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Article #9 (interview with Sergei Rostropovich)

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  • Mathew Morrell
    It s taken months of pestering emails and hand written letters, but Sergei Rostropovich finally granted me an interview. For that I am exceedingly grateful.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2007
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      It's taken months of pestering emails and hand written letters, but Sergei Rostropovich finally granted me an interview.  For that I am exceedingly grateful.  Mr. Rostropovich is one of a handful of men in the world who has crossed the Pentakotic Gateway, and lived to tell about it.  Among very powerful and very influential people, he is known as an avatar of sort, capable of divining the treacherous future of mankind.   

      Few men have accomplished his feat and fewer still have returned with the good health and purity of mind that I found Mr. Rostropovich in when we met, despite a certain grimness and stoicism that he's assumed in his middle years. 

      The interview was on Wednesday at Riverside Park .  The weather was sunny and mild.  On a shaded park bench overlooking the Missouri River, Sergei explained to me the extreme dangers of crossing the Pentakotic Gateway and that in no way was I allowed to publish any kind of information, graphical or otherwise, pertaining to the gateway. 

      I agreed, but with some hesitation. 

      "What about the painting that goes by the same name?  I can't publish the Pentakotic Gateway painting either?" I asked, referring to that glorious, brilliantly-painted canvas, which when focused upon produced strange, rather horrifying results in people sensitive to the etheric world of energy. 

      "Absolutely not," was Sergei's reply.  "The painting is a remote view coordinate point, too dangerous for the general public.  You must keep it secret."

      Rostropovich thought that, perhaps, a neophyte like me would try remote viewing the organization of symbols in the painting and that this would lead to a disastrous outcome.  Professionally, this was bad news.  I am writing a biography on his nephew, William Bayber Jennings (his family members call him Billy) and I was counting on including the picture in the book.    

      Nonetheless, I reassured him that I would not publish the picture.  Furthermore I did not know the slightest detail about the work, or where to find it.  No one seemed to know where it was, and William Jennings (Billy Bayber) was clueless.  

      But this didn't seem to satisfy him.  Sergei looked at me with those wrinkled, deep set eyes of his, then set his gaze upon the river traveling past us, as if contemplating my heart.  The current was swift and strong and the up-swirling currents of water disturbed the surface; presumably because of the storms that had swept over the plains the night before had filled the river midway up the bank. 

      According to Rostropovich, the danger is mainly psychological:

      "Here is why I'm being so staunch on this point.  Although there is a physical danger, it is the psychological pressure of deep space that is difficult to withstand.  One must be prepared, mentally and spiritually, before traveling that far and that deep into the psychic ether—or else schizophrenic crackup is the result.  The Pentakotic Gateway stands at the very bottom of the Time Spiral, in the deepest void of thought.  To open it prematurely is to be crushed by the weight of ten thousand worlds. . ."  

      I've seen hundreds of photographs of Sergei over the last year while writing my biography on his nephew, but none quite captured the look he produced as he said this.  Ten years of seclusion in the Missouri Ozarks have drastically changed his inner and outer nature; as he gazed upon the current he seemed enlightened by primal forces beyond my ability to comprehend.  He was fully bearded.  His hair reached midway down in his back, and was streaked with silver strands.  He was thinner than before, less muscular as well, and a shadow fell over his eyes whenever he dipped his head to contemplate the questions I posed.   

      "How is it that you've lived, while others have died?" I asked him, dazzled by the love and light that seemed to enshroud him in a saintly aura. 

      "Why didn't I die?" he asked. 

      "Yes, how is that possible?  Most perish when crossing the gateway."

      "Well of course, most perish.  Most have not the proper faculties developed.  The remote viewer must know a way of divining knowledge from the cosmos that involves the higher self, or else madness and death enter the soul.  The natural outcome of blunting or subverting your consciousness is disastrous when approaching the gateway, and is why so many remote viewers have perished.  They were unable to find it.  They became lost.  Or they may have found the gateway itself, but would become confused on their return trip.  You cannot enter the Pentakotic Gateway in a dream state, nor in any atavistic state of consciousness that blunts your ability to think and remain self aware.  If you enter blindly through the gateway, as most remote viewers do, your lower self will catapult your spirit through the Hell Realm.

      "But here is what's really remarkable!  It is not how I survived, but how the gateway was discovered in the first place.  That's what you must understand before finishing your book on my nephew.  Billy found the gateway on his own.  There was no coordinate point to help him.  He found it by his own will.  A bright, luminous arch angel revealed the gateway to me, and all I did was submit myself in absolute humility and meekness to this angelic power.  It led me through the Void of Time.  But Billy, you see, had no such guide.  He was his guide.  He is his own master.

      "Or perhaps that's not quite accurate.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that death, self hatred, self disgust, suicidal contempt and bitterness was his guide.  That's how he found the Gateway, by following his self hatred as far as he could possibly go and allowing it to lead him to the deepest, coldest regions of the Astral Realm. 

      "Death, the power of Ahriman working within Billy Bayber, illuminated his pathway across vast regions of Inner Space, and beyond all possible known realities.  Through Death, through Ahriman working within him, he found the Pentakotic Gateway.

      "But, it's not as if Ahriman showed him the way in any direct manner.  Before his encounter with Ahriman he had seen the Pentakotic Gateway in the past, but had always been too afraid to surrender himself to the tides of thought rushing into its vortex.  Then something happened in his life that eliminated his fear and broke down his resistance; consequently he no longer felt fear; indeed, no longer cared if he survived or not.

      "Impelled by suicidal disgust, he abandoned himself to the psychic riptide pulling into the endless chasm of thought.  He surrendered himself to Ahriman.  At that moment he did not want to exist.  He wanted death, the annihilation of all thought and the total destruction of his personal identity, in order that he may experience no separation with the universe; no thinking, no feeling, just being, pure being without beginning or end.  The more he immersed himself in this feeling of self-loathing the faster his spirit seemed to propel itself through voids of inner space.  Inside the Pentakotic Gateway he was a vapor among vapors, a cloud among clouds, magically propelled into the future.  In an instant he knew the destiny of mankind." 

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