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Woodrow Wilson and others Steiner spoke of

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  • happypick2000
    Not too long ago I again came across Steiner s words regarding one of Woodrow Wilson s previous incarnations as well as that of Garibaldi, et al - these
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2008
      Not too long ago I again came across Steiner's words regarding one of
      Woodrow Wilson's previous incarnations as well as that of Garibaldi,
      et al - these accounts are fascinating in how experiences in one
      lifetime blend over into a subsequent or subsequent lifetimes. The 7
      volumes of Steiner's "Karmic Relationships" are fascinating teachings,
      linking all or someNeverh facets of one life to previous or subsequent
      ones. In the case of Woodrow Wilson, we learn how an earlier life of
      evil is manifested again but in a differing guise - so, too, are many
      other personalities effected, and herein lies a lesson we can
      contemplate - not only in our own lives but in those of others. During
      my education for Psychiatry we students were required to live in a
      large state mental hospital - there I witnessed repeatedly what was
      politely termed "split personalities" but somehow seemed something
      entirely different - very often I had a sense of human physical bodies
      not being "inhabited", in varying ways, by a human being - there
      seemed to be a "presence" of some sort which was not connected with
      the patient.

      This was exemplified by my study of Charles Manson during his
      incarceration at Soledad Prison, not far from my home, although in
      Manson's case, I had a distinct and immediate sense of confronting an
      entity of the most explicitly monsterous evil inhabiting a human
      physical body. This was my first conscious confrontation with utter
      evil existing in a human physical body - one could actually feel
      unearthly evil emanating from this human physical body. In short,
      there was no "Charles Manson" inhabiting this physical human body, but
      a nightmarish horror which still shakes me to reflect upon.

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