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article #554 (journal entries by biographer of William Bayber Jennings)

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Sept 2, 2007 On a whim I took the day off, thank goodness. I felt tired and overworked and craved the cool air conditioned air of the school library over
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      Sept 2, 2007
      On a whim I took the day off, thank goodness.  I felt tired and overworked and craved the cool air conditioned air of the school library over another day in the dust and sun of a construction site.  The university library was fantastic.  I love the fountains, the art and the statues, but was embarrassed by my shabby clothing and worn workboots.  A man my age should look respectable.  I spent the entire morning in the reading room, poring over obscure material I found on William Bayber Jennings:  the Hieronymus Bosch of our time.  I'm his biggest fan, I think. 

      Sept 3, 2007
      I didn't show up for a second day of work.  I called in sick, as I'm absorbed in research work and gathering study material for the biography I'm writing.  William Bayber Jennings is even stranger than I thought!  Apparently he belonged to a strange artist's group while he was a youth studying at the Kansas City Art Institute.  The group is listed in the index of a school charter, which I copied on a copying machine while at the library yesterday, dated fifteen years ago, February 3 1992. 

      The group called itself "The Order of Oriphiel".  Why has no biographer mentioned this before; am I the first? 

      Sept 5, 2007
      Instead of going to the library today, I went to Starbuck's instead. Luckily I remembered to bring my mp3 player. By setting it on "loud", I was able to concentrate on my reading material despite the loud conversations around me.   My reading material included various articles and essays that I downloaded from the Internet last night, all centered on Oriphiel.  Quabalists in the Middle Ages called Oriphiel REMPHA, the planetary Genius of Saturn.

      Sept 6, 2007
      My employer left a message on my answering machine, saying I'm fired.  Hearing it made me sick.  I've always believed in personal responsiblity.  But I feel compelled to keep going, keep studying, keep reading, keep writing, rather than keep shoveling.  Besides, I have $450 in the bank—enough to cover my living expenses for a month.  In October I probably be back at Dunn's Contracting, if they'll have me.  

      Sept 7, 2007
      I studied the Pentakotic Gateway painting today, millimeter by millimeter, with a magnifying glass.  I believe it is William Jennings' greatest work, deserving meticulous study.  There are so many nuances that the painting presents itself to the eye as though all the thousands of symbols were apart of a vast computer program.  65 cm down from the top edge, 55 mm from the right, I found two Oraphilic symbols that I did not notice before.  They are talismans of Saturn.  With a fine-point pen, I painstakingly copied the talismans, and then scanned them onto my computer.    

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