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  • Mathew Morrell
    His Akashic pictures unroll before the eye as a living tableaux of information. Spiritual researchers meditated upon these unraveling pictures and concluded
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2008

      His Akashic pictures unroll before the eye as a living tableaux of information.  Spiritual researchers meditated upon these unraveling pictures and concluded that William Bayber Jennings encountered The Pentakotic Gateway for the first time during a Yelm event.  The event is now apart of cosmic history.  It is etched in negative matter—in Akasha. 

      The Ahriman-evoking ecstaticism of their yogic breathing exercises produced astral nerve storms of remarkable power, equal in strength to psychic storms generated at political rallies, rock concerts or sporting events, but much more highly concentrated through their utilization of occult symbolism.  Waves upon waves of psycho-sexual emotional currents rippled through the Mental Realm, evoking a spiritual Power whose time had come.  Blue strings of electricity manifested out of the ether when the Pentakotic Gateway appeared on the astral realm.  Out of the gateway emerged Sorath—the sun demon that appears in William's famous "666" painting.       

      Naturally, biographers were unable to chronicle this supersensible event.  Within a year eleven people in attendance that night committed suicide.  Five died in freak automobile accidents.  Others fell into alcoholism or sunk into medicated depressions.  The numbers astound intellectuals, and add a mystique to William's "sinister" past.  The reality is that William emerged from the cult with just enough consciousness to be able to follow a map home, hitch hiking.  Insanity struck those sensitive enough to absorb the Sorathian astral-double that appeared from the Pentakotic Gateway, branding their auras with "the mark."  

      A great deal of spiritual research was secretly performed on William soon after his Pentakotic Gateway Series became public.  Modern day initiates studied his impressions in the Akashic Ether, and soon realized the young man's accomplishment.  For centuries, Sorathian cults patiently waited for the incarnation of the sun demon; the event was written in the Akashic Ether, and due to occur.  Not only did William remain conscious throughout the Sorath Event, he remembered the details brilliantly enough to chronicle them in his art.  A simpleton from Kansas City had possession of arcane knowledge that occult brotherhoods would kill to attain.    

      It became clear that William Bayber Jennings was the reincarnation of an initiate.  With spiritual vision it is possible to see William's soul uniquely molded by experiences that can only occur on the supersensible realm, through initiation.  In a past life his soul was gruelingly molded in preparation to withstand the violent stresses of Ahrimanic initiation.  Like Lazarus, he was ritualistically murdered.  He entered into a state of death.  His etheric body detached from the corpse lying dead in a casket, but did not completely abandon the physical realm; his etheric body hovered slightly above the physical body for the duration of three days.  Meanwhile his spirit soared into the myth-saturated realm of dreams, beyond the outermost limits of the solar system, otherwise impossible to experience if anchored to the physical dimension.  His body was then resuscitated.  His spirit re-entered the body.  And all the supersensible knowledge that he gained from his astral journey, backwashed like a purified torrent into his etheric body, baptizing him in the Universal Spirit of man.    

      Consequently, thousands of different color combination flowed through the light-filled auric sphere surrounding him; in places his aura was very bright and luminous, in others hazy and undeveloped.  Regardless of his deficiencies, the dynamics of his soul were perfected for one specific purpose.  He witnessed the Sorath Event from the astral plane while remaining immersed in a dream state, emotionally detached enough to withstand the tides and tides of Sorathian hatred that entered the world that night:  immersing the Yelm-cult as it would soon immerse the world-community, in hate, lies, decadence and criminality.    


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