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From Manly Hall

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  • Durward Starman
    ******* Someone posted this on another list and I just found it inspiring to read and thought I d pass it along. From Manly P. Hall. -starman Man the Grand
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      ******* Someone posted this on another list and I just found it inspiring to read and thought I'd pass it along. From Manly P. Hall. -starman
      Man the Grand Symbol of the Mysteries

      By Manly P. Hall

      pt. 2

      The spirit of man is a tiny ring of colorless fire from which pour
      streamers and rays of scintillating force. By a mystic process the rays
      build bodies around that central formless germ, and man dwells in the
      midst of these bodies, controlling them by waves of force in a manner
      difficult to appreciate unless one is familiar with the occult
      constitution of man.

      This ring of invisible flame is the eternal fire, the spark from the
      Infinite Wheel, the birthless, deathless, eternal center which includes
      within itself all that it has ever been, all that it is, and all that it
      ever shall be. This germ dwells in the state Eternity, for to this
      immortal spark time is illusionary, distance is nonexistent, joy and
      sorrow are unknown, for concerning its function and consciousness all
      that can be said is that "It is." While other things come and
      go, it is.

      This germ of immortality enters into the embryo at the time of
      quickening and passes out at the moment of death. With its coming, heat
      is generated; with its leaving heat is withdrawn. As the flaming orb of
      the sun is in the midst of the solar system, so this flaming ring of
      spirit I in the midst of the bodies of man. It is the altar fire which
      never goes out, and to the service of this divine flame the wise of all
      nations have consecrated themselves, for in this flame lies all
      perfection and the possibility of ultimate attainment. This flame
      manifests individualities and personalities, but the extracted essences
      of experience, intelligence, and activity stored up in the
      individualities and personalities are finally absorbed into this flame,
      furnishing it with fuel with which it gleams and burns more brightly.
      From this one altar fire all of the fires in the human body are lighted,
      like the countless flames which have been started for the sacred fires
      of the Parsees.

      Compare the flaming spirit of man to the light of a candle. First, in
      the midst of the candle, close to the wick, is a glow nearly colorless.
      Around this is a ring of golden light, and still further out surrounding
      the yellow is a deeper orange or reddish flame, which gives off more or
      less smoke. These three lights----blue, yellow, red----are closely
      related to the flame in man, for there is a blue, fuel-less light, and
      there is a yellow light supplied by a pure oil that burns with a steady
      glow, giving now smoke. Then there is a red flame supplied with a
      coarser fuel. This is called the consuming fire of the ancients, for in
      the human body the blue flame is the clearly burning light of reason,
      illuminating the mind and lighting the darkness of the night, while the
      red flame is the false light, the fire of passion and lust. It is smoky
      like the battlefield where hates and fears go up together in on
      seething, lurid sheet of brick-red flame.

      These are the three fires----the fire of the divinity, the fire of
      humanity, the fire of the demons. These three are enshrined within the
      nature of man, whence their radiance goes forth as the sacred
      tri-syllabic word by which the heavens are created, the earth formed,
      and the works of evil destroyed. The disciples of the ancient wisdom
      realized that during the dawn of this earth scheme certain instructions
      were deposited in safe places by the Sons of the Dawn, or as we call
      them, the gods, and that after having insured that these doctrines would
      be preserved for the ultimate salvation of the race, the gods entered
      into the constitution of man and lost their identity. For this reason
      it is said that the kingdom of heaven is within you, for the kingdom of
      heaven includes the divine Father, His Trinity, His seraphim, cherubim,
      powers, dominations, principalities, thrones, angels, and archangels.

      Each of these celestial creatures has contributed something to the
      nature of man. Through the power of one he feels; through the power of
      another he sees; through the power of a third he speaks; through the
      power of a fourth he understands; through the power of the Divine Father
      he is immortal; through the power of the Trinity he is threefold in his
      constitution- ---spiritual, intellectual, physical; through the power of
      the seraphim the great fires were given to him, while from the cherubim
      he secured his composite for. Hence these spirits are confined within
      his own nature until man builds that nature to the point where re
      releases these cosmic powers through giving them adequate expression and
      no longer liming them by his own ignorance and perversion.

      In truth, the kingdom of heaven is within man far more completely than
      he realizes; and as heaven is in his own nature, so earth and hell are
      also in his constitution, for the superior worlds circumscribe and
      include the inferior, and earth and hell are included within the nature
      of heave. As Pythagoras would say; "The superior and inferior
      worlds are included within the area of the Supreme Sphere." So all
      the kingdoms of earthly nature, the minerals, the plants, the animals,
      and his own human spirit are included within his physical body, and he
      himself is the appointed guardian spirit of the mineral kingdom and he
      is responsible to the creative hierachs for the destiny of the stones
      and metals.

