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_Blackbook Waldorf _ pre-publicity

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  • tmasthenes13
    Michael Grandt s new book _Blackbook Waldorf_ will be published in Germany next month. Here is my translation of an article about him and his book in his local
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2008
      Michael Grandt's new book _Blackbook Waldorf_ will be published in
      Germany next month. Here is my translation of an article about him and
      his book in his local newspaper.


      Original German article here


      The author Michael Grandt ignites some highly explosive issues.


      He is considered a specialist for "hot button issues" and sure enough
      his new book will once again stir up a hornets' nest: The author
      Michael Grandt critiques Waldorf Schools.

      Michael Grandt ups the ante. A good ten years ago, his book _Blackbook
      Anthroposophy_ (├ťberreuter Publishing house) created quite a stir. In
      his new book, _Blackbook Waldorf_ (September from the G├╝tersloher
      publishing house) he once again proceeds to expose the "myth and
      reality of Waldorf."

      Why now again? "The clincher was a judgment of the Federal Dept. in
      September 2007," he says. By order of the Federal Ministry for
      Families, two of Rudolf Steiner's books had been examined. Steiner is
      considered to be the founder of anthroposophy, which is the basis of
      the curriculum in Rudolf Steiner Schools according to the Waldorf
      pedagogy established by him. "The Federal Dept. found racist
      statements that might disorient children and adolescents both socially
      and ethically." Grandt gets angry: "Every other book would be put on
      the index;" but not Steiner's. The [Steiner] publishing house wants to
      publish both books in the future with commentaries. Grandt, however,
      thinks that is not sufficient. Not only did he file an official
      complaint of oversight against the present representatives of the
      commission, he himself took up the theme --- something he's never
      really abandoned for all these years.

      With 224 pages, Grandt assaults the image of Waldorf institutions held
      by parents and educational policy makers to be overwhelmingly
      positive; institutions which are readily seen as a reform-educational
      alternative to regular state schools --- without textbooks, instead an
      education that is child-oriented, easy and enjoyable. "The parents
      must be honestly and bluntly informed that an occult-esoteric
      worldview stands behind this pedagogy."

      Grandt's challenges are clear: Waldorf schools must make themselves
      more transparent to the public. In addition: Waldorf Schools must
      finally admit to themselves that they are schools for an
      anthroposophical world view. The anthroposophical teachings must be
      examined for conformity to the constitution. Rudolf Steiner schools
      (as they are called in Switzerland for example) must be renamed. And
      of course, above all else, --- and here is one of the most essential
      issues --- all state support for Rudolf Steiner Schools from tax money
      must be terminated. "Waldorf Schools in Germany alone last year
      received 305 million Euros of public tax money." For Grandt this is
      simply not acceptable.

      Grandt is clear that Waldorf proponents will not exactly warm to his
      idea. But what is it like with the 200 German schools and nearly 1000
      schools world-wide where anthroposophy is actually put into practice?
      "Of course, speaking on the record, anthroposophy is not taught. But
      teachers confirmed to me: It is applied." His _Blackbook Waldorf_ is
      "not a polemic," Grandt stresses, but rather "a critical discussion."
      His book is much more a "decision-making aid for parents so they may
      seriously examine whether or not they wish to entrust their children
      to the Waldorf system with all its aspects and its ideological worldview."

      Of course Grandt knows: "there will be violent reactions," and the
      media echo is already quite loud. But he looks forward to the discussion.
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