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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Happy Birthday Pisces. From John Jocelyn s Meditations on the signs of the Zodiac a Rudolf Steiner publication. Pisces There is no sign more elusive to try
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2007
      Happy Birthday Pisces.

      From John Jocelyn's 'Meditations on the signs of the Zodiac' a Rudolf
      Steiner publication.


      There is no sign more elusive to try to describe than Pisces, the
      Fishes, for this section of the Zodiac is as mobile as the astral
      world. On the physical plane, the oceans are its counterpart, the
      seas that toss and surge in sounding, raging fury; yet, the same
      waters may sometimes reveal the placid power of sweetest peace in
      idyllic, silvery calm, and the lovely lull and lakelike beauty that
      make cognizable the tune, tempo, and harmony of the spiritual worlds,
      calling up a vision of the divine, a touch with the transcendental, a
      union with the one life of love through the Word of the world,
      sounding as tranquil tone. This sign of spirituality is fittingly
      called `The Great Deep or Depth'.

      The signs of the Zodiac most intimately connected with the psychic
      nature of man, the side least seen, yet incessantly active for good
      or ill, are the water signs, which with their houses and the planets
      therein, may be called the dispensers of destiny. In persons lacking
      in spiritual discernment, these forces may seem to suppress the
      personality whereas in truth they enhance and enlarge the soul.

      Pisces is a dual sign, as the two fishes indicate. The fishes are
      bound to each other, denoting the destiny restriction, which gives
      less freedom of choice than is granted in the outstanding dual sign
      Gemini. The twins have a free relationship; not so the fishes. Dual
      experiences arise in Pisces, bringing extremes in kind and nature,
      the native often being torn to shreds between conflicting emotions.
      The Piscean rarely gains a true grasp of himself, for emotions play
      through his soul as the winds through an aeolian harp; his soul is
      easily influenced, or played upon by sympathy, for it is easy for him
      to put himself in the soul of another who suffers.

      This is the sign that causes one to be keenly receptive and
      impressionable to the moods and soul-conditions of others. Psychic
      supersensitivity and immense emotionalism are forces that need
      control and direction, for Pisces puts the soul en rapport with the
      soul world. As a result, one feels the forces of other souls here or
      elsewhere, be they embodied, moving on the physical plane, or in the
      world of the soul called dead.

      In this dual sign there sound the forces of destiny and divinity. It
      is here that the lowest and the loftiest reside. Man is chained to
      an earthly destiny so long as the darkness prevails and earthly
      desires are not exhausted. When the Ego begins to transmute its
      earthly desires and evolves toward the purity needed for a spiritual
      birth, then the light is perceived shinning in the darkness, the
      light that `lighteth every man that cometh into the world'. This is
      the direction towards divinity.

      In this sign of destiny one realizes the need for earthly birth. The
      limiting conditions of personal earthly expression are picked up here
      as the `moral bundle' of past lives, the moral bundle that was
      checked in the soul world after last death, before one entered the
      spiritual world. It is taken up again as one returns once more
      through the soul world to earthly incarnation. The law of rebirth,
      of repeated earthly lives, each one of increasing fineness, has
      nothing fatalistic attached to it. On the contrary, it shows the
      definite and deliberate way toward the light that leads to liberation.

      The working of destiny speaks of the God within, forever guiding and
      leading man toward the goal. Magnificent Christ-alchemy shows itself
      in the spirit of sacrifice inherent in Pisces, the real royalty that
      originates in this sign of renunciation, for renunciation and
      sacrifice must be made freely or perforce. The house on which Pisces
      stands, and also the position of Neptune, indicate the quality and
      type of sorrow, self-surrender, or sacrifice demanded. No matter
      what the talent or genius of a Piscean personality, there is always a
      background of obstacles and adversities. In Pisces, consecration
      through crucifixion leads to the consummate man. People in the
      Fishes are seldom understood, or truly appreciated, yet these are the
      most self-effacing souls, giving with a joy in giving. None ask less
      for themselves than they do, and none can be trusted more implicitly
      when living in the higher side of the sign.

