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  • happypick2000
    Dear Prakash and All, It s good to see your name among the rest of our s, Prakash, and I d like to add my own warm welcome to Dr. Starman s own. You re just in
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 17, 2007
      Dear Prakash and All,

      It's good to see your name among the rest of our's, Prakash, and I'd
      like to add my own warm welcome to Dr. Starman's own. You're just in
      time for Michaelmas, and there are several great very recent postings
      meant for about this time of year regarding the Archangel/Archai
      Michael. We really do need to appreciate this Being more!

      Warm Regards,


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Durward Starman <DrStarman@...> wrote:
      > ******* Welcome to the list, Prakash. I'd like to encourage you to
      post here, because so few do. There's so much value in anthroposophy
      to share, and this is a place for it.
      > Starmanwww.DrStarman.com (new website will be up soon)
      > To: steiner@...: rayofope@...: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 16:19:47
      +0400Subject: [steiner] (unknown)
      > Just got to know steiner while looking for info on agriculture on
      the net.As am interested in indian philosophical systems and not
      making much of it at the moment,steiner was like a fresh air.Got a few
      of his books and now want to understand him a bit more.Thus my
      participation in your group.Really hope this will be beneficial to all
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