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Re: Venus Transit 2004

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  • carynlouise
    ... Isn t Venus actually Mercury, according to spiritual science? ... Hi In Cosmic memory RS speaks about the old Saturn, Sun and Moon stages in the evolution
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      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...>
      Isn't Venus actually Mercury, according to spiritual science?
      > Steve

      In Cosmic memory RS speaks about the old Saturn, Sun and Moon stages
      in the evolution of Earth. As far as I understand Venus is Venus and
      Mercury is Mercury.

      Description of Venus from my studies;

      Venus represents the spiritual side of the native as manifest in his
      physical life, and it is an index of the ability of the subject to
      enjoy beauty and to co-operate with others. It is traditionally
      termed the 'planet of love', and is indeed a useful indicator of how
      the subject loves the world and all its rich manifestations: it
      governs also the higher emotions, and the general refinement of the
      individual. Venus has rule over zodiacal Taurus and Libra: in the
      first sign we find the love of the Earth manifesting as a refining
      principle which leads to the creative manipulation of materiality, as
      well as love for sensual experience such as only the physical body
      may afford. In the second sign Libra, we find the love of the air
      type, which is for communication and harmony of expression, both
      emphasised and intensified in Libra. The sigil for Venus represents
      the circle of spirit (which contains all spiritual potential) lifted
      by the cross of materiality, suggesting that the Venusian nature may
      be regarded as equivalent to a 'refined or redeemed earthly
      quality'. Traditionally the planet rules the small of the back and
      rules the parathyroids, connected with the arterial system. The
      planetary colours of Venus is blues, pastel shades, greens,
      indigo, 'soft-pale' blues. The ruling Archangel is Hamiel.

      Has rule over Gemini and Virgo. Mercury represents the ability to
      communicate with others and rules human speech. Mercury is an index
      of mentality, though it is concerned with the details, with short
      term reactions, with memory and with day-to-day problems, rather than
      with profound metaphysical thought, which is really the domain of
      Jupiter. The Mercurian personality is sensitive to the environment,
      and will tend to pick up influences from those around.
      Traditionally, Mercury rules the hands and arms of the human body, as
      well as the lungs. Mercury is a useful index of how the nervous
      energies will flow and manifest. Mercury rules the thyroid and the
      pulmonary system. The planetary colours of Mercury is azure, violet,
      soft-browns and spotted mixtures. The ruling Archangel is Raphael.

      The interesting thing is we would think (according to the Venus
      transit post article) the so called telepathic ability would come
      from Mercury; being the planet of communication however, it is coming
      from Venus. Steiner spoke about the Venus transit (link below) and
      in this lecture he says during a Venus transit (a 218 year event) we
      are to receive the consciousness of Venus.

      The Evolution of the Earth and Man and The Influence of the Stars
      LECTURE XI (Venus transit)

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