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Spiritual Development and Alcohol

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  • Durward Starman
    .... Right now I am lookinginto Steiner s course of spiritual development.For instance, there s that old rumor thatin his student days he drank a lot of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2008
      .... Right now I am looking
      into Steiner's course of spiritual development.
      For instance, there's that old rumor that
      in his student days he drank a lot of
      alchohol to kill his so-called "atavistic"
      clairvoyance. I don't believe this rumor.
      I don't believe that Steiner's early
      clairvoyance was "atavistic", and the alleged
      killing of it seems to contradict what he
      wrote in his autobiography about his own
      development. But I'm still open to any
      evidence, if any, for any truth in that

      I seem to recall reading in an e-list that
      the rumor comes from someone named *Büttner*
      -- or something like that -- but I haven't
      found any relevant info. There is an Anthro
      Gottfried Büttner:
      <http://www.steinerb ooks.org/ author.html? au=940>
      but I don't see any connection to that rumor.

      So, I'll toss out this research question:
      does anyone have any *evidence*, preferably
      in English, that Steiner ever drank a lot
      of alkie to eliminate his own "atavistic"

      Robert Mason

      *******That destructive rumor originated, at least in English, in a book by Rom Landau entitled "God Is My Adventure" from 1935. He apparently repeated it without checking it out. [Perhaps Büttner was his source.] Landau does say even there that it was one thing Steiner insisted on for his students, absolute abstention from alcohol.
        The best evidence of its falsehood is, of course, Steiner's autobiography and prolific writings as well as 6000 lectures. Nowhere in his voluminous and detailed information on the spiritual path does he mention such a thing ---not once. So it's as absurd as the assertions the fellow was making here last year about how Steiner got everything he knew from some initiation into some Australian guy's lodge, who neither he nor Marie nor any other anthroposophists somehow ever mentioned. It makes about as much sense as saying he saw everything by using magic mushrooms.
         How he gained his clairvoyance was through the intensification of thinking. You do the same thing really reading his books. As he said, some people just don't really read, or else they could give the same lectures he did. There is no secret to how he knew what he knew except an "open secret": within us we must find the key to unlock the lock our own minds place there when we try to absorb anthroposophy. At first we experience the realities but only as thought-realities: placing thinking-reality in relation to all other levels of reality within us solves the mystery and leads us to the source, as described in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.


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