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speciment #447 (Letter by Dr. Stanislauf Hesse)

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  • Mathew Morrell
    FBI Kansas City, Mo. TO: Terry Dulles, Project Bluebird Originally composed: 05/ 21/1996 By Dr. Stanislauf Hesse Find what is unique and definitive about the
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      Kansas City , Mo.

      TO:  Terry Dulles, Project Bluebird

      Originally composed:  05/ 21/1996
      By Dr. Stanislauf Hesse

      Find what is unique and definitive about the painting before you.  Study the colors.  Look at the arrangement of shapes and symbols painted on the canvas, and allow these elements of the painting to imprint them selves in your psyche.  After a while you should begin to feel an emotion connected to the way the colors and shapes organize themselves within your being.  The emotion that you feel is the painting's thought content.  The more profoundly you imprint the painting's thought-content the clearer your vision of the Pentakotic Gateway. 

      The gateway appears differently, depending on the strength and clarity of your focus.  In the astral realm the gateway might have the appearance of a reptilian eye ball slightly obscured by a milky white cataract.  But on the etheric plane the gateway has the appearance of a bluish white light.  Just as you immersed your self in the painting, immerse your self in the thought-content of this blue-white light.  Surrender to the light and allow the feelings that emanate from the light to pass through you without disturbing your concentration.  The pain can be enormous.   

      Eventually you'll recognize the being of the light.  Merging your life force with the light, you'll understand that the light is not simply a gateway or an external entrance; but that the gateway is an integral part of what's inside, an emanation of feeling, thought, and intelligence.  The light is alive. 

      The being that you're entering is Ahriman.


      Dr. Stanislauf Hesse




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