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  • Mathew Morrell
    Bizarre occurrences broke out around the world simultaneous with Ahriman s incarnation. In Pasadena, California, white-robed end-time cultists jumped to their
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2008

      Bizarre occurrences broke out around the world simultaneous with Ahriman's incarnation.  In Pasadena , California , white-robed end-time cultists jumped to their death after leaving a suicide note nailed to the Fennwick Bridge .  The note read:  "He has come!  He has come!  Imam Mahdi:  to revenge the blood of the maurders!"  
                  At 2:22 AM, the same night, NASA satellites recorded numerous and unusually large coronal mass-ejections exploding from the surface of the Sun.  The shockwaves registered a rising reading of 10 to the 10 per cc density in the very satellites destroyed by bursts of radio noise.  Delicate electronics sizzled.  
                  At 8:40 PM, in the earth's aura, for a moment, the solar storm produced a greenish glow.  Thousands of spectators at an outdoor Misfits concert reported seeing skull configurations floating in the green vapor.    
                  A depressed Sussex teenager, as if in a trance, rubbed a pencil eraser viciously into his forearm.  The eraser burned a crude skull tattoo into his flesh.  
                  Mystics born of pre-delugial cultures, still dimly connected to ancient modes of clairvoyance and sensitive enough to feel Ahriman in their primal Will Forces, atavistically experienced the Incarnation and expressed it symbolically.  Their crude, block-like symbols were smeared in blood and excrement upon animal hides, by incestuous witch doctors of the African Sahara. Identical shapes were rendered by peyote-inspired shamans of the American South West, devilishly beating their rawhide drums with the bones of dead coyotes, howling chants to the Other God.  Their primitive shapes were unmistakably reminiscent of the Pentakotic astral-images, which were masterfully rendered by William Bayber Jennings using expensive oils, but intuited subconsciously by thousands of artists, saints and mystics around the world.  
                  In the center of all their works was a skull.  These Akashic skull-formations, witnessed by millions of dreamers that night, were full of vitality and strength and contained within themselves real cosmic forces.  The astral images were the very shapes, patterns, and colors in which William felt himself immersed during Ahriman's incarnation; the formative forces he saw building themselves up and annihilating themselves on the solar sphere that night; the wisps he saw hardening into Ahriman's coagulating skeletal system forming itself within the sphere of Saturn.  In the wisdom-filled Jupiter sphere, the brain was formed.  On Mars, organs of speech.  Organ by organ, bone by bone, the Anti Christ formed itself out of the eternal Cosmic Order, and poured out upon the Earth through the gateway of the Sun; not the Sun imbued by devachanic Christ Light, but the radioactive Ahrimanic Sun permeated by nuclear sub nature.
              Directly experiencing these formative forces through the Life Spirit allowed William Jennings the supreme opportunity to accurately record a cosmological event of vast importance.  He did not vacuously conjecture over the details.  Through the vehicle of his illuminated imagination he was able to feel and experience the actual soul-spiritual forces converging upon the Earth sphere.  In the following years William rendered remarkably-detailed paintings of the Anti Christ, having directly experienced this Power fashioning itself out of human soul forces emanating from the Solar System.  The Incarnation emblazoned the young man's canvases just as the Incarnation emblazoned the Akashic Ether:  as a rather tall, exceedingly handsome male of fierce countenance.  The eyes were piercing and hawk like.  The head formation was not due to the normal organization of thought that typically occurs when spiritual forces shape the frontal cortex, rather the head formation was formed by forces more closely connected with the primeval regions of the mid-brain.  
              William felt this primeval energy of his:  this cold, overbearing intellect, machine-like in its ability to comprehend, analyze, and express logical thought patterns instantly, with luminary brilliance.  The young artist depicted him with a back-slanted forehead, intuiting that the peculiar genius of the man lay not in higher thinking, but in something far more primal and animalistic; it was a certain Nietzschean up-swelling of vitality which encompassed his whole body and unleashed itself out of the most primal regions of the Soul Spirit Kingdom, for the highest intelligence proceeds from the lowest center.  Through the Akashic Ether it was possible to see vast Powers working unseen in the subconscious mind of the Incarnation, subtly guiding his intellectual development from an invisible depth underneath the flow of thought moving through Devachan.  So greatly did the human Incarnation embody the spirit of Ahriman that this cosmic Power, weaving and surging through Space, worked directly through the Incarnation. 

































































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