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those hard-headed mmmennnnn . . .

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  • Robert Mason
    To Jenny & All: Following the thread on the differences between the sexes, some relevant Steiner-saids: From The Christ Impulse and the Development of the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2007
      To Jenny & All:

      Following the thread on the differences between
      the sexes, some relevant Steiner-saids:

      From "The Christ Impulse and the Development of the
      Ego-Consciousness"; LECTURE 5:

      "One observes that the forms of the male brain, through having
      been deeper into matter, are more difficult to manage than the
      more flexible forms of the female brain. It is truly a more
      difficult matter to train a male brain for the ascent into the
      higher worlds, and to translate the truths into thoughts, than
      it is to train a female brain for the same purpose. For this
      reason it is not surprising to people who think, when a new
      conception of the world arises such as that of Spiritual
      Science, it is more easily grasped by the more manageable female
      brain; for it is more difficult for the male brain, being less
      pliable and obedient, to free itself from certain thoughts which
      it has absorbed. Hence Spiritual Science will not find an easy
      acceptance amongst the men who are to-day the leaders of culture
      and of the cultured ideas prevalent in our day. We must realise
      how awkward an instrument is the brain of a learned man to-day,
      not only for the acceptance of Spiritual Science, but also for
      thinking along those lines. But we must not look at these things
      in a wrong way and draw our own conclusions — rather should we
      look upon it as all the more significant that there are so many
      men whose brains are so pliant that they have become intimately
      acquainted with Spiritual Science."

      And, from "Manifestations of Karma"; LECTURE 9

      "In man's organism the inner man has penetrated thoroughly into
      matter, and has embraced it more closely than has woman. Woman
      retains more spirituality. She does not penetrate so deeply into
      matter, but keeps her materiality more flexible. It is
      characteristic of woman's nature that she retains a greater
      degree of free spirituality, and for that reason does not
      penetrate so profoundly into matter, and especially keeps her
      brain more flexible. Therefore it is not surprising that women
      have a special inclination for what is new, especially in the
      spiritual realm. And it is not by accident, but in accordance
      with a profound law, that in a movement whose very nature deals
      with spirituality, there should be found a greater number of
      women than of men. Any man knows that the male brain is
      frequently an intractable instrument. On account of its rigidity
      it offers terrible resistance when one would use it for more
      flexible lines of thought. It refuses to follow and must be
      educated by all sorts of means before it can lose its rigidity.
      With all men this can be a personal experience.

      "Man's nature is more condensed, more concentrated; it has been
      compressed more, rendered more rigid and hard by his inner being
      of a man; it has been made more material. A more rigid brain is
      first and foremost an instrument for the intellectual, rather
      than for the psychic."

      Trying to be flexible,

      Robert Mason

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    • carynlouise
      ... mind which helps and gives stability to a women s sensitivity.
      Message 2 of 2 , May 8, 2007
        :) Ah, but there's nothing like the solid strength of a man's logical
        mind which helps and gives stability to a women's sensitivity.
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