave my class. Right now there are no more
      classes and even the famed 11 o'clock Sunday morning main lectures
      have been cancelled. What is rising out of the ashes though, is the
      distance-learning program that Obadiah set up, called the UPR
      (University of Philosophical Research) where you can get masters
      degrees in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology by
      listening to cassette tapes, but of course, now being able to meet
      with faculty over the Internet and telephone as well. UPR just
      received its national accreditation this year. Check out their website
      for the programs http://www.uprs. edu/

      I'd like to mention a few of the memorable teachers I befriended there
      --- people who might be of interest to your subscribers because of
      their Steiner connections:

      --- Pierre Grimes, a philosopher literally from the old Greek school,
      who, with his wife, founded the Waldorf School of Orange County. Check
      out his website here and tell me he doesn't look like Plato, Aristotle
      or any other Greek philosopher of that period. I also remember seeing
      Pierre and his family at the "world eurythmy tour" a few years back.
      http://www.openingm ind.com/

      --- Stephan Hoeller, the Jungian scholar and Gnostic Archbishop of Los
      Angeles with whom I shared many a playful moment of bantering about
      Steiner and anthroposophy. (He used to sing "Rudolf the Red-Nosed
      Steiner" whenever he saw me.) Here is the Stephan's introduction to
      the Gnostic Church: http://www.gnosis. org/ecclesia/ ecclesia. htm
      Here his Gnostic Society lectures; http://gnosis. org/gnostsoc/ gnostsoc. htm
      While there, be sure to click on the great cover story about Stephan
      in the LA Weekly entitled: "Exile in Godville: Profile of a Postmodern

      --- Jeffrey Mishlove, the eminent parapsychologist, who was
      instrumental in allowing several Steiner internet groups to form on
      his Intuition Network back in 1997 long before most of them would
      switch over to Yahoo. His Intuition Network is still around:
      http://www.intuitio n.org/ Jeffrey feels as much affinity with
      William James as Manly felt with HPB. Here then is
      http://www.williamj ames.com/
      And Jeffrey's main site: http://www.mishlove .com/index2. htm

      Finally, there is a biography of Manly Hall that was just published.
      In fact, the book release party took place at PRS this past Summer
      Solstice, June 21. The author is Louis Sahagun, a reporter for the LA
      Times, who never knew Manly existed until he was assigned by the City
      Editor to write Manly's obituary back in 1990. That task inspired
      Louis' great interest in Manly and he spent the next 15 years working
      on and off at the biography. Louis' original title was *Hollywood
      Plato: The Life and Times of Manly Palmer Hall*, but now the title is

      *Master of the Mysteries: The Life of Manly Palmer Hall*
      by Louis Sahagun
      Here is a link to the book with the blurb copied below
      http://www.wingtv. net/mastermyster ies.html

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -----
      In 1919, a Canadian teenager with a sixth-grade education arrived by
      train to the wilds of Los Angeles. Within a decade he had transformed
      himself into a world-renowned luminary and occult scholar. His name
      was Manly Palmer Hall, author of the landmark encyclopedia _The Secret
      Teachings of All Ages_ and the 20th century's most prolific writer and
      speaker on ancient philosophies, mysticism, and magic.

      Hall revealed to thousands how universal wisdom could be found in the
      myths and symbols of the ancient Western mystery teachings. He amassed
      the largest occult library west of the Mississippi and founded The
      Philosophical Research Society in 1934 for the purpose of providing
      seekers rare access to the world's wisdom literature. He became a
      confidante and friend to celebrities and politicians. In 1990, he
      died—some say he was killed—in what remains an open-ended Hollywood
      murder mystery.

      This dramatic story of Hall's life and death provides a panorama of
      twentieth century mysticism and an insider's view into a subculture
      that continues to have a profound influence on movies, television,
      music, books, art, and thought.
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- ---------
      Author Louis Sahagun is a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times. He
      contributed to a Times series on Latinos in Southern California that
      won a Pulitzer Prize. His work ranges from religion and the
      environment to crime and politics. He lives with his wife and daughter
      in California.
      ============ ========= ========= ========= =========

      Here is a very thorough article from the LA Times about Manly Hall,
      published when the biography was launched last June 21.
      http://www.latimes. com/features/ books/la- et-hall21- 2008jun21, 0,5026720. story

      ============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ==

      I encourage anyone who comes to Los Angeles to visit the PRS complex,
      mainly to experience the vast library there, a veritable treasure
      trove of thousands of occult and esoteric books that Manly collected
      from all over the world. Just ask for Dr. Obadiah Harris, tell him
      Tom sent you, and then Obadiah will lead you down to the subterranean
      secret vault below the library where you will see the copper canisters
      brought by Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Walter Raleigh to Virginia in
      1601 which contain evidence about the future founding of the USA i.e.
      Bacon's "New Atlantis," and the proof that Bacon is the true author of
      the works of Shakespeare ---- well, not exactly ;=) ---- but Obadiah
      is truly a gracious host and values the work of Rudolf Steiner highly,
      so he would warmly welcome any visitors to PRS from the Steiner stream.

      Tom Mellett
      Van Nuys, CA
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