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Re: Fred Leuchter Jr., alias Mr. Death

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    ... has the ... the ... perish ... done, ... vanish ... carry ... very ... Matthew you like scaring girls don t you! The greatest thing I have learnt from
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      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > ** As far as responding to the recent posts, I'll get around to
      > them when I can depending on my schedule this week. First I want to
      > share a little something.
      > I downloaded a documentary from google videos about a fellow who
      has the
      > ghoulish job of engineering and designing execution rooms. In the
      > process of filming the documentary, the fellow shows a fascinating
      > series of photographs of an electric chair that he reconstructed in
      > basement of his home. Barely perceptible in the photograph were
      > phantom-like images hovering in the immediate space surrounding the
      > chair, which was old, wooden and previously belonged to a Tennessee
      > correctional facility---if I remember correctly. The images in the
      > photographs appear to be ghosts and have the distinct appearance of
      > holographic faces floating in the etheric realm.
      > If they're real, how did the faces get there? Perhaps the following
      > passage by Rudolph Steiner might shed some light on this matter.
      > "If you construct a machine, you have laid the spirit that is part
      > of you, into that machine; the actual machine does, of course,
      > and become dust; not a trace of it will survive. But what you have
      > what you have achieved, passes into the very atoms and does not
      > without a trace. Every atom bears a trace of your spirit and will
      > this trace with it."
      > "The Work of Secret Societies in the World"
      > http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/SecSoc_index.html
      > <http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/SecSoc_index.html>
      > The documentary itself can be found by clicking the following link.
      > Just be warned that the fellow being filmed in the documentary is,
      > although good natured, a rather lucre warm holocaust denier with a
      > weak devotion to the scientific method. A great little show, albeit
      > macabre.
      > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=654178281151939378
      > <http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=654178281151939378>

      Matthew you like scaring girls don't you!

      The greatest thing I have learnt from Rudolf Steiner is the microcosm
      in the macrocosm.

      Rudolf Steiner – Life beyond Death

      "The first experience in the spiritual world for someone who has
      died, passed through the Gate of Death, is he experiences his thought
      life –thought becomes an outer reality. He perceives his thoughts to
      be set free from himself. They are outside and beyond his soul, just
      as, in the life between birth and death, sensory objects are outside
      and beyond us.

      His thoughts migrate, as it were, into an outer world of soul; they
      free themselves from immediate soul experience in a similar way to
      thoughts which become memories in ordinary life. The only difference
      is that we experience memories as sinking down into the unconscious.
      Thoughts after death becomes an objective world. They do not
      separate from us by sinking down into unformed darkness, they become
      independent and form a thought-world outside us.

      In this world is contained, as thought, everything in the way of life
      experiences which accrued to us in our last life, all the wealth of
      experience gained simply by having lived. These thoughts, though,
      are not fleeting, for as they separate from the soul and take on
      independent life they grow more solid, vital and full of motion, and
      form a world of beings.

      This world, in which we then live, is the world composed of our
      migrating thoughts, which assume independent existence. This world
      is often described as a kind of memory-tableau of the life which is
      past, and which we can say: `That has come from myself, yet it stands
      there objectively, in the outer world, it is alive!'

      This experience of the soul within a world of thought which has
      become objective lasts different lengths of time according to each
      individual, but in all cases it is a matter of days. After some
      days – the human being experiences this thought world, which has
      become his world, distancing itself from him, as though it was going
      far, far away from him in spiritual regions. It is a matter of days
      until this point is reached, at which the thought world recedes and
      becomes ever thinner, ever mistier, veiled in obscurity as it moves
      away into far distances.

      Spiritual-scientific research reveals that this first condition after
      death lasts longer for those who, before death, were more easily able
      to do without sleep without losing their strength. The memory
      tableau lasts roughly as long as one is able, in life, to do without
      sleep. There is no need to make strenuous efforts in this direction;
      it is just a question of what each human being is able to do.

      This is also connected with a new kind of consciousness which
      appears. Our ordinary waking consciousness arises between birth and
      death as we encounter objects of the outer world. This is not so
      during sleep, when our ordinary consciousness is set aside. Just as
      consciousness, in ordinary life, is stimulated by contact with the
      outer world, so after death our consciousness unfolds as a result of
      the human being becoming aware of his connection with the receding
      thought world".

      The way I understand the microcosm in the macrocosm is a turning
      inside out of ourselves. During the day we turned this way during
      the night we turned inside out. This says we carry everything inside
      us already.

      Ghosts might be explained by the loosing of the etheric and astral
      body, also known as the second death. Therefore ghosts are shadows
      of these bodies including the astral memories left behind.

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