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The Piscean Age

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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Hi everyone, hope you all well. Works been hetic this side .. where s a computer boff when you need one! If I may post this topic from John Jocelyn s
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      Hi everyone, hope you all well. Works been hetic this side .. where's
      a computer boff when you need one! If I may post this topic from
      John Jocelyn's Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac, a Rudolf
      Steiner publication. Best regards :) Caryn

      Pisces – The Fishes

      The Piscean Age
      Pisces, The Fishes, the twelfth sign, completes the circle of the
      Zodiac. The symbol consists of two crescent-shaped fishes swimming
      in opposites directions yet tied to each other by a connecting cord,
      indicating the restricting nature of this sign. The dualism is
      obvious, and one may assume a third element, the water in which the
      two fishes swim, the universal solvent.

      One interpretation is that the soul is bound to the body within the
      ocean of the Spirit.

      One cannot easily fathom the Zodiac and its signs, least of all this
      sign of mystery, Pisces, the loftiest note in the sublime symphony.
      Here is pure Spirit, virgin divinity, undifferentiated, yet to be
      made into manifest forms, spoken into being by the creative Word.
      Something of the mystery of Pisces is sensed in the picture of the
      Earth, when it `was without form and void , and darkness was upon the
      face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the

      The manifestation of the Great Unmanifest is the result of the union
      between the Pisces feminine formless with the masculine form of the
      Saturnine Capricorn. The ultimate ideas expressed in forms come to
      manifestation through the Son-Aquarius. Capricorn, Aquarius and
      Pisces are designated as Father, Son, and Mother, the Divine Trinity,
      yet One. The trident of Neptune, one of the rulers of Pisces, is a
      symbol of the Trinity in manifestation.

      Pisces represents `The Great Deep', the water that is the universal
      solvent. It stands for Chaos, as against Christian Aquarian Cosmos.
      Thus, in Pisces may be seen the power of the unresolved, that which
      is to be born and built and brought to life and form through the
      instrumentality of the Christ, that all may be fructified with self-
      consciousness, yet clothed with Spirit-life.

      At present, Pisces is especially important for all mankind, for we
      are passing through the Piscean Age; that is, by precession of the
      equinox, the vernal Sun now rises in the Fishes, the twelfth sign of
      the Zodiac, the sign of destiny as duty.
      Through the formless Spirit's imprisonment in flesh, there has now
      developed a phase of life so dense that the divinity in man has been
      largely forgotten. This has produced a mode of consciousness stepped
      down to such an extent by the brain as to make man unresponsive to,
      and unaware of, the spiritual realms and beings, and of his true
      nature of soul and spirit.

      In the development of the intellect, man lost touch with the truth
      and his soul. The result is chaos, which Pisces gives in its
      negative phase. This time of transition, terribly testing for all
      mankind, shows profound misunderstanding and the consummation of
      human sorrow and self-undoing, the purchase of pain self-wrought by
      man and being brought to a head now in this Piscean Age.

      Pisces being the loftiest note in the Zodiac, the power of pure
      Spirit, the unexpressed essence of God, it is small wonder in an age
      so intensely intellectual and godless, that many people fail to
      express the spiritual and gravitate more easily toward
      intellectualism and materialism. When the negative expression of
      this sign of divinity inverts the power of God, then must matter be
      raised from the dead by the Spirit, through the topmost facet of the
      zodiacal diamond, the pure Spirit of Pisces.

      Having experienced the initiation of Pisces, and having received into
      himself those spiritual impulses that are the instruments of the
      Fishes-initiation, Jesus of Nazareth was prepared for the reception
      of the Christ and was enabled to baptize in the higher sense
      designated by John as the `baptism of the Holy Spirit'.

      So few as yet have been baptized by the Holy Spirit; many are
      obsessed by inferior spirits. The negative, unindividualized members
      of Pisces are souls whose forces are scattered. Some are usurped by
      spiritual thieves, spirit-controls, and earthbound human souls who
      victimize, steal from, and use vicariously the physical forces of
      such derelicts. Moreover, the power of Pisces is to perfect the man
      through his life of feelings and emotions; the inner, silent, secret,
      subtle soul life is made subject to intense sympathies in the earthly
      and astral environment. Large numbers of Pisceans are thus
      unknowingly, or knowingly subject to control by souls seen and
      unseen, to their great detriment in true evolutionary growth; they
      become psychic servants and astral carriers for the so-called dead.
      Frequently do they become burdened with the earthbound dead, so that
      life for them becomes a terrible, wretched experience.

      Some Pisceans become a dismay and disappointment to themselves, for
      often their souls in truth do not belong to them. They are moved by
      all and sundry, by people here or in the unseen worlds, because of
      their scattered, uncollected, decentralized, psychic forces. A large
      number of mediums are to be found in this sign, some of whom have
      made doubters and skeptics change their entire life of thought.
      Through this avenue, however, one cannot reach the true goal, for
      mediumism is not the proper path to the Spirit. `I Am the door of the
      sheep' St John 10:7 and `He that entereth not by the door (the solar
      I Am power) into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way (lunar
      mediumism and spirit-control), the same is a thief and a robber' St
      John 10:1

      The secret of their defeat, the source of sorrow and often sinister
      destiny in Pisces and through Neptune, lies in the lack of cohering
      Christ-will, which makes the man master of his life and makes him
      whole. Piscean souls need to learn how to retain a grip on their own
      Ego and thus bring into focus their thinking and their self-
      consciousness. When this is achieved, they can direct their own
      lives and give moral help and direction to others.

