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  • Mathew Morrell
    Clairvoyants the world over entered the supersensible realm in such a way that they were able to attain precise spiritual knowledge otherwise impossible to
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      Clairvoyants the world over entered the supersensible realm in such a way that they were able to attain precise spiritual knowledge otherwise impossible to achieve through individual effort alone.  They remote viewed the Pentakotic Gateway.  Without having to completely abandon their physical body, rather slightly loosen their astral and etheric bodies and immerse themselves in the angelic thought-forms surrounding the painting, they received tremendous knowledge in return.  The knowledge came from the furthest regions of the spiritual cosmos where William Bayber Jennings had given up his astral body to the Spirit of the cosmos.  The sacrificial ejection of William's astral double served as a beacon of light for subsequent astral travelers who soon followed in mass numbers; the consequence being a fiery luminescence growing brighter and more intense with each crossing.  Remote viewers pin pointed Ahriman's physical incarnation.  They revealed his bodily appearance.  The world over, they prophesied his time and place of birth, and more importantly the new impulses he established within human spheres of activity. 

                  Historians think the Pentakotic Gateway was placed in storage after fire devastated Sergei's restaurant—not before—moreover that it was in the fire itself.  Creosol stains blackened the bottom half of the gold gilt frame.  The wood was slightly burnt.  Otherwise the painting was in remarkable condition when it was removed from the storage facility—a bank vault—far in the future.  

                    Voluminous studies had been conducted on this one piece alone and here it now stood in the speckled shadow of a dusty window, exposed to the Sun's U.V. radiation, and merchandized alongside an array of cheap artifacts dating back to the 21st century.

                  Around mid afternoon a mutt meandered across the sun warmed cobblestone, its nose raised high in the air and its tongue dangling from its mouth, passing one vacant building after another before trotting sideways past the storefront window. 

                  The celebrated creator of the piece was most certainly not known as evidenced by the precarious way the painting was displayed:  propped rather than hung.  The very psychic gateways explicated upon the canvas, using oils, were the etheric time holes through which the whole of the earth and all its objects travelled through during varying cycles of cosmic order and disorder; time never remained static but ceaselessly, tirelessly extricated itself from the old shell of its previous existence; forever generating new, brighter, lighter, more expressive Earths out of the Cosmic Matrix.  Coinciding exactly with the movements of the heavens, evolutionary time spurts unleashed catastrophes upon the Old Earth, leveled nations, and built new ones in place of the old. 

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