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Re: Pualine K. Leonard Eulogy

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  • happypick2000
    Thank you, Mathew, for notifying us of Paulina s entry into the Spiritual Worlds. It seems to me Paulina gave much to the physical world through her devotion
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 21, 2007
      Thank you, Mathew, for notifying us of Paulina's entry into the
      Spiritual Worlds. It seems to me Paulina gave much to the physical
      world through her devotion to Anthroposophy, and most definitely her
      keen insight into the Christologies. She carried an extremely
      difficult Karma which she bore with great fortitude and
      self-examination and it is with great fondness that I remember her.
      Her love for her home grown water lilies brought her much joy as well
      as much work never shied away from, quite a feat, it seems, in her
      Kansas City climate.



      -- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > It might be appropriate at this time to make a public statement
      > concerning the death of one of our former members, Pauline K. Leonard.
      > About five years ago I had lunch with Pauline in the courtyard of the
      > Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. Even though she was sick back then, and
      > suffering from MS she was very talkative and we spent hours discussing a
      > whole range of topics. Besides being an excellent artist, she was a
      > passionate educator who taught art at a prestigious private school in
      > Kansas City, Pembrooke Hill Academy, and later taught in the public
      > school system, as well. She was retired, but could still name her
      > students.
      > After lunch we browsed through the Oriental and Christian art
      > collection. Christology was her passion and we ambled through the
      > gallery discussing such writers as Emil Bock, whom we both loved, while
      > admiring the ancient artifacts. If anyone is interested, read her essay
      > on the two Jesus children
      > etheretwo.htm> .
      > It has come to my attention that, in the wake of her death, an
      > Anthroposophist on the Internet is spreading un-truths about Pualine
      > concerning her political views, calling her "a very staunch
      > Bush-supporter and to a certain extent, a defender of the death
      > penalty." This is false. In fact, during our lunch five years ago
      > she teasingly criticized me for the hope I had that Bush might perhaps
      > turn into a good President who stood for solid conservative principles.
      > Politically she was a realist and "staunchly supported" no one.
      > Here is a small biography of her, which I "cut and paste" from
      > her Web site:
      > Paulina K. Leonard graduated from the University of Missouri, USA with
      > degrees in art and education, did post-graduate work at Kansas City Art
      > Institute, has taught in private and public education (K-12), and adult
      > education. Her interests led to independent research on the
      > interrelationship between art, mathematics and science, resulting in the
      > development of a visual analyzing devise that easily conveys the
      > underlying geometry present in all great works of art, and architecture
      > - the Eye Cue Visual Discovery Tool, (granted a US Patent in 1987). It,
      > along with a companion workbook, "How To Read A Painting", and a
      > topology activity book is used in educational institutions in the US,
      > Canada and Mexico. She is an exhibiting artist and is currently involved
      > in research work.
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