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Two Worlds

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  • thepathofthesunflower
    2 Esdras 7: 48-51 The evil impulse within us has grown and it has led us away from God s ways, brought us to ruin, put us on the way to death and destruction,
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      2 Esdras 7: 48-51
      "The evil impulse within us has grown and it has led us away from
      God's ways, brought us to ruin, put us on the way to death and
      destruction, and taken us far from life. It has destroyed not only a
      few, but almost everyone who was ever created."

      "Listen to me", the angel said, "and I will teach you further and
      correct your thinking. Because only a few will be saved, God created
      two worlds, instead of only one. As you say, only a few people are
      righteous, but there are large numbers of wicked people'.

      Rudolf Steiner
      Occult Science
      Two worlds have been evolving, as it were, in the human breast. The
      one is devoted to physical and sense-perceptible existence, the other
      is receptive to the revelations of the Spirit and though lacking
      direct vision, is ready to permeate the spiritual with feeling and

      The inner tendencies to this duality of soul were already present
      when the Christ teaching found its way into the countries of Europe.
      The people received this new message of the Spirit into their hearts
      and drank it in with deep feeling, but could not build the bridge
      from it to what the intellect, directed to the senses, was
      discovering in outer physical existence.

      Individualism in Philosophy
      Thus the human being stands between two worlds; between the world
      that presses in upon him from outside and the world that he brings
      forth out of himself. His effort is to bring these two worlds into
      harmony. For, his whole being aims at harmony. He would like to live
      like the rose that does not ask about the whys and wherefores but
      rather blooms because it blooms.

      The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's World Conception
      The human being finds himself confronted by two worlds whose
      connection he must establish. One of them is experience, about which
      he knows that it contains only half of reality; the other is
      thinking, which is complete in itself, and into which that outer
      perceptual reality must flow if a satisfying world view is to result.

      As a citizen of two worlds — of the sense world and of the thought-
      world, the one pressing toward him from below, the other one shining
      from above — the human being takes possession of science, by which he
      joins the two into an undivided unity. From one side the outer form
      beckons to us, from the other side the inner essential being; we must
      unite the two.

      Two souls alas! reside within my breast,
      And each withdraws from, and repels, its brother.
      One with tenacious organs holds in love
      And clinging lust the world in its embraces;
      The other strongly sweeps, this dust above,
      Into the high ancestral spaces.

      FAUST, Part I, Scene 2.
      (Bayard Taylor's translation.)

      Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
      We can then say: The world is given to us as a duality, and knowledge
      transforms it into a unity.

      But side by side with this world, the child knew another world, a
      spiritual world, which was just as real and tangible to him as were
      the forests, fields and mountains surrounding him. This spiritual
      world was filled with objects and beings, just as the world about him
      contained stones and plants and animals and people. Even before he
      was eight, the child could distinguish between these two worlds, and
      the one was as clear and immediate to him as the other.
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