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    Happy Birthday Gemini Gemini – The Twins Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac, denotes the Twins, indicating the dualism inherent in this changeful sign of
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      Happy Birthday Gemini

      Gemini – The Twins

      Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac, denotes the Twins, indicating
      the dualism inherent in this changeful sign of alternation. It is
      pictured also by two upright columns, one black, showing its exoteric
      expression, the acquisition of earthly knowledge by way of the
      intellect; and the other, a white column, portraying the esoteric
      expression, which leads to the Spirit and to the perception of truth
      by way of sense free, pure thinking and the superconscious Christ

      In Gemini arises man's sense of his Ego, which I-denti-fies his
      unique seed that is his to sow (Aries) in the soil by Gemini, that
      man is raised above the animal. In this mutable air sign,
      consciousness is at work in its objective and subjective expressions,
      reasoning on the myriad sense perceptions streaming from the outer
      world and on all the feelings and emotional experiences of the soul,
      seeking to bring all this to a harmonious synthesis.

      This mutability gives rise to incessant restlessness and constant
      changefulness; hence, the dualism and the contradictory elements in
      Gemini. It is, however, because of this dualism that there comes
      effective advancement, and students of the stellar script will,
      therefore, not stress or dwell so much upon the outer,
      doublemindedness of Gemini natives, but will seek esoteric meaning
      and spiritual purpose behind the striking alternation and the extreme
      polarity inherent in this airy common sign.

      The quality of the imitative and the forces of genius are both
      resident in Gemini and are expressed by Gemini souls in accord with
      their soul-age in evolution. In this respect, we are reminded of the
      parrot whose forte is to mimic easily and to chatter much. The close
      observer of zodiacal characteristics will even see a facial
      resemblance to the parrot in certain Gemini individuals, as he will
      find a likeness to the monkey in others. An ancient esoteric symbol
      of this sign show two apes, the first, a witless chattering animal,
      apishly imitative; the second, an ape who has become a transcendental
      man and, thus, divine.

      In short, in this sign engendering Ego-consciousness, man ranges in
      quality and degree from the earthly, egotistical man to the
      spiritually-born Christed Ego, with a sublimated soul expressing its
      latent genius as a transcendental being. We may point in passing to
      examples such as Plato, the divine initiate, and in more recent times
      to Richard Wagner and to Alfred, Lord Tennyson, all of them evolved
      Egos, strong in or under the influence of Gemini in this sublime
      sense of the transcendental – earthly men expressing their godlike
      genius. Such men of Gemini genius never `picked the brains of
      others' to secure their immortal gems, as some superficial critics
      would have it, but ever dressed anew with fresh views and new vigor
      the old ideas or ancient myths, which they raised to new light and
      quality to suit the new day and time.

      Man makes his way to the brain-free power of the Spirit in virtue of
      the earthly intellect, enlightened and illuminated by the light of
      love and truth in Gemini and in other air signs. The air signs are
      mental and spiritual in their development and manifestation, and
      Gemini connects the lower man of flesh to his higher mental
      faculties, until the earthly experiences at last call down true
      illumination through Spirit-light. Under this sign we may see souls
      that range from the most scatter-minded and superficial, mere
      dabblers in everything, to the most profound men of genius, wisdom-
      filled like those just mentioned. The quality and the power depend
      upon the stage reached in evolution. Much depends on the sharp
      focus, single-mindedness, and direction of the thinking.

      Gemini is receptive to all ideas, for this is the force of the
      formative intellect, which gathers all sense-impressions and
      integrates ideas. Souls in this sign are ever seeking knowledge and
      information, even from their earliest years, and their parents and
      teachers are apt to be driven into a corner by their incessant
      questions on a vast variety of subjects. There is a great love for
      books and reading; hence, self-education continues throughout life.
      Gemini creates mental awareness. All things are tested by the
      intellect and the reasoning faculty.

      Although Gemini is a positive mutable mental sign, its vice is
      diffusion. In its outgoing receptivity to all ideas, it lacks the
      capacity for concentrated mental application to one idea. This makes
      for great versatility and volatility, as well as for the frequent
      vice of excessive volubility and loquacity, resulting in an enormous
      waste of speech forces. However, success is assured those who master
      their contrasting moods and conquer the restless mobility of this
      dualistic sign, for it is true that the Gemini individual, often
      wishes to be in two places at the same time, and this dualism, the
      basic element of the Twins, forever portrays itself throughout life;
      two things of a kind are always occurring.

