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Re: RS re Providence

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  • happypick2000
    ... Dear Robert and Friends, It seems to me all of us might wish to learn our lessons the easy way, and I was reminded of Steiner s Preparing for the Sixth
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2008
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > To All:
      > If we are inclined to despair at the way that
      > the world is going now, or especially at the
      > troubles and failures of the Anthro Movement
      > and Society(ies), we might wish to take a
      > moment at least to consider how Steiner had
      > "faith" in Providence, in the wise and loving
      > order that ultimately rules in the world,
      > despite appearances. RS did believe, with
      > Paul, that all things work together for good ..
      > . .
      > In one instance he puts it this way, speaking
      > to Anthros about Anthroposophical efforts:
      > ". . . . that spiritual forces hold sway in the
      > world, that they help us, that we may entrust
      > ourselves to them. And if sometimes it seems as
      > if things are not going well, then we say to
      > ourselves that if we are not successful it is
      > because the powers behind our activity do not
      > intend us to succeed, and not to succeed would
      > then be the right thing."
      > (*Wonders of the World*; Lecture 1; 18th
      > August, 1911; Munich; GA 129)
      > So, sometimes even Anthroposophical failures
      > can be the "right thing" for the development of
      > world-evolution . . . in much the same way, I
      > suppose, as cancer can sometimes be the "right
      > thing" for an individual's development. Some
      > might express much the same thought by saying
      > that sometimes Divine Justice (which is Love's
      > Severity) requires that we, mankind, need to be
      > "punished" for our "sins".
      > But this "punishment", rightly understood, is
      > education . . . the hard way.
      > I'd still much rather that we learn our lessons
      > the easy way.
      > Just a thought,
      > Robert Mason
      Dear Robert and Friends,

      It seems to me all of us might wish to learn our lessons the easy way,
      and I was reminded of Steiner's "Preparing for the Sixth Epoch," a
      lecture given in Dusseldorf, June 15, 1915 [GA 159] which may be
      available at the Steiner e-library. In this lecture Steiner emphasizes
      the necessity of our developing Fellowship communities rather than
      Blood Relationship communities, since it is the former which is
      necessary for our own times and on into the future. This necessary
      concept is so very difficult for modern mankind to adhere to, used to
      the family community concept as we are, but if we are able to truly
      understand the necessary and unique individuality of each one of us we
      might gain some glimmer of comprehension regarding this necessity for
      brotherhood not related to blood.


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