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  • carynlouise
    St John 16:33 `… be of good cheer; I have overcome the world The difference between dreaming and out of body one is consciously awake in the physical act
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2007
      St John 16:33 `… be of good cheer; I have overcome the world'

      The difference between dreaming and out of body one is consciously
      awake in the physical act of leaving the body. I have had three out
      of body experiences.

      In anthroposophy the make-up of the human body will help to
      understand exactly what hidden part of the body leaves the physical
      body in an out of body experience.

      Consciously leaving the body starts with a fast spinning sensation
      and immediately when this spinning starts one has to be willing to
      go, any doubts or fears of going will stop the spinning immediately
      and one is back in a normal position.

      Leaving the body is not an easy exercise; it also seems that the body
      tells you it wants to go and not the mind.

      It is likely obe happens when all the charka's in the body are open,
      hence the literal spinning wheel sensation.

      There is a speed attached to leaving the body and I think the speed
      may/can be controlled through conscious thought. If this is the case
      I have not acquired this ability. Movement is instantaneous and does
      not allow much space for contemplation.

      Thinking in obe is different from everyday thinking in that the flood
      of thoughts which normally rush in and out of our thoughts are absent
      in obe. The mind is empty of thought, here a thought comes in one at
      a time and it seems every single thought made determines the control
      of body.

      When I have achieved an out of body experience it has just been me in
      my garden or in the road with no other soul, spirit or body in
      sight. I consciously say automatically; (that is without thinking
      about it first) Glory to God in the Highest.

      Speaking out loud, my voice is tiny seemingly coming from my stomach
      rather then my vocal cords.

      When I said to myself `what will I do if I had to meet someone'
      immediately I was back in my body after saying this.

      The entry back into the body is always the same – just before
      entering my body there is a curious seeing of my bed's duvet around
      me, in bright colour, in the location I am, the garden or the quite
      road, and then I am back in my body.

      When I experience an obe my body is a solid black shadow, if I can
      call it that – the landscape in my garden is exactly the same but it
      has a sort of shadow to it, but maybe because it is always at night.
      The ambience is very very still and silent. One peculiar observation
      in my first obe, last August, it was winter here with no leaves on
      the trees but the tree I rose above was full of leaves in this real
      but shadowy pale black colour.

      This account is the sum of my obe experience. I think there are
      checks and balances in experiencing obe and there seems to be a
      certain law of what one can do and what one cannot do. For example,
      my first obe I said I want to go see my mother on the coast and a
      voice inside me said – `you can't do that'. And immediately I was
      back in my body. Just as well, I think my mom would have freaked out
      with my shadow body popping up next to her!

      `Tis an interesting dynamic to our human make-up. I'm researching
      Steiner on the subject and this link of his is very helpful.

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