      Gemini rules the brain and nervous system, as well as the twinned
      lungs, hands, arms, and shoulders, expressive of the symmetry of the
      human form. This duality affects the nervous system, through
      Mercury, and often we find Gemini souls riding the highest heaven one
      moment, and in the next they are flung down into the depths of dark
      despair, rapidly alternating from the grave to the gay, and from
      gladness to gloom. At one moment charming, childlike, brilliant, and
      joyous, they can revert to pessimism and cynicism as quickly as the
      ethers change.

      Generally speaking, the Gemini Ego has a nature that is adaptable and
      expansive, the soul is impressionable and intelligent, comprehensive,
      and comprehending. They are the zodiacal souls who seek an all-round
      development through seeing and knowing, their successes depending on
      their power of intense attention and on their ability to make their
      thinking one-pointed by focusing it at will in concentrated
      attention, and by achieving the ability to maintain continuity.

      As the other Mercury-ruled sign, Virgo, is contractive, reserved, and
      analytical, Gemini is expansive, outgoing, and synthetical in its
      adaptive nature. Gemini is the sign of ego-ity, and so the Ego must
      test itself by and through its environment; and according to the
      clarity of consciousness will growth be made. Thinking and feeling
      interact here; the individual reasons upon his sensations, for this
      sign is a linking force that unites and shows relationships. The
      relation between rhythm and form, between self and substance, and
      between the self and its neighbours and relatives. There is a
      usually destiny experience with brothers and sisters, and also with
      soul-kindered as well as with blood-brethren.

      Gemini rules, too, the outer means of establishing relationships by
      means of letters, writing, books, and speech; also the postmen who
      delivers the letters, as well as agents, messengers, middlemen, and
      intermediaries in general. It gives passion for locomotion, a
      fondness for moving about, for walking and for travel, and its
      natives learn much from travel. Thoughts moves with such intense
      speed in these people and along such varied lines that doubt forever
      arises and makes for indecision. Always at least two ways open up
      and make choice difficult, for the advantage of both ways are
      carefully examined and often leave one wavering, `sitting on the
      fence'. Nervous restlessness, irritability, and worry must first be
      resolved before the Gemini natives become truly fruitful, proficient,
      and capable of clear judgment and right decision. Once Gemini Egos
      are able to synchronise their breathing system, and then to integrate
      these rhythms with the cosmic rhythms, restlessness will be arrested,
      worry eradicated, harmony realized, and comprehensive understanding

      In Gemini man becomes a knower and gains knowledge through thinking.
      Yet the mode of Gemini is first to feel the experience, then to think
      upon the feeling-episode and to analyze the feelings by means of
      reasoning; then the more highly evolved Egos sublimate the experience
      in virtue of the soul's higher light the touch with truth and with
      the teacher found in Gemini's complementary sign, Sagittarius. In
      short, thought must become informed by feeling and vice versa; also,
      the inner reasons must be found for action, hence the importance of

      By reasoning on the service of suffering in love in all its various
      phases, from the lowest animal-man to the highest divine, angelic
      being – the gamut of the forces of feeling, ranging from elemental
      grossness to the highest, most exquisite etheric refinement – by
      experiencing this diapason of the soul's development in the physical
      body and through the force of feeling, the Gemini reasoner derives
      increased ability to think. The one sign above all others where man
      uses thinking as a touch faculty, as it were, is this sign Gemini,
      which rules the sense of the Ego.

      Once we come to understand the foregoing, we shall know why Gemini
      people always reason upon their sensations and upon their feeling-
      experiences. By bringing much thought to bear upon their feelings,
      and by bringing will into their thinking, the intellect at last can
      become lighted by intuitive, brain-free cognition. Men and women
      make headway in evolution as they become truly discerning of their
      own soul and spirit, and of the Spirit of the Earth. To know the
      zodiac in its esoteric truth is to learn to know oneself as a
      Christed soul. Such self-knowledge enables one to know all other
      human selves – their woe and weal – bringing unity and wholeness into
      life, and the will to be friendly and cooperative, and thus to be an
      individual of creative good will.

      The element of duality is of paramount significance to all human
      souls, but especially so to Gemini people, for our Earth is a planet
      of duality. It manifests pairs of opposites: winter and summer, day
      and night, man and women; and God himself declares the phases of
      Father and Mother, a Divine Duality, as well as a Holy Trinity. In
      Gemini is inherent the dualism of the brain-free and the brain-bound,
      the negative and positive, the objective and subjective, the exoteric
      and the esoteric, the form and the life.

