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Re: Ahriman's Migratory Path and the Event of 1879 - II

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  • carynlouise
    ... Thanks Stephen, your knowledge is appreciated and it makes me understand my world a bit better. Caryn
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...>
      > The progression of Ahriman's influence in the psychophysical system,
      > accompanied by its historical significance up to the last part of
      > the nineteenth century, represent the microcosmic, or effective
      > indications of this spiritual activity for human evolution. Standing
      > behind this migratory process so critical for the success of our
      > present evolutionary cycle is its macrocosmic, or causal
      > representation in the form of a series of great battles between two
      > supersensible beings, The Archangel Michael wielding the sword of
      > meteoric iron, and His nemesis, Ahriman The Dragon. The Solar Angel
      > Michael has fought this battle with Ahriman, in its outward
      > countenance as a fire-breathing dragon, since time immemorial, and
      > has always slayed the beast. This defeat of the dragon by Michael
      > represents the actual basis for Ahriman's migratory path on earth;
      > for with each defeat, Ahriman is enabled to take up residence in the
      > only domicile capable of holding him – the inner nature of man.
      > Thus, Ahriman's path of occupancy originating on the physical plane,
      > moving to the etheric plane, and finally, the mental plane, all can
      > be attributed to Michael's conquest of the dragon with its
      > consequent descent from the spiritual plane to the lower earthly
      > world. With each defeat signaling a new platform for Ahriman's
      > sphere of activity, The Archangel Michael sacrifices a measure of
      > His fine etheric being in favor of condensation similar to the
      > etheric contraction undergone by the human archetype leading to
      > incarnation on earth. By the last quarter of the nineteenth century,
      > with Ahriman's defeat at the hands of Michael facilitating migration
      > onto the mental plane as a vibrational force of significance for the
      > thinking activity of mankind, Michael had attained such a critical
      > degree of etheric condensation that a decision and event of
      > paramount importance for human evolution in the twentieth century
      > was mandated.
      > The Event of 1879 marks this critical decision and the fateful
      > transition into the modern age associated with man's present life
      > of experience on earth. History gives clear evidence of the arising
      > of a power of attention and mental acumen in mankind for the
      > scientific view of the world; a power and interest limited to a
      > small circle of intellectual and scientific minds up to that time.
      > This newfound insight has its basis in the attainment of reasoning
      > in its third form, called reductive reasoning, owing to Ahriman's
      > third and final migration onto the mental plane. Thus, mankind in
      > general receives the bestowal of a new form of reasoning, just as
      > Ahriman's previous migrations on the physical and etheric planes
      > bestowed deductive and inductive reasoning, respectively. Concurrent
      > with Ahriman's third migration, which coincides with man's attaining
      > the age of twenty-one, comes the opportunity to effect a grand
      > synthesis of the previously developed forms of reasoning with this
      > third form, in order to establish the power of critical reasoning in
      > the three recognizable dimensions of space and time. Thus it is that
      > from the end of the nineteenth century until today, man has been
      > given the potential to penetrate into the three aspects of the
      > objective world of his experience – mundane, mechanical, and
      > electrical, by way of thinking, in order to reveal the secrets
      > contained therein; for with the full application of that critical
      > reasoning required to comprehend the world, there arises the
      > evolutionary force for the fourth form of reasoning that completes
      > the developmental evolution of the faculty of thinking – adductive
      > reasoning.
      > The chief feature of the Event of 1879 concerns this attainment of
      > the power of critical reasoning at the age of twenty-one, at the
      > conclusion of the third life cycle, with Ahriman's third migration.
      > For with this power of insight bestowed on mankind for the first
      > time, comes the decision of The Archangel Michael to pass the sword
      > of courage over to man in the battle against the dragon. By
      > impressing His image on the human etheric body, Michael effectively
      > transfers His power to man who, armed with the critical reasoning in
      > three dimensions, gains the potential for becoming a supersensible
      > being. Henceforth, man's unknown task would be to wage the war of
      > attrition against a supersensible being having no place of residence
      > other than the human psychophysical system itself. Michael's task
      > would be to ascend to the astral world to mediate the spiritual
      > battle between the unexpended western and eastern etheric bodies
      > residing there.
      > The war of attrition that prevails today between man, as a being of
      > sense perception, and the supersensible being of Ahriman The Dragon,
      > continues unabated and unknown because of certain detrimental
      > influences that occur during the fourth developmental life cycle
      > between 21 and 28 years of age; for herein can be seen all that
      > works to counteract Ahriman's evolutionary presence, and instead
      > create barriers to man's attainment of supersensible status. These
      > barriers occur based on impacts to the pure Imaginal World itself in
      > an effort to obscure, and ultimately destroy, the attainment of the
      > spiritual truths that underlie the material world of our objective
      > perception and cognition. Man's real battle is with this non-
      > evolutionary spiritual being who seeks to annihilate both the world
      > and man by forever tarnishing this Imaginal World that links us to
      > higher worlds.
      > The progression of the Ahrimanic Spirit on the physical, etheric,
      > and mental planes constituting man's threefold embodiment over these
      > past two thousand years represents its legitimate presence in the
      > evolutionary process, along with Lucifer and Christ. In fact, the
      > relationship of Christ to Lucifer and Ahriman is profoundly
      > indicated in the very first developmental cycle from birth to age
      > seven, with Christ signifying the balance between Lucifer's descent
      > of spirit into matter, and Ahriman's dedication to making man a
      > being of the earth in order to mold matter for its creative
      > purposes. Christ demonstrates His presence with those seminal events
      > that ground us on earth and establish our waking conscious life as
      > free beings with the capacity to think. Thus, with one arm
      > outstreatched in favor of Lucifer, and the other reaching out to
      > Ahriman, The Christ Of The Cross signifies His true knowledge of the
      > spiritual evolutionary conditions required of man in this fifth
      > cultural period – the cycle of his objective experience of the
      > world.
      Thanks Stephen, your knowledge is appreciated and it makes me
      understand my world a bit better.

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