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Re: Cyanide poisoning...?

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  • christopherraymond_bio
    Thank you Robert and Sheila, that was helpful information. I am still investigating the cyanide issue but I m no longer perplexed as to the the quotes
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 29 4:32 PM
      Thank you Robert and Sheila, that was helpful information. I am still
      investigating the cyanide issue but I'm no longer perplexed as to the
      the quotes attributed to Dr. Steiner.


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > To Chris, who wrote:
      > >>Robert, I cannot locate Steiner's lecture of Oct. 10, 1923. It
      > would be helpful if we could locate his actual lecture. I am
      > looking for the source which Tradowsky and Bondarev are deriving
      > their opinions from. In this link which Novak quotes from
      > Tradowsky
      > http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=7749
      > is he also quoting Steiner, or is he only quoting from
      > Tradowsky?<<
      > Robert writes:
      > As I read Novaliz, the text within the single quotation
      > marks is from Tradowsky, and the text within the
      > double quotes is Novalis quoting Tradowsky quoting
      > Steiner.
      > I don't see that lecture at the eLib. If you live in
      > the USA, you might be able to get the English version
      > as a had copy from the RS Library in Ghent, NY. If
      > you read German, you might get a e-text from the
      > Nachlassverwaltung archive <www.rudolf-steiner.com>.
      > Chris wrote:
      > >>Dear seekers, I am wondering how Tradowsky could mention
      > Cyanide and how it was used to murder millions of people, yet
      > Bondarev who is apparently sourcing his material from the same
      > place as Tradowsky, come to a conclusion that perhaps there
      > could have been no Holocaust. I do not downplay Bondarev
      > claiming his impartial stance in the matter, for I am in that
      > same situation myself – not sure what is the truth of the
      > matter of the Holocaust, however there is something missing here
      > and I believe it is the "SOURCE".<<
      > Robert writes:
      > I think that Tradowsky and Bondarev were reading the
      > same text from Steiner, but that their differing
      > opinions are due to the differences in their own
      > personalities, their backgrounds, their other readings,
      > and their methodologies. I would *guess* that
      > Bondy may have read some "revisionist* historical
      > accounts that Tradowsky had not. Bondarev is a
      > Russian who has now been living in Switzerland for
      > some years; I would guess (don't know) that Tradowsky
      > has been living in Germany all along. Unorthodox,
      > "revisionist" historical treatments of the "Holocaust"
      > are under severe legal restrictions in Germany, and
      > so might not have been readily available to Tradowsky.
      > Thus, I don't think the "something missing" is this
      > particular text from Steiner. To get a better
      > understanding of Bondarev, you might want to get
      > the whole book from Nelson Willby. And/or you
      > might want to browse around in "revisionsist"
      > literature about World War II etc. If you are
      > in the USA and have uncensored Internet, this
      > should be easy enough to do. Of course, one has
      > to sift the wheat from the chaff. There are
      > many place you could start; this might be one:
      > <www.vho.org/GB/Books/hoh>.
      > Robert Mason
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