      Implicit in this symbol of divine wisdom is the perfect purpose of
      divine love. Love and wisdom are twain that cannot be separated, and
      it is in this polarity that there manifests the archetypal light of
      the Christ. Thus, in evolved beings who have learned the lessons of
      the forces of the Zodiac, there is evident an ethereal loveliness
      expressive of the divine and the heavenly; the Angel in them connects
      with the lower earthly man of intellect. This means that work has
      been well done through many lives on Earth and that the lessons have
      been learned. Such souls have saved their lives by losing their
      lower selfishness and by transmuting what was evil in them. These
      souls no longer live for themselves, but for the welfare of the whole

      The esoteric element in Gemini is excellently expressed in that part
      of the most occult prayer known, the Lord's Prayer, which says, `Thy
      will be done on earth as it is in heaven,' for earthly man in his
      physical body endowed with a brain must evolve to the point where his
      personality becomes conscious of the Christ-Spirit. We human Egos
      must bring down into the forces of earthly form, the body and the
      Earth, those life kernels or archetypal forces that are the keynotes
      of the Spirit.

      These archetypal ideas are the real forces of all that is on Earth,
      every last manifestation of life on the Earth. These earthly forces
      and forms must become spiritualised, `born again', born of the
      Spirit. Thus the spirit leaves its lofty home to manifest in the
      earthly body, which is to be spirtualised. In this mystical marvel
      of metamorphosis made possible by the Christ, we may trace the
      building of the body, which then appears to be what it was called by
      the ancients, `the temple of God', and we may trace as well the
      creation of the Earth itself, which bears man in its evolution. We
      may discern in this dual sign Gemini, the evidence of this divine-
      earthly duality. It is in the light of this wisdom-filled teaching
      that we may approach and comprehend the stellar script, for it is
      actually the thought and the wisdom of the Spiritual Hierarchies.
      Thus, he who would comprehend this thought must lose his profanity
      and in an oblation of loving reverence, must seek to perfect himself.

      The Earth is already `born again', because the Christ has come and
      has entered the planet through the Man Jesus and the Mystery of
      Golgotha. The Christ, the ruler of the Sun, is the indwelling Lord
      of the Earth, and re-connects now the Earth with its parent body, the
      Sun. Man likewise takes on now the Christ-consciousness and,
      together with the Earth he becomes solarised or Christ-born. Thus
      the prayer, `Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven', becomes
      for every one of us an invocation for the metamorphosis of man. But
      the soul become Christ-aware will move forward faster in its
      evolution through conscious creative spiritual activity. The thought
      faculty of Gemini, in sense-free, pure thinking, produces a power of
      thought that lifts man to the level of that light that is divine –
      the transcendental atmosphere of the wisdom of love and truth.

      Gemini, being the positive sign of Mercury, the messenger of the
      gods, creates an interest in all messages from all the worlds and all
      the gods. These are important to the Gemini soul for, having the
      desire to study and to acquire knowledge, it ever continues to learn
      from its total environment.

      There are not just twelve zodiacal types. Each sign has its positive
      and negative aspects, making twenty-four characteristic expressions
      of sign influences. Freedom implies the power of choice, and choice
      involves good and evil. Every Ego is free to choose the positive or
      the negative, the good or the ill. The initiate Job states (2:10) in
      no minced language the truth that good and evil are opposite poles of
      One Reality, "What? Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and
      shall we not receive evil?" Out of our fleshly weakness comes the
      strength of God, and there is no other road to perfection. There are
      certain movements today that blind themselves to the principle of
      evil, but it is by contending with evil that we develop greater good.

      The great Christ-exponent, St. Paul, speaking out of his gamut of
      sufferings, says, "And lest I should be exalted above measure through
      the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in
      the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me. For this thing I
      besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And he said
      unto me: My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made
      perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I glory in my
      infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me". (II
      Corinthians 12: 7-9)

      In this connection, we must stress something that is too often
      overlooked now, that is, that perfection comes through the power of
      polarization manifesting in all worlds, in men, and in spiritual
      beings. The duality as well as the Trinity of God manifests in what
      is still a Unity. It was in the Ancient Persian Civilization, when
      the precession of the equinox had brought the Gemini Age, that man
      was most aware of this duality. He looked upon the world as being
      made up of two kingdoms – Light and Darkness. The Kingdom of Light
      was ruled by the good god Ahura Mazdao, or Ormuzd; the dark, material
      earth realm, by Ahriman. In Gemini the soul is torn into two parts,
      the lower and the higher self; the factor of the twain is always at
      work in the sign of the Twins, and it is in the resolution of this
      duality of powers, one of earth and the other of heaven, that divine
      wisdom and love come to be born and become operative in man. In
      Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, we can see the rival houses
      eventually reconciled through the love of Romeo and Juliet.

