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The Ramtha School of Enlightenment

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  • Mathew Morrell
    RSE relies heavily on the trance state in their spiritual practices. Not all spiritual paths do, in fact many vehemently reject it. Human evolution tends
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2007

      RSE relies heavily on "the trance state" in their spiritual practices.  Not all spiritual paths do, in fact many vehemently reject it.  Human evolution tends to be moving in the opposite direction:  away from "the trance state" and toward a state of mind where consciousness is increased and not decreased. 


      In a trance state, critical thinking is bypassed and we become incapable of conscious thinking.   In essence we revert to a primeval state of mind that is subjective and dangerously susceptible to brainwashing techniques.  RSE spiritual seekers intentionally paralyze their critical function by ingesting large quantities of alcohol and then allow themselves to the brainwashed by subliminal messages such as those recorded on The List.


      The affirmations on The List cannot be heard.  They're supposed to work subliminally, on the unconscious level, thereby bypassing "the grid" (the altered ego) in the brain.  After the subliminal affirmation "bypasses" the grid the affirmation enters directly into the frontal cortex where the affirmation imprints and remaps the neurons with the affirmation's thought-content.


      Sounds fantastic, if it worked. Unfortunately, nobody in the school has remapped their brain well enough to become genuine masters, or even common sense folk.


      I mean, if you cut through all the esoteric mumbo jumbo and get down to the brass tacks of her philosophy, does it amount to anything more than the common held belief that a positive attitude, supported by affirmations, creates success?


      Personally, I left the school before RSE started pimping "The List."  So perhaps others can speak more clearly than I on this issue.  Accurately and meticulously presenting her philosophy in precise terms is the best way to expose JZs greatest shortcoming.  Her philosophy is all glitter and no substance. 


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