      The purpose of Pisces is in large degree the purpose of pain. In
      this restricting, inhibiting sign of sorrow, man is spiritualised,
      perfected, and purified through intense, subtle, silent, secret
      emotional suffering, the most exquisitely agonizing and poignant.
      None but those allied to Pisces can know the power of this pain, and
      only those who have dedicated themselves to Christ hand have given
      their soul in full surrender, can know the magnitude of this mood of
      suffering, or the awful burden of a long drawn-out life incessantly
      frustrated by lack of achievement. These forces compel renunciation
      of whatever is designated by them. The very essence of this silent
      note, Pisces is, `If any man will come after me, let him deny
      himself, and take up his cross, and whosoever will lose his life for
      my sake shall find ` St Matthew 16:24,25

      Because the pedagogy of pain fructifies soul forces for the spirit,
      man may truly rejoice in his pain, knowing that every pang of it
      builds his inner man, the psychic-spiritual being, whereas this
      cannot be true for the animals. They derive no building power from
      pain. Unconsciously do most Pisceans love and protect the dumb
      creatures. One can resuscitate such a universal feeling, this all-
      embracing compassion.

      By understanding the sign Pisces and its pedagogy of pain through
      Neptune via Saturn, we learn the nature of human death, and how
      through repeated earthly deaths the Father's force works through
      Saturn in and on the soul of man, so that eternal life and Christ-
      youth are at last achieved. Thus does St Paul declare with
      truth `the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death' Corinthians

      Most people fear death in this era of Pisces when the Spirit-light in
      man is relatively inactive. Crucifixion of the Christ-Spirit in man
      continues when man, because of his intense intellectual darkness,
      believes that with the loss of his physical body by death all is lost
      and finished.

      Every human Ego has created its own destiny. There is no such thing
      as a helpless lot dealt out by life in some fatalistic scheme. There
      is a design, in virtue of which the human Ego conditions by its own
      free will and accord the way it will walk. It is part of man's
      destiny, in Christ, to attain to full Ego or I AM consciousness and
      to freedom. This has entailed a descent into matter, with all the
      consequences of not just one Fall but many falls. In the course of
      incarnation, there comes to realization the means to regenerate the
      man, to resolve the karma, and to emerge from the prison house of the
      physical body as a liberated soul, willingly to make any sacrifice
      for the progress of humanity.
      In this meditation on Pisces, we should ponder on the fact that, from
      our time onward, Christ is to be the Lord of karma, that is, he will
      bring order into karma and align individual destiny with the entire

      Many souls feel the whiplash of Piscean destiny, a destiny that so
      often degrades in unspeakable ways, often because of total blindness
      to the purpose of life, but sometimes because of a refusal to work
      rightly with those forces that produce the marriage of the soul with
      the heavenly bridegroom in a human earthly body.

      Yet, when we know how sublime, how divine, Pisces and Neptune are,
      and when we see the great unformed, uninformed, unfinished, laggard
      development of mankind, we do not marvel that there are so few
      evolved Egos, but are surprised that so many have already appeared.
      In every age, this testimony of God and divinity has been
      vouchsafed. Now, however, that time has come when there is to be
      made a leap in evolution, for many have matured and are ready to meet
      the Master; they have sufficient oil in their lamps to get the light.

      The Light of the World, from the Father through the Christ, cannot be
      mirrored, unless the earthly brain of man in true and exact
      reflection, unless the desire or astral body of man is first
      cleansed. With the purification of this soul body, a commensurate
      cleansing quality is passed on to the etheric body, which in turn
      conditions man's sensitivity to spiritual truth. The coordination of
      the various members of man indicates the union of the Holy Spirit,
      Pisces, with the purified astral body, which St John, finding it
      impossible to compass and confine by an earthly name, calls `the
      Mother of Jesus' or the Virgin Sophia, Virgo. In this wise, are the
      complementary signs, Pisces and Virgo, closely related. They are
      referred to also in the feeding of the five thousand with the five
      barley loaves and two fishes – Virgo and Pisces – indicating the
      inexhaustible nourishment to be derived from these spiritual realms.

      When there is a marriage between the intellect and the Spirit, the
      large work of Pisces will have been consummated, with growing numbers
      of souls becoming Christ conscious and thus free from fear, hatred,
      selfishness, and error. The pain wrought in this Piscean Age is the
      travail of purification that is bringing to the Earth in our time the
      gift of God indicated by Christ Jesus when he spoke of a woman's
      sorrow of travail in childbirth (Age of Pisces), but after that
      travail, the joy that a man (Christ-Aquarius) is born into the world
      St John 16:21.

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