      In Pisces, one can realize the Great Ocean or Deeps of the Spirit and
      be aware of the spiritual man and the life hidden away and buried
      within the physical man – the Christ who lives in the Earth and in
      the souls of humanity. The sense of universality makes Pisces the
      least personally possessive sign. It calls forth marked hospitality
      and generosity. The generosity of Pisceans extends not only to
      goods, but also to judgments; they are ever ready to forgive and to
      manifest their good will in loving deeds.

      The divinity of Pisces is such that those strong in this sign have a
      constant aching yearning, an intense urge, to merge the soul entirely
      and completely with the soul of others, to form one universal
      spiritual union. Pisceans, or those truly under the Neptune light,
      experience spirituality; thus they have the faculty and forte to
      commune and to unite with others on the mental and psychic planes.
      The purer the Piscean, the more profound the communion and union with
      the feelings and thoughts of people and places and, yes, with the
      planet itself!

      In this mergence with others on Earth and on the invisible planes,
      there lies danger and often damage, for if the Piscean soul is not
      positively endowed with the strong factor of a developed mind, if it
      is still tainted with atavistic clairvoyance – and these today are
      still legion – the risk of obsession by spirit controls and so-called
      guides, is great, and these forces are evil. One must not remain
      negatively psychic. So many, too many, born in or under this sign,
      or with the Moon in Pisces, are the victims of invisible spirits and
      of mediumism. Then the sense of hearing, which is ruled by it, is
      perverted to undesirable hearing of what astral entities convey.

      As Aquarius and Uranus emphasise the one in all, the individual as
      part of the whole, so Pisces and Neptune declare the all in which the
      individuality is merged in the collectivity of the Christ. "That they
      all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they
      also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent
      me. And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they
      may be one, even as we are one" St. John 17:21,22

      As Aquarius individualises and identifies the man in and through the
      Christ, so Pisces universalizes and unites the man in and with the
      whole Christ-life. Man must first establish his Christ-egohood, his
      true self-identification in the Spirit, before he can universalize
      his love as a world and cosmic citizen, in the new and true
      citizenship that awaits him. Enforced fusion is dangerous. The
      Christ `I' and the Christ `You' are both paramount in the soul that
      is keeping pace with man's proper development.

      Pisces is called the `Universal Solvent' or the `Great Deeps or
      Depths'. It shows the inhibited, the silent, the secret, and all
      that is mute and powerless of expression. Pisces is unlike Cancer,
      where feelings are awakened, and unlike Scorpio, where desires and
      feelings are brought to a center and concentrated, for Pisces turns
      everything into muted emotion, deep and silent as the ocean. This is
      the sign of Parsifal, the `pure fool', the guiless one, mute,
      timorous and helpless, until through search and suffering, `by pity
      enlightened', and power to discriminate between good and evil. Then
      he became the `help-bringing knowing one', the saviour bringing

      Very few Pisceans are egotists; in fact, they are in many instances
      deficient in self-esteem. That quality of humility that abides here
      can in positive souls create a mystic mood and beautiful reverence.
      Divinity and devotion resides here; but what if these forces are
      reversed? That reversal too often occurs and it tears the soul into
      shreads, rendering it lost and without true colour, definition, or
      self-identification. Few souls can manage the mighty mood of this
      divine spiritual essence. It is easy for many to become
      materialists, or worse, utter derelicts on the sea of life. The
      psychic forces are too often negative and the sympathies unwise.
      Without firm inner direction in the Piscean soul, dereliction in some
      form may easily ensue; thus the highest may become the very lowest.

      The ear that is attuned to the divine knows instantly when Neptune
      and Pisces provide the power and inspiration, be it in literature,
      poetry, art or music. True Pisceans are true teachers, for they
      carry within them a real priestly wisdom and love. Understanding and
      wisdom are not the fruit of the intellect alone. It is a strange
      paradox that, inherent in this sign of divinity, ruling this time,
      our present Piscean Age, there lie concealed the forces and facts of
      the cosmos, yet confusion and world misunderstanding occur. Cosmos
      and chaos lie hidden here, in this sign of mighty mystery.

