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The Dragon

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  • Mathew Morrell
    In Rev. 12-4, notice the particular way in which the Dragon enters into the sphere of earth-existence. At first the Dragon doesn t enter into the Earth-sphere
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      In Rev. 12-4, notice the particular way in which the Dragon enters
      into the sphere of earth-existence.

      At first the Dragon doesn't enter into the Earth-sphere as an
      incarnated man; in fact, the Anti-Christ doesn't appear until further
      on in the next chapter.

      At first, the Dragon enters the earth spiritually, as a flood. The
      flood pours from the Dragon's mouth like a mighty torrent for the
      purpose of capturing the Spiritual Woman. The flood, however, is
      stopped. REV 12:16 reads:

      "And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and
      swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth."

      The Spiritual Woman is saved by the earth. By opening its mouth, the
      earth swallows the flood and saves the Spiritual Woman from being
      annihilated by the foul, vile, murderous current of thought streaming
      from the Dragon. Here is the power of the eternal feminine,
      represented by the earth. She succeeds by holding back. (Non-action
      is not necessarily impudence; in the East it is an expression of
      power---power coming from moral rather than action-oriented

      And yet the Dragon is not defeated. After the earth swallows the
      flood, the Ahrimanic principle enters even deeper into the void or
      sphere surrounding the Earth; this void is a principle of dual
      significance, connected to the Quabalistic idea of AIN---nothingness,
      but a nothingness that is mostly subliminal and consciously unaware,
      lacking intellectual comprehension of itself. In essence it is the
      ABYSS in which the Ahrimanic principle incubates and develops like a
      fetus before fully manifesting in material form.

      In the very next chapter---in fact, the very next sentence---the
      dreadful seven-headed, ten-horned beast of the Apocalypse rises from
      the abyss of the Astral Realm.

      We can see now that the Beast is profoundly connected to the flood
      (the current of thought) that had earlier spewed from the Dragon's
      mouth; the flood was swallowed; it entered the ABYSS state, and the
      Beast emerged from the ABYSS like a gigantic Godzillian sea creature.
      The Beast is the vehicle that the Dragon uses to wield his vengeance
      against the Spiritual Woman and her seed who "keep the commandments
      of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."

      "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and
      they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who
      is able to make war with him?" [REV. 13:4]

      Even if you reject literal interpretations of the Apocalypse, you
      have to appreciate the poetic, symbolic interplay of symbols at work
      in this masterpiece. The seven-headed, ten-horned beast is a
      fantastic metaphor in the exciting, symbolic opera called the Book of
      Revelations; but this Event may also have a material-physical
      component that reverberates outside the mythological sphere. The
      Beast, evangelists say, represents the actual governmental force that
      controls and regulates religious/cultural life. Most intellectuals,
      on the other hand, say the Beast is merely a poetic symbol that
      should be interpreted metaphorically.

      Regardless who is right, the soul-spiritual forces are present in our
      contemporary culture to save the 21st century from the Abyss of Late
      Civilization, which swallows nations like ours in a mire of decay,
      decadence, filth, corruption, violence and crime. The choice is
      ours. We can either be defeated by the ABYSS or we can overthrow the
      ABYSS by battling its monstrous creations that threaten to drag us
      down into the void of self destruction.

      On such "monstrous creation" that we're seeing in our time, which
      comes as a result of the Dragon, are the tides and tides of
      immigrants flooding our nation. This must stop. Instead of pink teddy
      bears and insipid candle light vigils, this week we should see the
      men of America stand up and enact laws that will close the "open
      door" policy we have with China, Mexico, the Middle East and Africa.
      The browning of the West is due directly to the influence that the
      Dragon exerts through the seven-headed, ten horned Beast.
    • Hithcalen
      Dear Steiner s friend, I have just finished the reading of the first Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909 course. It gives some more precession about the end of our
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 18 7:14 AM
        Dear Steiner's friend,
        I have just finished the reading of the first Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909 course. It gives some more precession about the end of our actual civilisation, it will append when Oriphiel the Saturn Archangel will begin its mastership on our planet about in 1879 + 350 = 2229, and so it will be at its climax in 2229+ 175 = 2404.
        Steiner says anthroposophists may probably be the survival person who will give birth to the 6Th period.
        He also gives details about the famous exercises to make the “I” available to catch astral and etheric vision. So I recommend to every one to try very seriously to do the 5 simple exercises, with very strong will and concentration (the rhythm of the exercises is not so important He says).
        Good luck !

        Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
        Check out new cars at Yahoo! Autos.
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