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RE: [steiner] research question: nationalism and sexuality

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  • Robert Mason
    ... they been ... that were ... With some ... them ... Robert writes; Here are Lissau s words, from his intro to Vol 2 of *Untruthfulness*: In the magazine
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 15, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy_world@yahoogroups.com, James Stewart
      <jds@...> wrote:
      > Do you know which Vienna lectures Lissau is referring to? Have
      they been
      > translated into English? There are 28 lectures at the Archive
      that were
      > given in Vienna. In total, Steiner gave 72 lectures in Vienna.
      With some
      > help, perhaps I could find the lectures in question and make
      > available?!

      Robert writes;

      Here are Lissau's words, from his intro to Vol 2
      of *Untruthfulness*:

      "In the magazine Anthroposophy Today No. 2 there appeared an
      article In Search of Rudolf Steiner. In it the present writer
      gave examples of the intimate contact which Steiner had with his
      audience. In Vienna Steiner described how the emotions of his
      audience affected him and that he took care to avoid two
      particular issues because he found it difficult to deal with the
      waves of emotion which arose in his audience on such occasions.
      One of these issues was human sexuality. But Steiner put
      nationalism, a drive in our subconscious, on the same level as
      sexuality. We, living at the end of the twentieth century, have
      often no idea of the crude, primitive, thoughtless nationalism
      of Europeans — British, French, Germans, Italians — at the
      beginning of this century. In dealing with burning contemporary
      issues Steiner had to expose himself to the nationalistic
      emotions of his audience. Is it then surprising that
      occasionally he was affected by them?"

      Above, in the same intro he wrote:

      "In another passage he refers to a ‘carcinoma’ which he had
      spoken about in Vienna three months before the outbreak of war."

      I searched the ELib for lectures in Vienna and
      found six from April of 1914; it's the cycle
      *Inner Nature of Man*. I searched the index of
      Vienna lectures for *nationalism*, sexuality*,
      and *carcinoma* and found nothing. For *emotion*
      there are these

      The last two hits are from *Inner Nature*,
      but I don't see any relevance there for what
      Lissau was talking about.

      In Lecture 6 of *Inner Nature* RS says:
      "Now let us suppose we wished to carry this over into external
      material life, and were to say: ‘But this is just what happens
      in outer life.’ Yes, my dear friends, it is exactly because this
      is happening, that I say that we are living towards a future
      when this will appear in ever greater degree. More and more
      articles will be produced, more and more factories will be
      built. No one now asks, ‘How many articles are needed?’ as was
      formerly the case, when the tailors in the town only made a suit
      when someone ordered it. The need then determined the numbers to
      be made; but now they are produced for the market; the various
      wares are piled up as much as possible. Production works
      entirely according to the principle upon which nature works.
      Nature is carried into the social order, and this will at first
      gain the upper hand more and more. But here we are considering
      the material realm. The spiritual law has no application in
      external life, simply because it is suited only to the spiritual
      world; and something very remarkable results. As we are speaking
      among ourselves we may say these things, but at the present day
      the world will not agree with us in this. Things are now
      produced for the market regardless of the amount required, not
      according to what was explained in my essay on Theosophy and
      Social Life — all that is produced is piled up in warehouses and
      governed by the money market, and then the producers wait to see
      how many are bought. This tendency will grow greater and greater
      until it destroys itself and when I say the following you will
      know the reason. One who spiritually observes social life, sees
      the germ of frightful social abscesses springing up everywhere.
      That is the great social problem confronting those who
      understand life; that is the frightful fact which is so
      depressing and which — even if we could suppress all our
      enthusiasm for Spiritual Science and the impulse which makes us
      long for it — yet makes us cry out for the remedy for this world
      disease that is already so far advanced and which will become
      ever worse and worse. That which in one field, in one sphere,
      must work as nature works, is seen by one who seeks to spread
      abroad spiritual truths to become a cancer when it enters the
      sphere of culture, as we have just described."

      So: I don't know. Apparently this was the
      cycle that Lissau was talking about? Maybe he
      gives a better citation in his *Antho Today*
      article? Otherwise, I guess there's nothing
      to do but comb through the whole text of the
      cycle, word for word.


      Robert M

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