      The light is not recognized by the physical, brain-bound personality,
      fear-filled and tormented and tossed by seething secret hates and
      emotions. For perfect expression one must gain perspective both in
      the lower Ego and the Earth, and in the world of Spirit. True
      balance between this world and the worlds of soul and spirit must be
      found if one would be whole, and this wholeness, this true health, is
      our need. The Christ came for those who need a physician, to make
      them whole.

      It is essential for Pisceans to become far stronger as physically
      conscious earthly Egos, and to use the mental forces far more
      effectively, so that they may stand stabilized as self-protected
      personalities. If not self-protected through this proper I-
      consciousness, they are apt to become the sport and prey of evil
      entities in the flesh or in astral bodies, seen or unseen. They
      often become lost to themselves in the surrender of their souls to
      others, for the great difficulty in their sacrifice and self-giving
      is to retain, at the same time, their own personality. They need to
      learn to give themselves spontaneously in self-surrender, and yet to
      be their own selves and not to neglect themselves.

      Pisces is a psychic-sensitive sign that evokes spirituality and tends
      sometimes to other-worldliness. Pisceans are impressionable, and
      they ever seek to understand their impressions and intuitions,
      intimations that arise quite free of the brain and are realised, more
      often than not, as a psychic sensing. Many Pisceans get lost in the
      maze of the multitudinous ideas and impressions they continually
      receive from all worlds. They tend to become bewildered when there
      is confusion and pressure. Their best qualities are evident when
      there is an undisturbed atmosphere; then their mood of peace is
      powerful and profound, and their inspiration most active.

      The sign of the Fishes rules the feet. The feet denote an inner
      understand-ing of life, also `treading the Path', and making
      progress. In this respect, they are symbols of the spiritual life,
      and they also indicate what we mean when we say that the feet should
      be firmly planted on the earth. They give us our stance.

      Jupiter and Neptune rule the Fishes. The benevolent Jupiter is a
      planet of bonding good will, reverence, and creative cosmic thought.
      Neptune denotes idealistic devotion. In general, one may say of
      Pisceans, that they love beauty and refinement in all things.
      Evolved Egos have a wonderful capacity for quite, tactful persistence
      when dealing with others. In spite of being shy and timid, they can
      show considerable dignity if anyone presumes to take advantage of
      their good nature; they detest anything vulgar or violent. Many have
      healing power, sometimes through their hands, but largely through
      their presence, which emanates peace and piety.

      Those centered in Pisces confer the archetypal value of man, the
      formgiving cause, which brings him into earthly incarnation. Birth in
      a physical body is not ill fate if we take in the Christ; it is a
      real opportunity to grow in God through his Christ. The choice is
      ours. Destiny, or karma will not be deplored if we realise that it
      is a progressive, developing force, bringing the experiences that are
      corrective and drawing us nearer to the goal.

      The dual effect of the Fishes becomes evident in the fact that, on
      the one hand, this sign holds the destiny that leads the Ego to an
      earthly birth and, on the other, it provides the means to overcome
      the evil destiny conditions, liberating one from the individual need
      for rebirth. However, so long as the planet is not redeemed, the
      Christed soul will want to reincarnate for the sake of humanity and
      to aid the Christ in the work of redemption.

      Pisces, the sign of ready renunciation and sacrifice, produces such
      saviours, as well as The Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, who at the
      Baptism in the Jordan, sacrificed his body, so that the Christ could
      incarnate in it and consummate the Mystery of Golgotha, the greatest
      event of all Earth-evolution – the Sacrifice Supreme that brings
      salvation to our Earth and to mankind.

      In Pisces, the destiny of repeated earthly births, according to true
      Christian teaching, becomes not ill fate, but the joyous avenue of
      Christ-alchemy leading mankind's illumination and liberation.

    • Sarah Ford Elliott
      Here s a question: In the symbol of Pisces should the fish be rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise? Many thanks & Merry Christmas! Sarah FE
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        Here's a question:

        In the symbol of Pisces should the fish be rotating clockwise or

        Many thanks & Merry Christmas!

        Sarah FE
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