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RE: [steiner] police raid: GWT comments

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  • Durward Starman
    I ask my friends who continue to tithe to Dornach to think on ... *******I will feel free to ban all such messages from this list as well as any people
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2007
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      I ask my friends who continue to tithe to Dornach to think on
      >it. I have
      >over the years asked the same of ex-Catholics who have become
      >Anthroposophists. What if Fausto Carotenuto is right? What if
      >an egregora
      >has taken over the Vorstand in the name of anthroposophia,
      >just as one has
      >taken over the Catholic Church in the name of Christianity?
      >Please feel free to forward this epistle to whomever you wish.

      *******I will "feel free" to ban all such messages from this list as well as
      any people posting them. Take your anti-anthroposophical attitudes
      elsewhere, like to the list run by the phony Australian channeller or the
      alcoholics who claim to be the 'real anthroposophists' or wahtever other
      Luciferic fakes you wish who contribute not one whit to the running of any
      Society, school, farm or medical institution but worship at the throne of

      If you'd like me to ask a few of the members of the Vorstand, the
      Executive Council of the Society, to write here directly to our members, I
      could do so---I know two personally. This idea that "they" are doing
      something secret is horsesh*t. We elect them. This whining by people who
      lost or who don't even run is repulsive.

      What this is all about, for bystanders, is that some people who like to
      bitch about what everyone else is doing rather than doing anything
      themselves decided they didn't like this and that in the Society---how the
      Goetheanum was being remodelled, etc., etc. So they came up with some
      legalistic stuff on which to harass the leadership, and now file endless
      lawsuits alleging that the Anthroposophical Society is not "really" the
      Society Steiner founded in 1923. Not one of these whiners is a eurythmist,
      bio-dynamic farmer, Waldorf School teacher. or anyone doing anything
      productive in our movement; rather people with 'way too much time on their

      This thread can lead to nothing constructive, and is at an end. Let's talk
      about anthroposophy now.



