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Re: The Control of Gene Expression Through Christ

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  • carynlouise
    ... because ... in ... Geneticists ... why ... The ... body, ... ~~~ Awesome Matthew! eish Creation is awesome :) If I may just copy what Stephen wrote here
    Message 1 of 31 , May 21, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > The mystery of how eukaryotic genes are regulated is paramount for
      > understanding The Christ in relation to our cellular organism.
      > Without some intelligent structure pre-programmed into our genes,
      > after all, our bodies would instantly start generating random and
      > chaotic mutations; or perhaps start resurrecting beastly, pre-
      > diluvial programs lying dormant within the human genome. But
      > a Christ-imbued regulatory power is at work within cellular
      > evolution, these "Hieronymus Bosch" mutations do not occur except
      > cases of cancer or certain deformities in which the genome becomes
      > scrambled.
      > The fact that our DNA isn't scrambled-up in "Boschian" arrangements
      > is one of the greatest miracles of life, in my opinion.
      > today expend a great deal of energy and time trying to understand
      > our bodies don't start randomly mutating, but rather generate cells
      > that are needed where they're needed, when they're needed and not,
      > for instance, generate mutants where they're not supposed to be.
      > power to mutate is possible wherever there is DNA, and DNA is found
      > throughout the body, in every cell.
      > There's enough DNA in your lip to totally reconstruct an entire
      > from the toes to the brain. Yet, by a miracle, only a small
      > percentage of the DNA is activated; about 3-5%. Otherwise your lip
      > might mutate into a liver or a spleen or perhaps start growing fins
      > and scales, as in the half-human, half-ichthyic Hieronymus Bosch
      > figures painted into his horrific triptychs. Highly specialized
      > cells like muscles use even less of their DNA even though they too
      > possess the entire human genome.
      > By the power of Christ, the eye behaves as an eye, the hands as
      > hands.


      Awesome Matthew! eish Creation is awesome :)

      If I may just copy what Stephen wrote here before it gets lost in the
      mist of the archive -

      'If you've read the lectures, "Michaelmas and the Soul
      Forces of Man", it concerns making those efforts designed to sweat the
      fallow dragon into submission. The secret is to suffocate him, and he
      unwinds and leaves the roost. Then you are free, and 'moksha' means
      something in the real sense'.

      Lots to reflect upon in this - thanks Stephen.

    • Durward Starman
      *******No more anti-US remarks, please. Starman www.DrStarman.com ... _________________________________________________________________ Need a break? Find your
      Message 31 of 31 , Jun 2 9:18 PM
        *******No more anti-US remarks, please.



        >Steve Hale wrote:
        > > America tends to go its own way, and make up its own rules for the
        > > way things ought to be done, even for the rest of the world.

        > >
        > > --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > > Starman why are you being so horrible to Stephen?
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > Caryn, why didn't you pose the same question to Stephen when he
        > > > launched his ad hominem attacks on my personal history,
        > > continually
        > > > mentioning my involvement with the Ramtha School during my teen
        > > age
        > > > years to demean and humiliate me. Were you asleep, Caryne?
        > > >
        > > > Little by little, Stephen is revealing the true reason he joined
        > > this
        > > > forum; with these types of people it's not good enough that the
        > > whole
        > > > Rudolph Steiner community on the Internet is dominated by
        > > > Leftists like himself. He has to convert this one too, or make
        > > himself
        > > > a total nuisance until conservatives and moderates throw up their
        > > arms
        > > > and quit. His faux displays of friendliness are nothing more
        > > > linguistic tools he uses to manipulate and control other people.
        > > At
        > > > least he's never made an attempt to enter the warmth and
        > > understanding
        > > > that permeated this group before his arrival.
        > > >
        > > > Mathew

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