      The infernal world is also part of himself, for within his nature is
      Lucifer, the Beast of Babylon, Mammon, Beelzebub, and all the other
      infernal Furies. At the basis of his spine burns an infernal fire, and
      the Witch's Sabbath so glowingly described by Eliphas Levi can be
      traced to its source in the lower emotional centers of the human body.

      Thus man is heaven, earth, and hell in one, and his salvation is a much
      more personal problem than he realizes. Realizing that the human body
      is a mall of psychic centers and that during life the form is
      criss-crossed with endless currents of energy, that all through the form
      are sunbursts of electric force and magnetic power, man can be seen by
      those who know how to see as a solar system of stars and planets, suns
      and moons, with comets in irregular orbits circling through them. As
      the Milky Way is supposed to be a gigantic cosmic embryo, so man is
      himself a galaxy of stars, each of which some day will be a
      constellation in itself.

      Whichever way we look, we find life. Wherever we find life, we find
      light, for in the midst of all these living things are tiny sparks of
      immortal splendor. Those whose eyes are chained by earthly limitations
      see the forms, but to those transcending materiality each life appears
      as a gleam of immortal splendor. Even the atmosphere is alive with
      lights, and the clairvoyant passes through spheres of flame. There are
      lights of a thousand colors and rainbow hues for surpassing in
      brilliancy the luminosity of the sun, lights a thousand times more
      varied than the spectrum that we know, color undreamed of, lights so
      brilliant they cannot be seen but are felt as ringing sounds in the
      head, lights that must be heard, others like solid columns of fire that
      must be felt. Wherever the seer gazes he beholds fire. It pours from
      the stone; it flashes in geometric fur of animals. It surrounds man
      with an aureole of radiance and the earth with a halo of rainbow bands
      extending miles from its surface. Fire pours light upward through the
      surface of the earth; it shoots light downward fro the empty air; it
      radiates light outward form the center of everything, and inward from
      the circumference of everything.

      Is it strange that this universal, living splendor was revered? It is
      man's most perfect symbol of God, for this light is the primary
      manifestation of the Unmanifested and Eternal One. This eternal fire,
      burning fuelless in the soul of everything, has been since the beginning
      of time the most sacred symbol in all the world, for while figures of
      wood and stone, paintings on canvas, and even songs are more or less
      expressions of the form, the physical side of Nature, this radiant
      light, this flaming splendor is symbolic of the spirit, the life, the
      immortal germ in the midst of form. It was sacred to the Superior Deity
      and all worshipped it and made offering to it. It was the source, and
      men worshipped the source, seeking by secret culture handed down through
      the ages and based upon the instructions of the gods themselves, to make
      that light shine out more gloriously from within themselves. This is
      the source of fire and light symbolism.

      Light is not only sacred because it dispels the darkness in which lurk
      all the enemies of human life. It is also sacred because it is the
      vehicle of life. This is evidenced by the effect of sunlight upon
      plant, animal, and human life. Light is also the vehicle of color, the
      coloring matter of all earthly things being imparted from the sun. It
      is the vehicle of heat, and according to the wisdom of antiquity, it
      carries the sperm of all thing from the sun. Through light also pass
      the impulses from the Grand Man. According to the Mysteries, God
      controls His universe by means of impulses of intelligence which He
      projects through streamers of visible or invisible light. This light
      serves the universe in a capacity somewhat similar to that in which the
      nervous system serves the body.

      Pythagoras said; "The body of God is composed of the substance of
      Light." Where light is, God is. Who worships light, worships God.
      Who serves light, serves God. What more fitting symbol has any man ever
      conceived of the everliving, pulsating Divine Father than the living,
      pulsating radiating fire. Fire is the most sacred of all elements and
      the most ancient of all symbols. This being the case, the ancients were
      not without reason and philosophy when they accepted fire, or light, as
      their supreme symbol, and chose as the emblem of the universal light the
      central glory of the sun. In so doing they became not sun-worshippers
      but worshippers of God as He manifests Himself through the light of

      The fire philosophers worshipped three lights----the light of the sun,
      that of the earth, and that of the soul, this latter being the light in
      man which they believed would ultimately be reabsorbed into the Divine
      Light from which was temporarily separated by the prison walls of
      man's lower nature. The Mysteries of all ages were dedicated to the
      reunion of the little light with the Great Light, its Father and Source.
      To the Gnostics Christ was the colorless divine Light which assumed the
      form of radiant splendor (Truth), that it might minister unto the needs
      of the little light struggling for expression in the soul of every human
      creature. This Divine Light entered into the light of Nature, and by
      strengthening the latter, assisted the vitalizing of all living things.


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