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Re: The Blond Type

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  • happypick2000
    ... Mathew - this is fascinating to me, and I ve mulled over your words off and on all day! You ve pointed out quite a lot I now seem better able to gain some
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15 8:52 PM
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > I've noticed some physical peculiarities about science students that
      > might be of relevance to our topic of conversation.
      > Almost overwhelmingly they're dark haired, dark eyed, and often very
      > light skinned. In my physics class I'm the only blond, blue-eyed
      > person, and that tends to be the case elsewhere in other science
      > classes.
      > I'll also agree that blond haired, blue eyed types tend to be weaker
      > and more fragile, but only slightly so. In fact, because blonds feel
      > and know they're fragility, they're more inspired to work on
      > strengthening their will and focusing their mind than a person born
      > strong. The consequence is that blond men tend toward adventure and
      > heroism.
      > The mind of a blond is diffused somewhat etherically outside their
      > heads. This diffusion of light forms a corona, a kind of luminescence
      > that is visible to clairvoyance. To concentrate you have to compress
      > this corona a bit, pressure it inside your head or else your thoughts
      > become too diffuse. Ditzy thinking isn't conducive to good
      > math—or even good music and art.
      > But a little diffusion in thinking is good, I'm sure. Just not too
      > much of it. You don't want to solidify your thoughts to the extent
      > that they form Ahrimanic specters in your brain. Rigid, inflexible
      > thought forms disallow the scientist from comprehending phenomena from a
      > higher perspective.

      Mathew - this is fascinating to me, and I've mulled over your words
      off and on all day! You've pointed out quite a lot I now seem better
      able to gain some glimmering of - my husband is also blond with blue
      eyes as well as fulfilling the traits of Will plus Heroism! He's a
      natural mathematician uninterested in science outside of his
      engineering while I'm the one fascinated by science with brown/black
      hair and blue eyes! While seemingly describing a few of your own
      traits you've perhaps opened up an understanding of Steiner's blond
      blue eyed example! Thank you - I'm straining my brain with greater
      comprehension, thanks to you.
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