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Re: Newton

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... ... Well, consider the objective picture of pinching a loaf . What does it take to make this happen? It takes a rectum which is connected to the
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 28, 2007
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      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > And yet, as far as practicality goes, Newton's laws of motion are
      > indispensable for the engineer or anyone involved in construction
      > projects requiring mathematical data. Or, even if you're building an
      > outhouse at your cabin in the woods, you might need to know a few
      > simple formulas derived by Newton. In that case, it doesn't matter
      > if we're living in a closed or open universe. Nor does it matter if
      > the universe is "running down." All you need is some place to pinch
      > a loaf.

      Well, consider the objective picture of "pinching a loaf". What does
      it take to make this happen? It takes a rectum which is connected to
      the sphincter which is connected to the colon which is connected to the
      intestine which is connected to the digestive tract which is connected
      to the metabolic process itself. And nothing could be more of the
      nature of a closed universe then that.

      But it is out of a closed universal concept that the real nature of the
      earth consciousness is formed in object pictures. And it takes a
      densely embodied human being to make out the sharp edged and hard-
      outlined external world of our current perception and cognition. This
      is what represents the fourth conditon of consciousness, exclusive to
      the earth that finally was able to divest itself of the Old Moon
      clairvoyance beginning with the demise of Atlantis. Thus, began
      the "falling-to-sleep" stage of human evolution on earth; the Old
      Testament phase, which completed itself when Strato of Lampsachus
      brought the Aristotelian world conception into material space. As
      such, he mirrored the prophet Isaiah who said: Make straight the way of
      the Lord; make His paths level. And this is why Strato was named
      successor to the Lyceum rather than Theophrastus' nominee, Nelius.

      The goal was to prepare the horizontal plane of objective being for
      when the Christ would incarnate in Jesus, who walked out of the Jordan
      onto the solid ground for the first time as the Pisces Initiate
      baptized by his cousin, John of Aquarius. So, then sleep befalls
      mankind as represented by the microcosm of the Last Supper bestowed on
      the disciples. Mankind slept for the next two thousand years in order
      to begin to wake up on the objective plane of three-dimensional being;
      a being that necessitates the closing off of the open universe known in
      a certain form at the height of the Atlantean civilization.

      So, yes we would be reverting back to the open universal conception,
      but with the fruit of hard-edged three-dimensionality now in the
      picture that wants to meet both the Sun and the Moon.

      Steve Hale
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