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Re: Mystery Play

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  • happypick2000
    Dear Dr. Starman, I m only speaking for myself and am impelled to do so from a sense of shame for having betrayed the hopeful trust that s been placed in my
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      Dear Dr. Starman,

      I'm only speaking for myself and am impelled to do so from a sense of
      shame for having betrayed the hopeful trust that's been placed in my
      participation. I didn't help with the 12 Holy Nights Study because I
      simply don't know how to using this medium. Secondarily, I have always
      been drawn to The Christ aspect of Anthroposophy, and while He's
      always in everything Anthroposophical, there is far too much involved
      to freely discuss the inner essence of what is, to me, the most
      essential aspect of Steiner's work. Please don't feel I am criticizing
      in any way - I simply cannot seem to find time for the Plays even
      though I realize they depict the Spiritual Worlds. Thirdly, as an RN I
      attempt to bring Anthroposophical medicine to others and myself, in so
      far as I am able, which isn't much due to the enormously huge scope of
      that discipline as outlined by Steiner, Wegman and Marjorie Spock. I
      only offer these facets as an explanation, not an excuse. I was
      pleased to have an "excuse" to read Goethe's fairy tale again - it
      "spoke" to me more this time, so your efforts were not entirely in vain.


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Durward Starman <DrStarman@...> wrote:
      > *******It's always a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to
      make an internet list like this work. Most people say, Well, just let
      a list run itself, only step in when the half-conscious bilge (the
      lower-astral dreck that people have now discovered they can vent using
      the internet as a soapbox) starts up, the rest of the time people who
      are sane and have some rudiments of self-control will have normal
      conversation. But anthroposophy requires the will to be engaged, which
      doesn't happen when passive. Many members here are engaging their
      wills in teaching or farming or other areas of real life, of course.
      But this amazing new communications medium doesn't often seem to be
      useful for any real cultivation of spirit-science. Case in point, for
      the second Christmas there was virtually no participation in reading
      something together for the 12 Holy Nights, the best time to do so.
      Before the past two years it was going well. Perhaps it will again in
      future. But obviously no one really wanted to do it this time.
      > The Play, by the way, is in two halves, the first half of which
      ended with Scene Seven. After that, there is a second Interlude with
      the two women meeting again, and then four more scenes. Johannes three
      years later now has his artistic inspiration renewed in Scene 8. The
      play ends with the Temple at the surface of the earth, just as in the
      Fairy Tale. I've gotten a lot out of reading it again for the 12 Holy
      Nights; it's a pity people here didn't want to study together. Perhaps
      if any of you are nowhere near anthroposophical communities and would
      like to consider the benefits of studying together in a way you can't
      locally, between now and next Christmas we can get it together. Of
      course, this group could do so at any time, but if the will isn't
      there once a year at a special time for it, I doubt it would be at
      other times.
      > Starmanwww.DrStarman.com
      > To: steiner@...: DrStarman@...: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 15:17:30
      -0500Subject: [steiner] Mystery Play, Prelude and Scenes 1-7
      > There is first an introductory "Prelude" of two friends meeting,
      one of whom (Sophia) has gotten into anthroposophy while her friend
      Estella does not relate to it; Estella invites Sophia to a performance
      of HER type of "modern" play. But Sophia reminds her that her society
      is putting on their Mystery Play tonight, and so she says she can't go
      with her. They have a brief exchange about their different approaches
      to life and art and the theater, in which Sophia says some
      introductory words preparing the audience for a different use of the
      theater. What follows is the play she is going out to see. The
      Prelude can be read here:

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