      Many men of true genius, highly original and creative in arts,
      letters, poetry, and music, may be found in this sign Gemini. In its
      highest expression, it moves one beyond its ruler Mercury, to
      Mercury's higher octave, Neptune, the planet of creative musical and
      artistic power. In Gemini, experiences, energized by thinking, must
      be worked over and be lifted and lighted by the superconscious Christ-
      mind. This Christ-mind is supersensible and synthesizing, imparting
      ideas and images that are whole; not the disjointed sectional bits
      offered by the brain. As God is the whole, so must man made in God's
      image, come to express this unity of the whole, which may be heard to
      be singing in the realm of the archetypes.

      Gemini functions well when combined with the angelic man of Aquarius,
      as it does when joined with the justice and judgment of the balanced
      soul in Libra. Then the Gemini soul has reached maturity. Such a
      soul was Plato – what a versatile genius! The genius of Gemini is
      likewise revealed in the nativity of Tennyson. He drew his
      inspiration down from heaven in what he called his `waking trances'.
      His poems are charged with the idea of man being still `in the
      making', moving `Forward till you see the highest human nature is
      divine', and `Love will conquer at the last'. In his works are many
      references to the dual aspects inherent in man, the male-female
      elements that complement each other, `The two-cell'd heart beating,
      with one full stroke, life'; the blending of the two forces in man.

      As we study Gemini, we may find confirmed the truth that the
      progressive evolution of man and planet demands a development through
      differentiation, and the dualism we see at work in Gemini souls has a
      purpose as definite as it is divine. Through willed thinking, man
      sublimates the intellect to sense-free cognition. As thought becomes
      lighted with the Spirit, man become active with a positive, powerful
      earthly and cosmic purpose. The human Ego residing in its earthly
      members finds the higher Ego. The Man finds the Woman, and the Woman
      finds the Man.

      The Biblical symbol for Gemini is `Solomon's Porch'. As a porch
      serves as a protecting covered entrance to a building, linking the
      outer with the inner, creating a meditative or connective place, thus
      the human Ego connects the higher, divine triad of spirit in man with
      his three lower earthly members, which form the temple. But Gemini
      does not become Solomon's porch until the higher, spiritual triad
      informs, and interacts with, the lower members by way of the Ego's
      pure thinking, for Solomon is synonymous with wisdom. This wisdom is
      the solar element, the wisdom of love, and we know that God gave
      Solomon `a wise and understanding heart', because Solomon sought
      this living wisdom above all things, the wisdom that showed the real
      motive and truth in and behind all things. The fullness of the solar
      spiritual truth is revealed in Christ Jesus – the Sun-god become Man,
      a divine- human Ego – the pattern of what man must become.

      In St. John 10:23, it is stated `And Jesus walked in the temple in
      Solomon's porch'. This shows the Man who has become fully integrated
      in all his forces, a Son of God, through a solar amalgamation of the
      potencies of the Zodiac, in that union which the air signs produce to
      unite the earthly, intellectual man with the Kingdom of Heaven and
      the Etheric Christ. According to Acts 5:12, the apostles acquired
      this solar Christ-power, `And by the hands of the apostles were many
      signs and wonders wrought among the people; and they were all with
      one accord in Solomon's porch'.

      In Gemini we see the Ego connecting the lower, earthly, brain-bound
      personality with the higher self. The life-urge is to link the
      intellect with the mind of Christ. By this means, one may achieve a
      synthesis which is the integration of ideation, finding and
      expressing the whole and not a part; and this means that the man of
      physical form relates himself to and expresses the Solar Man, the
      genius of God within. It is the chief function of Gemini Egos to
      comprehend this and to make it a reality; hence, their versatility,
      the manifestation of many-sidedness and, in the highly evolved, that
      genius that shows the man has made contact with and has recognized
      his higher Christ-self.

      The Princess – Tennyson

      Not like to like, but like in difference,
      Yet in the long years liker must they grow;
      The man be more of woman, she of man;
      He gain in sweetness and in moral height,
      Nor lose the wrestling thews that throw the world;
      She mental breadth, nor fail in childwardcare,
      Nor lose the childlike in the larger mind;
      Till at the last she set herself to man,
      Like perfect music unto noble words;
      And so these twain, upon the skirts of Time,
      Sit side by side, full-summ'd in all their powers,
      Dispensing harvest, sowing the To-be,
      Self-reverent each and reverencing each,
      Distinct in individualities,
      But like each other ev'n as those who love,
      Then comes the statelier Eden back to men:
      Then reign the world's great bridals, chaste and calm:
      Then springs the crowning race of human-kind.
      May these things be!
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