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The make-up of the Human Body

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  • thepathofthesunflower
    I ve written out Rudolf Steiner s make-up of the Human Body from the series of his lectures under Esoteric Science. If I may post here (I m sure everyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2007
      I've written out Rudolf Steiner's make-up of the Human Body from the
      series of his lectures under Esoteric Science. If I may post here
      (I'm sure everyone agrees this work of Dr. Steiner is good
      anthroposophy foundation)

      Rudolf Steiner's : The make-up of the Human Body

      Physical Body – Earth, the sand or ground.
      Decomposes following the law of physics.
      Red charka, physical will to be, tuning into here and now.

      Manas – the higher physical body – Thaliae : the Spirit-Self.
      The Grace `Green and Fresh' belonging to the seeds of music.
      Orange charka, lower creative centre, reproductive and sexual


      Etheric Body – Water, waves from which she is born.
      Life Body, Vital Force
      Grows and rebuilds the physical body. Reproduces the physical body.
      Yellow charka, Self awareness, emotional engine room, clear thinking.
      Cannot illuminate without light of consciousness (astral body) would
      remain in sleep.

      Buddhi – the higher etheric body – Aglaia : the Life-Spirit
      The Grace `Splendour belonging to the Solar Sphere'
      Spiritual body of Memory.
      Transmits emotions.
      Green charka, group awareness, higher love, balance.


      Astral Body or Sentient Soul – Air, Wind blown tresses.
      The consciousness that sinks into sleep and rises when waking up.
      Seperates from Ether body.
      Awareness of sense impressions, feelings and instincts.
      Turquoise charka, higher creative centre of communication, linking
      with the mental body (intellectual soul), self-expression.
      Astral body needs the permanence of I (Ego)

      Atman – the higher Astral body – Euphrosynes : the Spirit-Man
      The Grace `Joyful' belonging to the starry world.
      Spiritual body of imagination.
      Blue charka, perceptive centre of higher comprehension and overview
      promoting intuition.


      Intellectual (mental) or Spiritual Soul
      Thinking, consciousness of eternal truths.
      Permanence of knowledge, mental image.
      Memory process of perceiving earlier experiences at later points in
      Memory does not come from inward observing but from what we
      experience in relation to objects and processes in the outer world.
      Violet charka, spiritual will to be, self realization, calmness and

      Seat of control over the Will.
      The Goddess of Beauty Venus.
      Re-embodies in new physical, etheric and astral bodies in progressing
      earth lives.
      Retainer of all memory.

      The physical body would fall apart if the ether body did not hold it
      together. The ether body would sink into unconsciousness if the
      astral body did not illumine it. Likewise the astral body would
      repeatedly forget the past if the Ego did not rescue this past and
      carry it over into present.

      Death – physical
      Sleep – etheric
      Forgetting – astral.

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