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Re: Portal Initiation (A letter from The Scholar)

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  • happypick2000
    ... Thoughts from a hopefully understanding nurse: I don t recall too much from my own journey through this world of which The Scholar speaks but I may have
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 18, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > I must admit, my journey to the empyrean kingdom, beyond the Mystic
      > River, thoroughly strained my nerves, and I am just now able to fully
      > comprehend the event with enough clarity to describe the experience I
      > had.
      > I am not a mystic, after all. I am a scholar. My nerves are more
      > accustomed to walnut paneled libraries and college reading rooms than
      > transcendental voyages into the Netherworld.
      > Even now it's difficult to comprehend the enormity of what
      > transpired beyond the mystic Portal, for my entire reality transformed
      > into something else. The transition from the realities of the flesh to
      > the realities of the spirit was mind boggling, illusive, and quit
      > terrifying, to be honest.
      > Upon returning home from my journey I checked into a resort where I can
      > gather my wits about me, without having to be troubled by daily
      > concerns.
      > It's quiet here in the mountain air. On the outside deck, I can
      > comfortably and safely reminisce over the tunnel of light through which
      > me and Mops catapulted in holy terror, and laugh about it.
      > The nurses are very kind to me and laughingly reassure me that my voyage
      > to The Temple of the Sun was, in fact, a dream, and that there are no
      > such things as talking green snakes, fairies, and the such.
      > I don't know. It all seemed so real—in fact, more real than the
      > "resort".
      > In the mysteries of the Hierophants, tides and tides of beingness washed
      > over me as if from some an infinite source of knowledge, and I knew,
      > without having to refer to a book, the nature of all things. The nature
      > of an object, its reality, flowed through me like some fluidic essence
      > filled with soul-spiritual energy; un-earthly, etheric colors filled the
      > whole sphere of my reality, making wild, beautiful, pulsating sounds in
      > everything that I gazed upon; cities of light and sound, forests of
      > crystal trees; gigantic mountain ranges so delicately hued that they
      > seemed to float, un-touched and virginal, like wisps of dew, mist and
      > clouds.
      > It will be a life-long challenge to learn to see this infinite Spirit
      > within the temporal, because, to be truthful, I don't think I can on
      > a long term basis. Perhaps it was a fairy tale.
      > Mop's is in a kennel and I'm here, at a lunatic asylum. I wish
      > we had never returned.
      Thoughts from a hopefully understanding nurse:

      I don't recall too much from my own journey through this world of
      which The Scholar speaks but I may have taken a differing sidetrack.
      It seemed to me my physical senses distorted failed, especially my
      sight, but I think my ears picked up something sounding very much like
      string quartets, maybe Beethoven's, or was I merely dreaming? Not
      being a Scholar but a nurse, my writing skills lack The Scholar's
      clarity but I can still try to share, can't I?

      Why is it I saw no one? But I know I wasn't alone? I KNOW I wasn't
      alone, but where did that PRESENCE [I think it was a Presence or
      Presences - perhaps more than one] - of what I had vaguely experienced
      now and then a very long time ago on a physical plane but THERE this
      Presence, or whatever it was/is permeated ALL with an overwhelmingly
      intense LOVE OF AND FOR ALL!

      I know I saw a brilliant ball way down below somewhere - it was
      blinding in its all-encompassing light and a large clock somewhere
      seemed to chime out from its dark recess twelve times.

      No, there are no snakes, boats, avacado fruits here, or such - just a
      graceful arch seeming to go over a creekbed, perhaps. But if I had
      only concentrated more and meditated more, if I had only gone more
      slowly and deeply through certain exercises I was shown so long ago -
      IF! I must go back.
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