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  • Mathew Morrell
    I probably never would have entirely grasped Steiner s assertion that Eastern religions like Buddhism have become infected by demonic forces, until I visited
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2007
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      I probably never would have entirely grasped Steiner's assertion that Eastern religions like Buddhism have become infected by demonic forces, until I visited Seattle in my early twenties and saw the direct intermixing of Eastern religions with the decadence of Western culture.  Within the Michangelic Age, the force of Buddhism has simply grown too weak to defend itself and to purge the diabolic powers that have perverted the clear luminosity of the divine Buddha.  I would go into Seattle and Olympia New Age book stores and see people walking around as if in a ghoulish daze; kaleidoscopal drug art hung on the wall; the air rotten with the odor of incense and marijuana smoke; Kama Sutra sex books propped up by the cash register.  An aura of perversity and violence seemed to hang over the Puget Sound area that was the result of a weakened and perverted life force streaming from occult sources connected to Eastern esotericism. 

      Not long after moving there I discovered I was living in the serial murder capital of the world.  Ted Bundy's trial was frequently in the news papers, and The Green River Killer was still on the loose, depositing the bodies of dead prostitutes in the river beyond Pacific Avenue .  Consequently my book case begun to fill with cheap paperbacks that helped me understand the socio-economic-psychological causes that give rise to this macabre phenomena.  Many serial killers suffer from early abuse as children; mental illness and brain damage is also a consistently found trait; but criminologists also make a connection between crime and geography. 

      The damp, dreary weather, which I loved and still love, deeply affects the overall mood of the Northwest and invests it with a subdued "coffee shop" atmosphere.  Weeks and months go by as if in a dream within the misty, wet, cloudy, presence of constant rainfall; basically I lived outdoors in the country, within my travel trailer, and I also worked outdoors within the construction field (except when I managed a frame shop in Lakewood , WA. ).  Although I relished in the wet weather and rolling landscape, which I found mystical, others found the weather deeply disturbing and were negatively affected on an elemental level.

      It seems that the Northwest has still not shed its bad reputation since I lived there in the nineties.  Still it is laughed at and mocked by the rest of the country for being a moral dung heap.  The Puget Sound area is currently having a problem controlling a surge in sexual degeneracy, i.e. beastiality, within outlying communities.  Several highly publicized stories have emerged in the news concerning sex groups that have intercourse with animals; recently a man was killed when having anal sex with a horse.  Some things never change.

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