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speciment #446 (FBI Letter Acknowledging Project Bluebird)

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Federal Bureau of Investigation Kansas City, Mo. DATE: TO: FROM: SUBJECT: August 11, 2001 13:46 Department of Naval Intelligence Attn. Special Agent
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      Federal Bureau of Investigation
      Kansas City , Mo.





      August 11, 2001    13:46
      epartment of Naval Intelligence
      Attn.  Special Agent Terrence Wilcox
      Ben Meyers

      William Bayber Jennings
      The Pentakotic Gateway






      Dear Mr. Wilcox,

      This letter is to confirm the arrival of the Pentakotic Gateway Painting, delivered to your department last week under T-L security clearance.  The painting was shipped from my office on Wednesday, by order of Commander F. Lee Bryant of Naval Intelligence. 

      Let me express to you the extreme misgivings I have concerning the work of art; it was not delivered to your office under my orders.  I had asked permission for the painting to be destroyed, but my request had been denied and I was forced to relinquish control to your department.  Approach the Pentakotic Gateway with extreme caution when remote viewing the coordinate.

      The following report consists in general directions for Project Bluebird. You may follow or disregard these directions according to your wish.  They were originally written by Professor Stanislauf Hesse, of the Stanford Psychic Research Institute, when Project Bluebird first begun.  He has since been committed to Westbridge Sanitarium in Winfield , KS , having been diagnosed with psychosis.

      Please contact me if you have any questions!



      Ben Meyers
      Federal Bureau of Investigation

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