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RE: [steiner] Re: Consciousness Soul

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  • Durward Starman
    *******That s a good way to put it, unfortunately. The New Age has largely been undermined by the desire to appear scientific which has resulted in a crude
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 14, 2008
      *******That's a good way to put it, unfortunately. The "New Age" has largely been undermined by the desire to appear "scientific" which has resulted in a crude materialistic copy of real insight. There is no similarity between the etheric forces and electricity, for instance. In fact they are opposites: electricity cancels out life-force, as anyone can find out by just putting his finger in a socket. It's inimical to the life-forces. Whatever runs by electricity cannot be the etheric. So, all these computer-generated models of this or that are just that, models, constructs. If they're created by materialistic minds, they will be materialistic models. Garbage in, garbage out. Computers help you make erroneous pictures faster, that's all.
         This machine you are reading this on has no spirit and so cannot understand spirit. Your being has and therefore can. All that can be written or diagrammed can only try to point to the spirit to help a human being realize it. But since it has no material form, no words or pictures based on 'atoms' or 'things' can help. People think they're being 'New Age' but so often it is just dressed-up materialism: they picture the 'chakras' as like material spinning wheels, the kundalini as like a flow of electricity (which itself is thought of as like a 'flow' of water), etc. None of that is true, it is all 'spiritual materialism'. Really contacting and becoming aware of the spirit is a completely different thing. And that begins with the consciousness soul.
         As for your question about the etheric, yes, the consciousness soul  includes experiencing both our physical and etheric bodies in the spirit, on a higher plane. We started developing the consciousness soul the past 500 years or so, remember. Well, after the "black iron prison" of Roman-era material ideas entrapping us (as my friend Phil used to call it), the first minds challenging that rigid conception of space and postulating non-Euclidean geometry appeared in that time (Descartes, Desargues, Pascal). Euclidean geometry from the time of Democritus was used to conceive of the world as being made of little things, point-shaped 'atoms'. We still involuntarily think of entities like the hypothetical 'electrons' and 'photons' this way. A point in geometry is a sphere concentrated inward to a point, centripetal movement inwards. Now imagine the opposite, an entity not related to an infinitely small point-center but to the infinitely large periphery distant. Instead of falling in towards a center it 'falls outward' towards the sphere's surface. That's the units of etheric forces, not points like atoms and not flows of points along a line like our imaginary electrons, but rather forces moving in the opposite direction to gravity. The forces that move a redwood tree's saps up to its top branches, when there's no pressure detectible in the trunk as would be if it was being pumped somehow against gravity. Levity, the opposite of gravity. Periphery-'centered' instead of point-centered. Takes some flexibility of thinking to think it but it can be done.



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      Subject: [steiner] Re: Consciousness Soul

      Starman wrote:

      "…the "spirit" means what is behind BOTH the material world AND the Self. When you start becoming aware of the spirit, you no longer experience yourself just as a separate ego in a world of objects. Instead, the separateness vanishes; you know your kinship with all other Egos, indeed with all Life; and things in your world can no longer be mere objects of observation but instead are related to you, your brothers and sisters, your family---yea more, PART OF YOU."

      "Through the sentient soul we experience the body and outer Nature, through the intellectual soul we experience ourselves, but through the consciousness soul we begin to experience what underlies both Self and World... the Spirit that is the basis of Nature, and the Spirit that is the basis of ourselves."

      Mathew replies:

      Thanks for your insight into this matter, Starman.  The consciousness soul is more spiritual than I previously thought, in the sense that it involves the interaction of Self and the World on a whole other plane!  The Self never loses consciousness of itself, if I understand correctly; it remains perpetually aware of the relationship that it has to the omniscient spirit of external reality (Nature).    

      Does the consciousness soul comprehend or acknowledge the ether plane?

      It seems to me as if the New Age is, unfortunately, moving away from an etheric understanding of nature.



      They're looking into sub-nature instead, i.e. subatomic life, computers, artificial intelligence, etc.  The etheric plane has been reduced to an infinity of subatomic particles interconnected with the universal dimension and its parallel realities.  Might the New Age be the "religification" of material science?

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