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      >Subject: [steiner] police raid: GWT comments
      >Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 10:45:50 -0700 (PDT)
      >--- finica rosu <haubach@...> wrote:
      > > Dear friends involved with Anthroposophia,
      > >
      > > I am forwarding this latest report from Dornach in this
      > > context:
      > >
      > > Think of the events unfolding in Dornach like a dysfunctional
      > > family. A
      > > family member or two finally decide to speak out about various
      > > abuses
      > > going on and all hell breaks loose: the secrets and dirty
      > > laundry are out!
      > > How embarrassing! Caesar's law is called upon to straighten
      > > out the mess.
      > > But the father/mother (the Vorstand) of the dysfunctional
      > > family refuse
      > > the jurisdiction of the legal system and continue acting as
      > > they always
      > > have, blaming only the family members who spoke out. (I have
      > > been through
      > > this; I know what it is like.) So the family members who told
      > > the secrets
      > > to the world go back to the legal system for justice. How
      > > embarrassing!
      > > Even after a second round in which the father/mother are told
      > > what is
      > > right and proper according to the bylaws that the family
      > > itself once
      > > decided, the father/mother still behave as though their
      > > authority is not
      > > subject to the legalities of the society their family is
      > > subject to. They
      > > lie, bend the truth, and again go on with no self-examination.
      > > Etc. Etc.
      > >
      > > When all of this bruhaha began in Dornach and I was able to
      > > have lunch
      > > with Christiana in London to hear "from the horse's mouth," I
      > > had
      > > suspicions and decided to follow closely the actions in
      > > Dornach. Actions
      > > speak louder than words, they say. Now, having watched over
      > > the past few
      > > years the extraordinary brazen and dysfunctional behavior of
      > > the Vorstand
      > > members dominated, I hear, by two strong personalities, I am
      > > quite certain
      > > that their allegiance as a "head" on the body of the
      > > Anthroposophic
      > > Society has little of Rudolf Steiner in it, nor is it
      > > dedicated to the
      > > moral growth of its "children," the members.
      > >
      > > I am also quite certain that the few "family" members who told
      > > the secrets
      > > are genuinely fighting for an aperture to the spiritual world
      > > in Dornach
      > > that has perhaps been able to remain a bit open to this very
      > > day, despite
      > > all the internal drama since Rudolf Steiner's death. I am not
      > > there to
      > > fight, nor, other than the written works and a few pieces of
      > > art, am I
      > > certain that what remains there as a citadel is worth saving
      > > from the
      > > Brotherhoods who no doubt inspire at least two of the
      > > Vorstand,
      > > Brotherhoods with the clout and subterfuge to return again and
      > > again to
      > > undermine Rudolf Steiner and his methods for the future. But I
      > > support in
      > > my heart and soul the good efforts of these honest people to
      > > expose those
      > > in leadership who have become tools of deception and
      > > destruction.
      > >
      > > I ask my friends who continue to tithe to Dornach to think on
      > > it. I have
      > > over the years asked the same of ex-Catholics who have become
      > > Anthroposophists. What if Fausto Carotenuto is right? What if
      > > an egregora
      > > has taken over the Vorstand in the name of anthroposophia,
      > > just as one has
      > > taken over the Catholic Church in the name of Christianity?
      > >
      > > Please feel free to forward this epistle to whomever you wish.
      > >
      > > Elana Freeland
      > >
      > >
      > > --- Christiane Marks <cbmarks@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > From: "Christiane Marks" <cbmarks@...>
      > > > To: "Christiane Marks" <cbmarks@...>
      > > > Subject: Criminal Investigations of Executive Council
      > > Actions
      > > > Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 09:33:36 -0400
      > > >
      > > > Dear Friends,
      > > >
      > > > Here is my translation of the Gelebte Weihnachtstagung
      > > statement about
      > > > the recent police search conducted at the Goetheanum. It
      > > tries to be as
      > > > simple and to the point as possible, an antidote to rather
      > > > sensationalized and confused accounts already
      > > circulating.The event is
      > > > distressing, but will not surprise those who have been
      > > following events
      > > > in Dornach for a while. And it might herald a
      > > turnaround.Those who do
      > > > not abide by court judgments eventually get into trouble, no
      > > matter who
      > > > they are.
      > > >
      > > > Best wishes, Christiane
      > >
      >Criminal Investigations of Executive Council Actions
      >On March 6, 2007, the Canton Solothurn police and the Solothurn
      >district attorney conducted a search in the Goetheanum. The
      >cause was a criminal charge members of the General
      >Anthroposophical Society had made against the Council. At issue
      >are the costs of the lawsuits of 2003 and 2005 � the lawsuits
      >entered into because the Council was dissolving the General
      >Anthroposophical Society by fusing it with a different society
      >of the Council�s own construction which lacked any legal or
      >historical basis. The Council burdened the General
      >Anthroposophical Society with the resulting heavy legal expenses
      >of over 800,000 franks, even though the Society was not the
      >defendant or the object of the conflict. Council members
      >justified this action by means of their own re-interpretation of
      >the court judgment.
      >According to the judgment issued by the High Court of Solothurn
      >in January 12, 2005, the �General Anthroposophical Society
      >(Christmas Conference)� or GAS(CC) or �Allgemeine
      >Anthroposophische Gesellschaft (Weihnachtstagung)� (/AAG(WT),
      >the Council�s name for the society they tried to create, is
      >responsible for all the legal costs. But this artificial
      >society, the reactivation of which the Council attempted in
      >2002, was declared nonexistent in the same judgment, so the
      >judgment goes on to make Virginia Sease, Heinz Zimmermann, Paul
      >Mackay, Bodo von Plato, Sergej Prokofieff, and Cornelius
      >Pietzner jointly responsible for these costs, since they were
      >the ones who attempted to found this artificial society. The
      >important point here is that these six individuals as the sole
      >founders of the GAS(CC)/AAG(WT), but not as the council of the
      >GAS are personally responsible for these costs. The GAS has
      >nothing to do with these lawsuits since in was neither one of
      >the players in it nor an object of contention.
      >Even though the judgment was so clear on this point, the Council
      >paid the sum with GAS funds, justifying this step with
      >statements which are demonstrably false. In the process, the
      >Council made use of the two similar names (�General
      >Anthroposophical Society� and �General Anthroposophical Society
      >(Christmas Conference�)) to confuse members and cause them to
      >forget the true identity of their decades-old GAS.
      >Numerous members contacted, and wrote letters to, the Council
      >about this matter. Many received no response at all, and when
      >they did, it was merely a repetition of the private Council
      >interpretation of the judgments. The Council simply refused to
      >discuss the subject, and in the Nachrichtenblatt, too, it was
      >always presented in a misleading fashion. When a motion on this
      >subject was submitted for the 2006 General Members� Meeting, the
      >Council at first refused to accept it, then, when threatened
      >with a lawsuit, said the motion would be heard after all, only
      >to present a countermotion against hearing it at the meeting, so
      >that it never was heard, which meant the subject could not be
      >addressed at the members� meeting, either.
      >After exhausting every possibility of settling this matter
      >within the Society, members saw no recourse except to go to
      >court in order to assure that the Society would receive its
      >800,000 franks back.
      >The members did not undertake this step lightly, but out of deep
      >concern over the current state of affairs within the Society,
      >which seemed troubling enough to justify such a drastic measure.
      >They hope that, as the GAS receives restitution, the Society
      >might also pause and reevaluate its affairs and the conditions
      >within it.
      >The Editors of �Gelebte Weihnachtstagung�

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